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  1. crusty76

    Decent heater that will last!!!

    Schego all the way, I wont use anything else
  2. crusty76

    Help!?!?! Heater not working?

    Buy a schego I wont use anything else any more
  3. Thanks so much Grover the girls loved catching their new friends! the GG pond looks great by the way!
  4. Makes me happy! lol let me know when your ready Grover
  5. crusty76

    What to do about the club section?

    Bin it, if they are not using it why waste the space?
  6. So out of interest I asked for a price from the guy selling these fish and WOW!! $1500 for low grade fish!! lol seriously?? wasn't that long ago I was talking to a farm in Cairns who were / are for all I know, culling these fish! all because they went sexy enough as fillets ,they said as buyers might think they were something else and not barra, wow its like a licence to print $ these days! its a real shame that a native species is out of the range of most of us......
  7. crusty76

    Lungfish Breeders

    https://www.facebook.com/jardiniinternational/ Have them I contacted them they are $1500 18cm and their low grade albino etc Barra are $1500
  8. yeeeeaaaah! great to see Grover! thank you!
  9. crusty76

    My pond build

    This looks great mate well done, cant wait to see more updates!
  10. That's awesome thanks mate! cant wait to pop up soon! be nice to catch a glimpse of Nelson
  11. crusty76

    Building a Natural Pond

    Any updates?
  12. Look great Grover well done, hope the temps get up a bit for you. hope to see ya soon been to long between coffee and bickie's
  13. Yes please! I still have heaps of room in the 10000lt and its about time I pop up for a visit!