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  1. Pure Mantilla male 25+ cm $800
  2. Lighting

    Thanks for your help guys
  3. Lighting

    Anybody know what brand lights would be the best and brightest lighting for my 12 x 5 x 2 1/2 ?
  4. What's the best pump?

    Thanks for all the replies. I appreciate it .
  5. Just wondering which brand of pump would be the best (most reliable) to run in a sump system (10 000 litre per hour pump)? I am running a 12 ft x 5 ft tank with 2 sumps and having all sorts of problems with new DCP-10000 Jebao pumps, from seized impellers to electrical boxes.
  6. Jebao pumps

    Anybody had problems with Jebao pumps. I bought 2 of 10 000 lph pumps and one lasted 24hours Got a new pump replacement today ( a week later) and plugged it in and it ran for 1 hr .Wasn't the pump or control box this time ,it was the power box which also comes with it .
  7. Clark rubber sells Dacron on a roll.
  8. Forum Colours

    Who cares what colour!Isn't it good enough just to have a forum like this running?
  9. seriously

    Totally agree with you.Unfortunately it's becoming the way of the world.Everyone wants everything for nothing.So sad but true.
  10. L 114 and L 330.

    Not into L 047's sorry mate.Thanks anyway.
  11. Anyone know how much 20 cm Leopard Cactus's and 20 cm Watermelons would be worth?
  12. best paint - back of tank

    Head down to your local sign writers and get some black sticker.They will cut some off their rolls for you.Like jcumpstay said.Use soapy water in a spray bottle.Spray the sticky side with your soapy water and then place it on your clean glass,then use a flat soft plastic applicator or even a squeegee and run it across your sticker to remove the water under the sticker. It's that easy.It won't flake off either. Good luck. Warren
  13. tank cleaners

    If they can fit in your clown loaches mouth,they will try and eat them.I had loaches eat a complete batch of fire mouth fry years ago.They even picked off my albino bristlenose fry as well.Little buggers.Learnt my lesson pretty quick.
  14. JD's both female??

    Totally agree with you there Kasman.
  15. help with picking cichilds

    Maybe try some Kribensis and Rams.Some smaller geophagus species also.You don't really want fish that are quarrelsome,especially in a 4 ft tank.Some people will argue with that of course.Don't overstock with the same species either as they will probably fight a lot amongst themselves.Maybe you need harmonious first tank until you get the gist of things otherwise you might go through a few fish.Good luck with your fish hunting.