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  1. I've ended up just giving up and putting them all in the community tank (will try again when I can set up a mesh covering of some kind). The only fish that went for the fry were the Neon tetras. most were already too big to be snacks.
  2. Brilliant!! HA! I never would have thought. it has an aerator so should be good. I was thinking a stocking but it's an eye sore.
  3. Hell all, I have endler guppies that keep committing suicide out of my Aqua One Reflex Nano 13 Litre The lid isn't flush with the sides and I am stuck trying to work out how to cover it up, it only has the fry in it (and shrimp) and is a planted tank but still they jump. I keep coming home to dried up fry and it's really upsetting, I've tried taking the lid off another tank and has covered one side's gap. Any ideas? anyone else had this issue and worked out how to resolve it?
  4. He was stunning. He unfortunately died - fin rot diagnosed far too late, he didnt make it.
  5. I have a 10 litre betta tank its about a month old and suddenly after a 60% water change a huge amount of white stringy stuff is over everything. I've never seen this happen before and i have had a lot of tanks over the past 5 years. Ive got no idea...
  6. I recently got my first Betta for a couple of years. He has character and spunk but seems to loose his motivation very quickly and he doesn't really seem to be eating his food. I can't work out if he is sick or if he is depressed. He seems to be spending a lot of time under his driftwood. When he sees me he gets excited and does a little happy hello dance but after a minute or two of attention goes back down under the driftwood and either watches me or turns his back to me. When it comes to feeding time he gets excited but spits his food out and swims away. He hasn't really 'swallowed' any of his food for a few days (yes I clean out the uneaten stuff). i put a mirror up for him for stimulation today and he flared beautifully a few times but then started swimming in the corner looking at the mirror and started to visibly appear stressed which I've never seen him, or another betta do before. im really not sure what's happening. Here's a couple of pics I took today. http://www.qldaf.com/forums/members/tabeck1990-6233/albums/graeam-618/66379-image/ http://www.qldaf.com/forums/members/tabeck1990-6233/albums/graeam-618/66377-image/ http://www.qldaf.com/forums/members/tabeck1990-6233/albums/graeam-618/66380-image/ http://www.qldaf.com/forums/members/tabeck1990-6233/albums/graeam-618/66378-image/
  7. Ummm the tank has been running for two years? I did move house a few weeks ago but took used water and filters with me.
  8. Nitrate - 0ppm Nitrite - 0ppm Ammonia - 0ppm Have 1 body, the other died within 24 hours and I disposed of the body immediately due to three very very upset children. Climatise them, have the bag sit in the water after a while open it and let some water in then after a bit more water etc etc Never in my life have I had fish die within days of coming home and it's not exactly a cheap fish
  9. Well now don't I wish I had frozen them now. I'll test the water when I get home from work tonight
  10. Not sure what to do or what I've done wrong but I bought two frontosa's from an aquarium (leaving shop unnamed) on Saturday and they have both died. Their cheeks/gill area went pink then I found them dead. The next day. I'm not happy and really not sure what happened, any ideas?
  11. I've been chasing one for ages with no luck :-(
  12. I moved house two weeks ago and since I moved all of my fish (humpheads, electric yellows and red forest jewel) have taken to hiding. They are usually always visible and come out for food etc but they are staying hidden and barley eating. Are they still stressed from the move or could something else be wrong?
  13. Sorry guys, what does BWS and SWS stand for? I have pieces of coral and sea shells in the tank that raise the ph for me.
  14. I have a 2 electric yellows and 2 red forest jewels with mine but am going to get a school of red phantom tetras and a few plants and see how it goes
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