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  1. Thanks guys they seem to be only a Couple in there every few days now. Thank god they didn't get into my oscar tank they where just in the 3ft tank. I'm now extremely careful when adding new this to my tanks now. I quarantine fish but never thought about the plants. Lesson learnt lol.
  2. .Hi I'm in the process of selling off al my fish I was wondering about my albino oscar and haw much I should ask for it? It's about 35cm + and only 3 yrs old.
  3. They the tiny ones they haven drown bigger than about 10mm. Thank you the strawberry container seems to be working.
  4. Hi I have gone to my tank today to find billions of tiny snails they have clogged the filter to the point of it almost stopping I have BN, cherries, and about 100platy fry and adults in there. How can I get rid of the snails every day there are hundreds more.
  5. Can I put one of the shogun 500w in my 3x1.5x1.5 as it's the same price pretty much as the smaller ones?
  6. Where can you get large sheets of styro from? Please is there a brand or type of heater that would be better. I am yet to buy heaters for the tanks as we had room temp regulator things in the house and temp of water was perfect.
  7. Hi I'm in the process of moving and have never had to put my tanks in a garage or shed but I have no choice this time as we didn't get much notice to move and had to take whatever house we could get so they will have to go in the garage/shed detached from the house and not lined. So the question is what kind of heating is the best kind of heating and most reliable for my 4x2x2 with oscar, silver dollars, and BN. 3x1.5x1.5 with cherries, platties, BN, The normal out door temp at the moment is getting down to around 3 or 4. Might be less I haven't been awake in early morning to check the actual temp.
  8. Hi I have just been given notice that my lease is up and they aren't renewing grrrrr I have a 4x2x2 and a 3x1.5, in the 4ft I have an oscar, 5 silver dollars and a few BN In the 3 ft I have cherrie shrimp, plates (adult and a ton of fry), about 10 BN's. I do have an extra internal filter I always have running in the 4fter in case of emergencies so it is fully cycled. What is the best way to move these tanks? I have managed to rent the house next door so we don't have far to go but how do I move the shrimp and can I leave the gravel in the bottom with some water? I have no idea:noidea: . Any advice would be great please. I'm moving in about 3 weeks as I didn't get much notice because of being a private rental.
  9. Donny I was just reading the thread about nitro guard would this help?
  10. Just wondering what everyone's favourite oscar food would be? How much and how often? My oscar gets fed daily with hikari cichlid gold but I'm finding he is a bit skinny compared to a lot of other oscars I have seen. There is never any left overs at meal times and is generally happy to play.
  11. Thank you. I have platies in there at the moment. And some elodea. What type of salt should I use? Thank you.
  12. Hi my daughter decided she wanted to feed the mummy and baby fish so she put half a Chinese container of flake in the tank it's a 3x1x1.5 and levels are ammonia = .25, no2 = 5 or higher no3= 40 - 80. Thank you
  13. ok I have put it in a bit of stocking sown the side of the filter. lucky I had some from the other tank. I have a second internal filter in my 4ft with my Oscar should I put it in the the 3 ft for extra filtration?
  14. where should I put the activated carbon? my internal filter doesn't have a space for it? thank you
  15. only just saw this Problem:- cloudy water and extremely high readings due to angel feeding half a Chinese container of food. Ph:- high range test 7.4 Ammonia:- 0.25 Nitrate:- either 40 or 80ppm it's a bright red not like the orange reds on the chart Nitrite:- 5ppm or higher Gh:- ? Kh:- ? Size of tank:- 3ft x 1ft x 1.5ft Temperature °C:- no heater Been running for:- 5 yrs Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- internal and seperate sponge Fish in tank:- 3 adult platies and about 10 babies Plants in Tank:- elodea small amount Feeding:- What food and How often, flake once a day Recent Medication Treatments:- nill Last water change:- tonight an hour ago. Water change every Day/Weekly/Monthly - weekly but every day for 3 days now with gravel clean to.
  16. Hi 3 days ago my beautiful decided she wanted to feed the baby fish and mummy fish, so she moved and climbed on a chair to get the fish food while I was cooking dinner and pored half a Chinese container of flake in the tank . I straight away got out the net and get as much as I could out I then did a gravel clean and rinsed the filter sponge in the bucket of tank water as it was clogged up. I have repeated gravel clean for the last 3 days. The water is still cloudy. Is there any home remedies I can do? I will post levels when the tank settles in an hour. Thank you
  17. Lol. Love the dish washer factor. Thank you I actually found a really nice half log piece but it's 3ft. So I think boiling is outa the question unless I can get our cast iron tub to a boil. I love my outside bath. We are on a huge property with about 4 km of creek thru it so might be possible I'll let u know how I go unless there's another way. Not to keen on the bleach idea. I guess the next question would be about weight. My tank has 12 ml glass how heavy is to heavy?
  18. Was just wondering how many babies mollies have at a time and how many weeks apart each batch usually are?
  19. Hi I am about to go searching the creek in my back yard for drift wood what do I need to do to make it safe for my fish tank?
  20. Just bought this what kind of moss is it?
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