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    I'm 38 partnered new to the L scene but old to the fish scene. keep discus BGK L's and getting into the shrimp :)

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  1. How much are you charging for female yellow cherry shrimp ? I got 3 males and I need a lady to help the numbers grow 3 boys are not going to do that lol
  2. I'll dig you out a shoot of each of mine I have here when I can , The butterfly ginger I sent over last time will get a nice beehive ginger fruit and yes the spears of fruit they send up is spectacular
  3. Looks awesome Donny I am now after weeny tanks you all got me hooked on shrimp . the little yellows are doing swimmingly, all 3 have shed Last one today . They swim so fast it is really hard to tell if they are boys or girls .they hide so well in my tank I planted it a lot like a little forest . But I make sure I have all of them at least 4 or 5 times a day . Thank you very much for letting me enjoy the little yellow beauties with you .
  4. rocklea markets has some local fish shops too get to know the owner and he will sell to you cheap mine does coz he knows I won't buy there other wise lol
  5. Hi Donny, I'll see if I can find any bits of my nano anubias and bring some next trip, they were very healthy looking a couple of weeks ago when I was checking the fish . It is the least I can do . The set up looks great too without the greenery.
  6. Hi Jemma :D Hi hunny thank you thank you for those yellow beauties they pop with the blue

  7. Hi Linda, this is my user name.... Jemma from facebook gardening site :) DFF's partner

  8. Hi Pete ,

    Linda here :) just a quick question about the mosaic guppies . Do you have any ready for sale ATM and what will the damage be on say 3 boys and 6 girls ?

    Thanks enjoy the long weekend


  9. Hangin low Hun ... starting to work this out :)

  10. now I am even more confused than I was to start with . I am a newbie L keeper not breeding just loving all the colours and strains . I have 333's in a tank of their own and then I also have a tank with the 066's seperate . My question I guess is as a newbie should I be getting the numbers confirmed for my own peace of mind and just in case I am ever lucky enough that they do breed so I will know that the L I am selling is numbered correctly ?? Thanks Linda
  11. Hey hubby :D how they hanging ????? LMAO

  12. aww with the cutest baby and sweetest partner in the world that is reason enough to be away from the fish a little more they are still thriving well by the looks of it :) I was ultra impressed at the line breeding of shrimp you have happening I look forward to owning some one day .

  13. just a shame ya saw it all in that state of neglect. I have been so busy these last few weeks, that everything needs a big scrub.

    waters still testing well, but ya

    have some catchup to do on me water changes!

  14. Hey Donny awesome africans and shrimp set ups loved it :) was a shame you were not home from work but look forward to meeting you one day soon :)

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