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  1. Thanks None, I'll try and get some more pix over the coming days.
  2. Thanks guys. They seem happy enough in their new tank, beats the pea soup they were kept in before by the previous owner.
  3. After having African cichlids for a while this was my first step into trying some Americans. I picked up 6 x 'Green Terrors' on the weekend from a bloke on the Gold Coast who was moving them quickly due to a broken tank. They're in their new tank and enjoying life but on closer inspection I'm not sure that they are Green Terrors at all. They have no colour on the edge of their fins, a black band running through their eye, and the mouth structure looks a little strange as if they have a pronounced underbite. Here's a pic below if anyone can help with confirming if they are Green Terrors or hybrids or something else (Geophagus Brasiliensis???).
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