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  1. WTB 4x2x2 Display

  2. WTB 4x2x2 Display

    Hey Fishos, Chasing a 4x2x2 display tank and cabinet... willing to travel anywhere in SEQ for the right tank. If you have what I'm looking for please text me through some photos on 0430508055. Best to text as im slow at replying on the forum :)!! Cheers guys
  3. L-Numbers in OZ

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone has herd of the following plecs in Australia and if so how much do the usually go for? L200 L094 L260 L236 L340 Chameleon whiptail (not L-number) Cheers
  4. Thanks for the comments guys, looks like I'm just gonna have to bite the bullet and get a new light !
  5. Hey guys I'm chasing someone who may be able to point me in the right directing in getting my Aqua one 39w twin t5 light fixed. The bulbs are not the issue and I can't seem to access inside the unit to check the starter or ballest as it is a sealed unit. And I would just get a new light but the current light unit is built into the hood and supports the tank lids if anyone knows of a sparky or someone that could take a look are you able to let me know:) cheers
  6. Bought a pair of apistos from pandapete on Saturday, already have first batch of eggs on Tuesday! Great quality fish from a great breeder!!!
  7. Hey mate sorry the tanks are sold

  8. Hey Kyle. Are you or will you by any chance be coming to Brisbane any time soon. To far to hike and I don't even go down that way. I'm interested in the two tanks. Btw, do you have the air pump for the filters?

  9. Heya. Đoes filter have air pump or powerhead with it?

  10. i dissolved the 1/4 tablet in a small amount of water first then added to the tub. I have an aerator going on full so the water is well oxygenated
  11. Hey david, he is at GC but i can bring him back home for treatment, i have him in the tub you lent me with a quarter of that tablet, so hopefully it will start to clear up during the week, but if not i might have to grab some off you thanks Cheers kyle
  12. it is a solid object behind the eye and i dont think he is stressed cause he had just spawned with a female so he was pretty happy in the tank, i have taken him out and am treating for fungus but i thought i might get some opinions, it just doesn't look like fungus to me. Cheers Kyle