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  1. How big are they? they maybe too young yet to be sure.
  2. Do they have any going up the nose? Females don't get bristles going up the nose.
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  4. Have to tested your water besides the pH? (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate) Neon are sensitive little buggers and are usually the first to go if one of those readings is too high. I know people that have been keeping neons in alkaline water (brisbane tap water) with no problems. Jenny
  5. Oh yeah I know that, I'm just the best NOT Anyone interested in a lone birchardi? Not sure which it is, looks like the boy but acts like the girl. Jenny :boggle:
  6. One of my breeding birchardi pair jumped out this morning. Found all dried out :sob: I was just about to actually sell them too, made my mind up last night. Darn fish. On a brighter note - Their latest batch only just left the nest, two days ago. Tiny little spots on the sand. Oh well such is life. Jenny
  7. I had that problem in one of my tanks with the internal filter. Try turning the head or moving the filter so that the current is blown onto the front of the glass instead of down the length of the tank. See if that makes any difference.
  8. How is your filtration setup? Maybe there is too much or not enough current at one end of the tank. Re arranging maybe help too.
  9. Thanks for the help. Still having problems but they are starting to level out a bit. Still been slack getting the matrix and purigen running in the 6ft, just been too busy. I will look into the eco-bio blocks more thanks Jenny
  10. Matrix is for you bio filtration. It replaces your noodles, ceramic ring, etc. It's suppose to be better by having the outside for the ammonia, and nitrite bacteria to build up on and then the inside grow the bacteria to break down nitrate. Purigen is a water polisher. It's like a super replacement for you carbon and zeolite (I think). Good for tanins etc. It's suppose to be fantastic. I brought my first lot at Redlands on that big night. Here's the link to the seachem site http://www.seachem.com/products/filtration.html Jenny
  11. :drool: :drool: :drool: They are sooo cute Jenny
  12. Yes but like others have said not one after the other Excellent Idea Totally Eveything has some degree of discount. I think you made good choices for the night. Great, fantastic I wouldn't put them on too often. Quarterly or twice a year would be enough. I know for us if you did that all the time it would be good. We can catch up with people and grab a great bargain and learn something new. But it could end up like the auctions that are being held to close together, the attendance level drops. Jenny
  13. If you read the links it will tell you everything you need to start with for the cichlids. The prefer temps about 22-28oC. I run my tanks at about 25-26. Cichlids prefer a high pH around 8. This can be achieve with the use of calcuim carbonate gravel or water additives. Some places the tap water is already at a high ph which will make it easier. The growth rates of fish depends on may things. Water conditions and parameters. Size of their tank. How often they are feed and the quality of the food. How often the water changes are done. These things will affect it. That doesn't mean treat your fish badly and they wont grow as fast. Bad conditions, food and water will lead to sick deformed fish or even stunted growth and these fish will never grow the their full potential. When you start to be serious about fish there is a world of knowledge out there to learn from. There seems to be so much to try and learn at once but don't stress to much. Most things you will learn as you go. Read heaps and if you are unsure of what you have read, ask someone. In your small tank I wouldn't put to many fish in there. Just a few and watch them grow while you save for a bigger tank. When you get a bigger tank then you can add more fish. You could put your angel fish in with the silver sharks. If you read the info on the angelfish at the bottom of the page it gives you an idea of what fish are compatible to keep with it. I love this info, I use it all the time when I am looking at setting up a tank. Silver sharks are on the list. http://www.wetpetz.com/angelfish.htm Where do you currently have you angelfish, what is it in and what with? Jenny
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