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  1. Ur best of just going Down to age of aquariums when u have the money and talk to donny in person they sell pretty much everything u need from the sounds of it. the staff there are great and will give u honest feedback and tell u what u do need and what u dont need. I've dealt with mainly dean donny and Ben they all seem to know there stuff.
  2. Yeah my tank was easy to do but took along time its 19mm glass lol so didnt want to crack it ive done about 11 holes now as i said earlier just go nice and easy on it.
  3. We use a squirty bottle to spray water as we r drilling it plus take ur time dont rush it and I'd drill all the way through from one side i havent drilled alot of tanks but i havent cracked one ....... Yet
  4. Trying not spend over a grand if this helps. If this was ur tank and had $1000 what sort of lights would u get?
  5. Yay a response lol im just trying to light the tank up not trying to grow anything in there u still think mhs are the go?
  6. This is the longest i have ever had to wait to get a response does any body use this forum anymore??? Donny seems to be the only person on here that responds and takes the time to answer questions.
  7. as u can see its a big tank please any feed back is a big help
  8. Wow alot of thought and time has gone into desighning that
  9. Holly **** I'll read that when get home lol at work ATM boss will shoot me
  10. What could I do to the sump got any pics of yours that I could copy,this is the first tank I have sumped and so that is the first sump I have built
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