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  1. Looking forward to seeing everyone again, what are people interested in buying? We will have: crystal red shrimp, snow white crystal shrimp, maybe some cherry varieties, various bristlenose (short fin, long fin, albino, etc), humpheads, geophagus Brachybranchus, polleni, gold comps, blue acara, rainbowfish, royal whiptails, etc, etc,
  2. Looking forward to seeing everyone again, what are people interested in buying?
  3. Jack, cichlid crazy has a stall at rocklea markets on sundays. The plant guy has sold his business and gone overseas, not sure if new owners are doing the sunday market. Kevin and ray at exotics are good too.
  4. Ive sent a message to Nicole regarding you wanting more☺inkevnito, she will contact you
  5. Roast beef gravy rolls will be avail, hot chips from canteen. We will be there , taking various bristlenose, shrimp, such as crystal reds, snow white, blue gene red rilli, American cichlids , frontosa , humpheads some plants guppies,
  6. We have some nic. Parrot cichlids avail. Eagleby is pick up suburb. Message us for more information
  7. We have :lyre tail guppies, Mosaic guppies, black moscows, Eagleby is pick up suburb, private message for prices if interested.
  8. Here I am. Never far away mbunamad. I have your mobile now ill contact you in the next few days.
  9. Yes we sold parrot cichlids at the qcg auction. Yes we have more avail. Eagleby is our suburb.
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