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  1. No this is a Water Ager...suppose to remove chlorine and chloramines and adds electrolytes. Definitely 5mls to 20ltrs. Its probably a watered down solution. I use to use Prime by Seachem but it was getting old and had a bad smell to it. That one was 5 mls to 200 ltrs.
  2. De chlorinate as per instructions 5mls per 20ltrs. I lose guppies all the time. I can't keep panda corys, keep losing tetras, and I have a lot of problems with my bettas. I've lost a few doing a slight water change. I never have a problem with shrimps. Oh and apple snails, can't keep them for long either. Thats why I'm trying to figure out what is in my tap water. If the water is not on a suitable level then the fish are stressed, therefore falling ill to disease etc etc etc. If I had the right GH to suit most tropical fish and the right KH then I feel this will prevent my fish from stressing therefore less fatalities. I read that most tropical fish prefer a GH and KH of around 100-200ppm. My readings show that my tap water is below the zero range. So correct me if I'm wrong.....I need to raise both KH/GH together with a calcium carbonate right? If its only for KH then I can just add bicarb. Am I on the right track or totally off course?
  3. I decided to test 2 of my fish tanks with the GH/KH test kit. This is the results Tank 1. 40 ltr with only a spoiled betta as residence. GH turned green on first drop. KH turned yellow on 2nd drop. So what does that mean.....my water is very very very soft with no carbonated hardness. Tank 2. 60ltr tank houses 6 corys and a couple of cherry shrimps. GH 4 drops before it turned green. That should be a reading of 71.6 right? still pretty soft. KH turned yellow on the first drop. What do you think the prognosis is ?
  4. My ph reading is off the scale so to speak. I don't have a fancy ph tester kit just your very cheap basic one from Big W. I can show you a pic of my ph test done on my tap water if you like. My tester only goes up to 7.4 and the little colour chart shows the colour. Mine is much darker than the colour chart. The other issue is when I do try to lower my ph with the chemical that comes with the kit, it just bounces back up within a day or so.
  5. Yes I do dechlorinate my water. I water change once a week usually 25-30% and once every 8-12 weeks I clean the filters in the same tank water. I change the carbon as well. Now theres a thought....... can carbon change your ph?
  6. Sounds like I need a good ph test kit and a few other products that I have never heard of. I thought that my tap water was not good. I keep bettas, corys, bns tetras, guppies. I seem to get losses after I do water changes. I have an amonia and nitrate test kit and when I have losses and the nitrate levels are normal then I get to thinking that maybe there is something wrong with the tap water that may be stressing my fish. I know that chlorine and fluoride is always present in my tap water but I was wondering if the tap water was too hard, too soft or lacking something. Someone suggested I test my GH/KH to see if that was an issue because you can't rely on a ph test and my ph is always very high. I have never had it read 7. or below. I know it can be a number of things that cause illness and losses but I thought it would be a good start to just check the tap water first. I only know the basics of fish keeping and I don't have an assortment of chemicals other than the usual basic test kits and this new GH/KH test kit. I might do a test on the water in some of my tanks to see if it changes. Would you like me to keep you all posted on this? I really appreciate the good advice so far.
  7. Hi Pete The date on the box expires in 2015. I followed the instructions you gave me and double checked the instructions from the box as well. This is what has confused me when I read the instructions in the first place. The water didn't change from when I put the first drop in.....it just intensified in colour. I did make sure my finger didn't touch the top of the vial and put the cap on each time I shook it. I bought the kit from Petstock and there doesn't seem to be any experienced staff, just young casuals working there. I don't think they would know what to do. But I will take the kit back and ask them to try it along with a bottle of my tap water. You never know someone there might know what they are doing.
  8. I did the test on the KH 1 drop and the water turned yellow straight away. The same with the GH it turned green on the first drop. Just in case I had it around the wrong way I kept adding the drops. It was like mixing cordial....the more drops, the colour intensified but never changed. So how do you read that. Does it mean my tap water is lacking in hardness and has no carbonated hardness as well? My ph test shows a very high alkalinity way off the colour chart.
  9. Your an angel thank you for that. I just couldn't grasp the idea of how the colour change would indicate how hard the water is etc. I was still thinking in the same way as a ph test. It just didn't click until I read your message......thanks again.
  10. I wanted to test my tap water to see how hard my water is. I purchased a API GH and KH test kit. Its not as easy as a ph test. I'm very basic with water chemistry and have no idea what I'm looking at. There's a conversion chart to go by but I have no idea what its all about. Can someone guide me through the process.
  11. my friend sent me some lovely long fin peppers they haven't quite developed their beautiful long fins as yet they are still young
  12. Yes I have been putting salt in the water of the one with a bit of fin rot but not that much. So I will up the dosage, that should do the trick then.
  13. Does yours have the black poker dots on the back like ours. With these shrimps if you shine a led light torch on them at night you will see a fluro glow around their dots along their lower body and at the tips of their claws.
  14. I fed my fry with micro worms and it was the left over uneaten worms, when they die they decay and caused this bacteria. Most of my fry hung around the bottom and it was probably those ones that lost their fins. Not all of my fry ended up finless. I have pics of others all in tact. I know a lot of people breed without any substrate in the tank. I had sand on the bottom with plants and a log, trying to keep a natural habitat. I used an almond leaf for the male to make a nest and after a while it made the water a nice tea colour. I'm not worried about what colours I get from breeding. I mainly want to keep the dragon pattern. They are my favourite types. It's really exciting to breed a pair and the offspring surprise you with wonderful colours. This is another baby and he has all his fins looks more like his dad. The white one has missing fins not a good pic sorry Another male more darker in colour.
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