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  1. I am going to make it a African display tank as well
  2. Hey so I have a 6ftx2x2 ft tank and haven't set it up(it's been unused for a few years ) I am going to look at setting it up in the next few months ths and was wondering about doing a sump for it I have had a look at the sump pics on here and wondering what sized tank would I need for the sump any help would be appreciated. I am going to put some pics of the tank up (it's at my parents house in storage lol)
  3. Yeah there are a few bristlenose it's hard to tell because not there I I'll see if they can do a tumbler
  4. Hey guys My mum just sent me some photos she has some eggs In her tank and not sure if they are the pleco's or not nothing else should be breeding in there but there is some yolo loaches that might. The eggs are in 3 clusters around the tank Hopefully the photos upload Is there anything we can do to move or protect them as there is also a goldfish in the tank Cheers
  5. Got the new test kit thanks to @thetechden :-) half the price of a LFS I went into lol Now these level should be ok to float the fish and put them in I have only cleaned the canister in the water drained and kept it running with some food thrown in now and again over the week to keep the bacteria fed with ammonia
  6. So should I do another water change seeing as the nitrate is a bit high and should I clean the canister its been 2or 3 month since I did
  7. So nitrate was a bit high not sure how high my API test kits got ruined leaked so can't test ammonia or nitrite and have no card pH looks ok by the color and yeah mid red on nitrate so that was high need to buy a new test kit :-(
  8. Whats the best way to restart my tank just drain and clean teh canister and fill up again and start over i still have about 13 fish left to go back into the tank when it gets going they are in a 2foot by 1 foot atm even lost all my awesome fish just bought from [MENTION=625]butch50[/MENTION]
  9. I am close to throwing in the towel i am so devastated
  10. Hey not sure if i just got the worst luck last night but i did a water change in 2 of my tanks last night and now have lost 95% of the fish in there i havent got to testing the water but just jumping on here to see if this has happened to anyone else i have had african cichlids for over 4yrs now and not lost any during a water change i have been using Supa chlor and always use a tiny bit more than necessary. Anyway the tanks smell of chlorine not strong but there is a whiff of it Not happy jan after having to leave work to find hundreds of dollars of display fish and peacocks and electric yellows breeding colonies dead
  11. In have got them in a tank with one plant on some driftwood and they have never touched it so hoping they won't eat but I will give it ago and put photos up I think its Anubis that in with them ATM
  12. Was going to have it with my e.yellows and maybe some other smaller African juvies I have got the yellows in a yellow separate tank just have to wait to sell my peacock colony and then I can start doing the plants. So what sort of gravel or soil do they grow in that is easy to maintain and was thinking some val as well
  13. this would be amazing but probs alot of work dont have alot of time spare anymore with work http://www.malawicichlidhomepage.com/aquainfo/hobbyist_gallery/hobbyist_simonson.html
  14. would love to give this a go but how much maintenance would there be ie do u have to clean the gravel often would love to do it in my 4ft as i have never done a planted tank ever. you were sugesting some crypts and swords i think [MENTION=6158]beencees[/MENTION]
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