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    I love my fish especialy my oscar of whom will need a new tank soon but is happy and well.
  1. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO REPLIED :angel:She is perfectly fine I just stayed up last night to keep an eye on her. And "PETFISH" yes you where right about the number 2 Fluro green lol. I had already tried the help lines before the forum and they had no idea of what to do or what the product even was so I went to the next best thing a fish forum who know a lot about it. So to those judging me please don't as I just asked for help. the ppl who should have known didn't have a clue.
  2. Quote"""" Ash. "Omfg she gonna start growing bristles on her nose now ! Srsly tho lol my dogs love em... Lol I know but can't be to sure. I'm hrs away from hospital. At least you made me laugh.
  3. Thank you all I tried the help lines but they didn't know. From what ppl have said she should be ok but will keep a eye on her to night.
  4. I bought I generic ones that come in a Chinese container this time. No my chems are all up in the top cupboard in the kitchen food is to but I have a 5 day old bub who started crying as I was about to feed the fish and didn't think she could reach them. Thank god she didn't get the Oscar food. I will never make that mistake again.
  5. Hi I just caught my 2 yr old eating the Pleco alge pelletts behind the couch. Are they poisonous? Do I need to take her to hospital the info line won'tgive me an answer as the don't know. Like WTF!!!! Sorry just freeing out a bit
  6. Are they poisonous? What should I do? I caught my 2 yr old daughter with the bag of green Pleco alge pelletts she swallowed them whole.
  7. Looks like moving them will have to be postponed just found some nasties in the tank fully cure able tho.
  8. Thank you. I have an old esky here. How would I clean it to make sure there's no toxic stuff in it? If you are interested in him he needs a forever home. The silver dollars have taken a few bites out of his tail tho.
  9. Hi I have a 9 inch Oscar and 5 5-6inch silver dollars and I was wondering what the best way to transport them is? I need to sell or hand over my fish and tank but am unsure of how to transport them. Also if anyone is interested in them and/or the tank let me know but I will need to ask for some $$ for the setup as I have only just purchased new filters. I have them up on gumtree but would prefer to let them go to someone who has experience with fish. I have had a few ridicules phone calls from people wanting to put the silver dollars in a gold fish tank of witch I said definitely NO to as they need a 4ft+ tank now hence the reason for sadly letting them go because of financial situation I cant get a bigger tank for a while. these particular 5 will eat any fish that can fit in there mouth and will try to eat you medium tetras as well (I found this out the hard way ). we are located 20mins from Cooroy qld.
  10. thank you will try that. took the brick out and did a water change the day i got home. and water changes every day since but will get the rock salt and stress guard
  11. Hi I have a balloon mollie in a small aqua one tank and went on holiday for a week with a feeder brick in the tank and now it has weird bubbles on its skin and top fin is fat and yuk. It still eats and swims well. :confused:
  12. Thankyou the advice is really good. I've learnt some hard lessons during my time as a fish keeper, I'm still learning tho. It would be brilliant if they are off opposite sex as they are both albino's and from different stock. They have such a personality. They play games with my daughter who puts her finger on the tank and it follows her she loves it.
  13. lol i get the gist. but do they still lay eggs if there's no male?
  14. I haven't picked it up yet but it is most likely 6x2x2. the oscar is 1 to 1.5 inches and silver dollars are 4.5-5inches. how do you tell what sex an oscar is?
  15. hi the silver dollars are about 4-5 inches and the oscar is at the moment 1-1.5inches, this tank is a stepping stone till I can aford to get my much loved 7x3x3fter fixed. my silver dollars have eaten in total about 18 tetra's I actualy cought them rounding one up and then attacking it and they sit there picking the baby BN's of the side of the tank for weeks after they hatch. we've had about 5 or 6 lots of fry. I don't think it's fair that they should have to stay in a 3ft for much longer. what hight would be needed for these fish?
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