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  1. A couple of my Riffles, they don't usually hop on the filter intake.
  2. What you need to do is see every little green tuft of plant as an oasis surrounded by a desert of dangerous predator filled exposure, because that is how shrimp are going to see it. Especially with co-habitants such as gourami (natural shrimp eaters) and serpae tetras, I have even seen black neons target the odd free swimming shrimp, which is pretty much tetra habit darting in and snatching a bite and retreating back to the safety of the school/ shoal. Typhus shrimp are another large species of shrimp, but they are not that easy to com buy.
  3. cool, looks like a little sweetie and so many of the dwarves are better suited for aquariums.
  4. Cant say I have experienced shrimp doing such weird things, but I did have a male king quail sharing sitting duties with a cockatiel who decided to nest on the floor because I would not give her a nest. As it has been said before Stanger things have happened, and life will find a way.
  5. 24 will be fine for them, my tanks tend to run around the 22 mark, unless its really cold in winter and the tanks may get down to 18 for short periods. In summer I have the opposite issue and the tanks regularly get well over 30 degrees. But all my tanks are outside in a non-insulted car shed.
  6. Raising tank temps, will speed up a shrimps life, which can be detrimental to the length of life the shrimp ends up having. Personally I believe that slow and steady is the better and safer option for raising shrimp, that way they are not being "forced" into fast growth nor are they potentially getting weakened to possible diseases that lay dormant in most tanks.
  7. I am guessing that the baby cichlids are really small, otherwise they may just few the shrimp as a tasty snack or end up eating all the shrimplets once they hatch. There is no reason that you cant feed the shrimp some cichlid vege flake, they will probably eat it greedily, they will also be very happy picking through the moss. Cherry shrimp are also very partial to defrosted bloodworms, but I would keep them more as a treat than a daily staple.
  8. Sadly I have not bred my various Borneo Suckers, but I have seen what I believe is the prelude to breeding with a male following and nudging a female repeatedly.
  9. Looks like the thin skiny one is actually a chameleon while the other two chunkier shrimp are chocolate cherry's. Here are a couple of my chameleons to compare with
  10. Sadly it looks more like a disease that I have seen occurring in both native wild shrimp, and cherry shrimp. It seems to be bought on by stress and or water quality. The shrimp pictured below was caught in a local creek during the peak of summer and really hot days, the creek had dwindled to a mere trickle so the heat and reduced volume of clean water as well as stress of compressed shrimp numbers may have all contributed to the illness in the one below. I would remove your affected shrimp, because one of the illnesses that turns the insides of shrimp white is suspected of being transmitted via healthy shrimp eating the deceased ill shrimp, also breeding has been suggested as a way of transmission between shrimp.
  11. Rather than riffle shrimp I am inclined to think yours are Typhus shrimp, pretty easily confused until you see the baskets on the riffle's which typhus don't have. If you can try to get a nice clear side photograph of these shrimp and give us an approximate size. I know its easier said then done, none of my native shrimp like posing for pictures. But usually conning them to an area with some of their favourite food works.
  12. I have a few suriviors that are now growing up nicely, around of the offspring are almost wild type coloured cherry shrimp with brown stripes and no obvious red, while the other half are an odd red/ orange. For now I am leaving all of the offspring in the one tank to keep breeding as they mature, just to see what eventuates.
  13. My shrimp usually get excited about any new flavours in the tank too. But if you really want to see them come racing out of the wood work put the sponges from inside your filter in the tank, they go crazy for the gunk on there and clean the sponges really well. Ps Lovely yellows !
  14. They where going great guns even with the heat, but sadly I had a near total disaster in the tank with a piece of carrot I was using to trap snails going suddenly off overnight. killed the adult shrimp and a lot of the almost adult . But I have managed to save a few, I did two immediate huge water changes (of course getting rid of the offending carrot) and scooping out as many of the dead shrimp I could find before I had to head off to work. Now its not the heat that is going to be a problem for the next few days but rather the chance of an ex-cyclone and flood waters reaching Rokhampton again.
  15. They are growing nicely, but they are really annoying in that they seem to keep changing colour.
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