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  1. My mbuna usually start to breed at the 6cm mark depends on the type of fish ofcourse. It is easier to vent sex a female fish after it has bred. Hth
  2. looks quite like alonocara hueseri based on Ad Konnings book..
  3. nah not one of those, we have those it looks a lot different
  4. hi everyone, purchased this peacock as a trade in for $10. slowly colouring up, looks a lot better in real life. I assume it is in the alonocara genis, wondering if anyone knows that actual name
  5. the stand is still not finished, my dad has to wait for time off work. all is still running great with no dramas
  6. sorry for keeping everyone waiting, been pretty full on atm so havent had time for the forum recently. hope you all like the setup as much as we do - thanks for everyones advice it was really appreciated cheers, murray
  7. second one is an electric blue. it looks slightly different as some have what is called 'roman nose' which means they have a blunter nose than the typical pointed nose. the first and 3rd are blue dolphins and the last is a melanochromis auratis. hth, murray.
  8. there is a slight gurgle where the overflow sucks air from the waters surface, we have found a soloution by altering the vent which stops the fish getting to the sump.. hahahaa
  9. i like my tanks over crowded, frequent water changes will help control the parameters. i cant wait for achool to finish, so much effort hey. and this is my dads tank, hes been wanting an 8x2x800 for ages but mum agreed for a 10ft
  10. sorry for not updating this. been flat out woth year 12 - exams/ assignments galore.. tank is up and running with 40mm bulkhead - has created a syphon so works a treat. 7500lph return laguna pump but at the height it has to reach, works out to be 5500lph. also have a power head to make a current. cant think of the specifics off of the top of my head nor the brand. will upload pictures when i get a chance. all advice appreciated, good to onow theres people out there to help cheers
  11. a bloke called dennison who used to own Mary Anne's aquariums makes tanks. weve recently purchased a 10ft, two 2fts and a 4ft sump for the ten ft. all top quality, nice and helpful. if you would like a contact number, just pm me, hth, murray
  12. sorry guys, havent meant to cause an argument... im only writing down as im thinking, havent decided on anything. just really concerned about the tank cracking, wasnt exactly cheap... if i can find someone who would do it with a guarantee that would be perfect. i know youse all think im not taking in anything your saying, i have read every post and have taken all into consideration appreciate the help everyone, but does anyone know of someone who drills tanks with a guarantee, cheers, murray
  13. looking into an 8000L pump... leaning towards a laguna, thats what dennison reccomended. dont want to risk breaking the tank, worst case senario will get a less powerful sump pump and use a strong internal filter to make up for the water turn over. thankyou very much for everyones input
  14. haha yeah 6000L**** and thanks everyone for advice, would be disastrous if it all went belly up, already had a 5foot which sprung a leak :/
  15. ill have a word with my dad when he gets in from work about the holes will probably be looking for a 600L/ hour pump. any suggestions on type/ brand? thanks everyone
  16. a guy called Dennison who used to own Mary Anne's aquariums, done a great job, very helpful.
  17. there goes my theory out the window haha. dont really want to risk drilling another hole and we were told a pump which is 3000-4000L/ hour. thinking an eheim? and ill try get either 40mm pipe or even 50mm if possible
  18. good point, i think were picking up sand tonorrow. we have rostratus, placidochromis electra and blue dolphins; dont quote me on this but i recall reading this somewhere - the rostratus sifts through the sand and the electra and dolphins feed off of the debree. and if the tanks big enough the rostratus will form a crater nest. if we get the chance to see all the things they do in the wild, thatd be great
  19. we origionally intended to use 40mm hose but the biggest they had was 32mm.. might have to hunt down some 40 mm pipe. and yes, another hole would allow drainage but would it necesarily allow more? like as in the sump will fill up at the same rate as it is pumping out water, the pipe will just be flowing quickly.. just a theory thanks
  20. will look rather empty in such a big tank, need to buy more fish
  21. ideas on lighting would be greatly appreciated, leaning towards hanging lighting from the ceiling - but what type of light... and also what background to use? we are considering painting the back of the tank either black or blue or grey? ideas, hints and constructive critisism would be greatly apprecitated. Costs; wood for stand - approx $300 (thus far) Plumbing - $72.23 Tank with glass lids (with complementary polystyrene and delivery) - $1050 Sump - $250 (i think, cant quite recall)
  22. We are going to use lime stone as i believe it makes the water harder - perfect for malawis. contemplating on either calcium carbonate or sand as the substrate. The calcium carbonate as it raises the Ph level The sand because it enables certain fish such as rostratus to sift through it like they would in the wild, and other fish like electric blues to see if they will make the crater like nests which they make in the wild.
  23. 20mm bulkhead inlet from sump with a spraybar - holes drilled in a spiral like fashion.
  24. 40mm bulkhead with 32mm hose (outlet to sump)
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