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  1. I agree with Joller, I had a 6x2x2 which had a lean in both directions a total of 5cm from one end to the other and about 3cm front to back, had the tank set up for over a year and it had no issues. (same tank you can see in my avatar pic) Just be aware that it will be slightly easier to tip over and although it is not much more pressure on the front panel it is still more pressure so if the tank is likely to let go them it will now be more likely, even if it is only a couple % more likely. Personally from what you mentioned I would be happy to leave it where it is.
  2. Diggers and many other fiberglass resins will go opaque if it is not sealed with a couple of coats of flowcoat, but this is also the only way I can think of doing it to last. Go to a boat builder or ask around at some fishing shops and they should be able to help you with getting a good resin and flowcoat for less than you'll pay for just the diggers.
  3. To add to Bottomfeeders answer, Algae will also convert C02 to oxygen during the day, at night it will use oxygen. If you notice more fish swimming along the top of the water first thing in the morning than during the day then this can mean a lack of oxygen overnight and the inhabitants would prefer you to provide some sort of surface agitation (pump, bubbles etc.) One of the main reasons we use airpumps and filters in aquariums is to keep a higher density of fish in a smaller space.
  4. That video should be renamed "How to make a huge tank look tiny"
  5. I also got an engineer to do a full assessment (was about $500) of this design and it is interesting to find out where the stress factors are, what the F rating is for different plywood and much more. I have been researching and planning alternative aquariums for a while now and there seems to be some great alternatives, unfortunately there are a lot of costs involved with the Research and Development (mostly engineering and testing). I will take a video of this set-up later today.
  6. Actually I have already done this and so far it is awesome It's a 120cm w x 50cm H x 60cm d tank but the whole set-up is 6ft tall. It is fully lockable because it is in a nursing home and the residents like to put a variety of things in with the fish, including green cordial and sandwiches. Also the cabinet space is huge so it is easy to remove the huge canister filter.
  7. Great post, I have been planning a 2.4m x 1.2 x 1.2 doing a similar thing. Fiberglassed ply on the inside, frame (wood or metal unsure yet) and clear acrylic sheet for the window. I'll look into the 2 framing products you have described. Thanks
  8. When cells are exposed to fluctuations in salinity the exchange of nutrients/waste is increased and therefore the mitochondria produce more energy and this equates to increased cellular growth.
  9. That stuff just screams 'Buy me and then figure out what to do with me'
  10. Just rescaped the 3fter, currently it is a temperate water tank with leaf litter, vallisneria Cory trilineatus, Pseudomugil mellis and rosy barbs, but will most likely change this and I may end up adding some wild type angels or wild green discus
  11. Thanks guys, the uv has a pump flow rate of around 2000ltr/ph and runs 24/7 There is normally not a lot of organics in the water column as there is very few fish in the pond ATM The plants should not be out competed by the green water as they come from a IBC which has dark green water, much darker and thicker than the pond. Originally I thought I had killed the plants with a copper treatment, then the next 2 batches died the same way even when I only rinsed them in tank water. They only last about a week in the large pond, but are unkillable in the IBC's. I agree the green water is fantastic for the fish pond but unfortunately it makes it hard to see the fish. I let my IBC's go but want my pool/pond to be clear. From my research UV and Corona discharge work the same way (splitting O2 so the O's can bind and break apart other bonds) at least they work the same for air operated clarifiers, but I have not confirmed if it is the same for the water UV clarifiers. I got the Ozone generator earlier today and though I would run a test on a bucket of dark green water from the IBC, you can see that in just 5 hrs it has improved by at least 50% even without an air dryer, admittedly this is also only on a 20ltr bucket of water and not my 20,000ltr pond. I will move it to the pond on Friday.
  12. Thanks, I am going to keep the current UV on it as well but unfortunately to get one rated for 20,000 ltr pond it is over $1000 and will not remove waste like the OZ gen is suppose to, I also want to see if it will remove whatever is killing the plants. What size would you recommend?
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