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  1. Might be ok Grover in the Billabong but they can be real A-Holes when they are big :/
  2. Bumping this up still looking bigger the better
  3. I had one years ago that was 55cm, a real bastard when they get big though but I feel its time for another
  4. Thanks mate I contacted Kev he can get them but only in lots of 10 I don't want or need ten so still looking thanks
  5. Wtb black shark, not red tail full black any size considered must be south side unless you can meet somewhere thanks
  6. Decent heater that will last!!!

    Schego all the way, I wont use anything else
  7. Help!?!?! Heater not working?

    Buy a schego I wont use anything else any more
  8. Thanks so much Grover the girls loved catching their new friends! the GG pond looks great by the way!