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  1. Hi Karen, I have been keeping rainbows and Rosy barbs together for a few years with no dramas at all. From what I have seen Gudgeons shouldn't cause issues there either. I also have an Angel in a small tank with Blue eyes and a clown loach and all is well there too. An Angel may get a bit competitive at feeding time. Hope this helps.
  2. I am running a couple of archers with rainbows without a problem. Anything that is bigger than the archers mouth should survive. Mono argentus are pretty cool and a cat or sooty at the bottom of the tank would go ok.
  3. I agree man, have fun with it. Check out other guys picks to get ideas. For the natural look, I like plenty of structure and plants.
  4. Nice planted driftwood GQER.. I'm a massive fan. Working on a few myself. ps. didn't mean for the photo to be that big..still working on my photobucket skills.
  5. Nice catfish keegan, I have one hiding under the rock in my tank...My first attempt at a native tank, plan to upsize soon. 8x Rainbow fish..3x crimson spot, 2 black banded, 2x red rainbows 1x tiger eye rainbow and a Tandanus catfish.
  6. Haven't been a fishie for long..70L Native tank. Rapidly filling! Planning for a large tank.
  7. From what I've seen the old goldfish takes a bit of punishment. I'm told that a high temp water shortens their life but with some shade over the pond for the warmer months, they'd go alright.
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