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  1. Thanks so much Grover it was great to catch up today, cant wait for the next instalment of the Billabong
  2. Deeg used to own him many years ago he would be fairly old by now. happy new Grover! good to see ya back! hope your well.
  3. Ohhh mate I feel your pain... there is nothing worse than loosing monster fish
  4. Aquarium 3 Rob is your man he builds awesome big tanks, he built my 12x4x2.5 I couldn't be happier https://www.facebook.com/Aquarium-3-1498886103685932/
  5. Schego heaters are the absolute best you can buy imo, I have 2 600 running my tanks they are over 3000lts you just cant beat them for reliability I've had mine for 5 years or more they don't miss a beat
  6. Thanks for that great advice #aquaholic99 the Chinese algae eaters might be the go then maybe, thanks again mate you are a wealth of knowledge take care.
  7. Has anyone made a DIY magnet glass cleaner for thick glass? I have been looking for a good glass cleaner for ages and the only things I can find cost the earth and are so tiny! I have a big tank with 12mm glass and my glass cleaner (when its not falling off) take ages to clean because its so small and just doesn't have the strength to clean well I wanted to know if anyone has made a big one like 30cmx30cm or similar? #aquaholic99? thanks all
  8. Schego all the way, I wont use anything else
  9. Buy a schego I wont use anything else any more
  10. Thanks so much Grover the girls loved catching their new friends! the GG pond looks great by the way!
  11. Makes me happy! lol let me know when your ready Grover
  12. Bin it, if they are not using it why waste the space?
  13. So out of interest I asked for a price from the guy selling these fish and WOW!! $1500 for low grade fish!! lol seriously?? wasn't that long ago I was talking to a farm in Cairns who were / are for all I know, culling these fish! all because they went sexy enough as fillets ,they said as buyers might think they were something else and not barra, wow its like a licence to print $ these days! its a real shame that a native species is out of the range of most of us......
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