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  1. I would say female but she needs fattening up.
  2. L333, it just fluked having wider white bands than usual. Be nice to breed with and see what it throws into fry.
  3. L397 and L002 if in the same tanks as adults will cross breed. Their favourite wood to nibble on is mangrove root. Very expensive and you need to find a seller with a permit to harvest it before you can buy or find a fish keeper who no longer wants his supply. Regular driftwood is fine if you just want them to hide in it.
  4. I still use the buckets and a siphon to empty as its not unusual for me to end up sucking a pleco fry up or cherry shrimp. If I see them in the buckets I net them back out and return to the tank. I also rinse any sponge filters that need it in the buckets. I have installed a large drum nearby with a valve and a hose connection to the drum. Just lop the water out of the buckets into the drum and it slow feeds out into the garden over time. To refill I dropped a marine water pump I wasn't using into an ibc with a hose attached and the intake of a canister filter I wasn't using. The U hooks onto the side of the tanks and I turn it on with an inline canister tap.
  5. Continental (the skinny ones) cucumber is good too. To reduce snail numbers use Kusuri plus wormer. Snails hate it but its fine on shrimps and plecos.
  6. I would add at least one more air stone or even a long air curtain. Maybe hide a sponge filter up the back behind the plants? The fish may not be getting enough oxygen at night when plants don't manufacture oxygen in the water. Don't be too savage with the gravel cleaning as it can alter the tanks bio balance. Add back the water change water slowly, don't just dump it in.
  7. I hit the pH issue when I moved to Burrum Heads. Wonderful place if you want African cichlids with high pH. Out of the tap its over 8. I keep plecos who in their previous address lived in pure rainwater with buffers up, not down. I have multiple tanks but initially as each couple of tanks came up I had to use pH down. There are varying qualities of this I found. Stand alone tanks I had to add a bit, add a bit more over days until it settled. I had driftwood, blackwater, almond leaves and peat and used pH down. It was annoying how the next day the pH would spring back up. I got the tanks to where they were sitting steady on a ph of about 7.4 down from 8.2. Best I was going to get without wiping out the kH and causing a pH crash. Once all the tanks were up and the ibc filled for water changes I was able to treat just the ibc not the tanks. I fill the ibc days before water changes are due and aerate it. That alone drops the pH a little bit to 7.6. I also got some long tubes and run a little Eheim 2213 on the ibc with a big bag of Macropore Gold in it. This converts some of the town water nasties into stuff more suited for fw fish. When its water change day, I add a dollop of Easylife to the ibc as well as one of blackwater and a little bit of pH down. I use a bit less than a 20ml medicine glass of the pH down and dissolve it to the stored water of a little less than 1000trs. That will initially drop the pH to 6.2 or so. Leave it an hour or two and the water is good to go for all the tanks water changing. If I leave it too long standing the pH will start to rise so I need to get it in the fish tanks that day. It doesn't rise much once its in the tanks. Over the week the tanks pH's have snuck up a little to 7.2 or so despite driftwood so that water change will drop the pH in the tank but only to about 7 or so. I have monitored it before and after so its not a big swing for my fish. Note, different waters have all different properties and tds levels so you just have to check yours yourself. My kH is about 4 in pure town water and gH is an odd 6 which I would have thought would be higher but it isn't so that's a good thing. Adding the pH down will push the tds up a bit but for me its not a real issue as I have a low gH to start with. Fiddle with your water change water rather than the tank water all the time and see how it goes.
  8. Super red is triple red from what I understand. Red on the dorsal fin, the tail and the anal fin.
  9. I'm no help, I moved up to Burrum Heads with my oxy bottle.
  10. I have gotten a hold of my first every cacatuoides super red female. She's called flick as her job is to eat all the flatworms and copepods in my tanks. She's a pretty little thing and I was thinking of getting some more. Trouble is I have only come across double red for sale and that's probably fine for bug eaters but is it taboo to cross a super red to a double red if I were to breed them?
  11. You could prearrange it with pet city for an agreed pricing.
  12. Loaches do like to eat snails but you would think khulis would realise they were biting off more than they could chew.
  13. Regular bristlenose should not have carnivore tabs.
  14. Instead of buying salt and Epsom salts for hatching bb shrimp can I just use seawater? All that ocean and I use none of it.
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