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  1. I’ve not been around for a while as I’ve been building costumes to bring the characters of Avril’s books to life, and a few other projects. After reading this thread, and watching a youtube video on lotus plants, I think this is a prime candidate for an aquaponic set up. You could try drilling holes in your buckets and place them in a trough with a drain in the bottom. That way you can do a partial water change every week or so. For a filter you could use a bucket filled with sponge and an air stone. I think the fertiliser would be too much for the fish, but you could try sea sol or Sunland aloe vera. I use both of these in my system.
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  5. I didn’t waste my time only cutting boxes. I multitasked by watching TV. I’d do it again if I had the need. The money I saved will be spent on tractor diesel to build my rally track on our mountain.
  6. I used Styrofoam broccoli boxes in my man cave (colourbond shed). I think I went overkill because I ended up with about 75mm of insulation in the walls. I’ve yet to do the roof, but already there’s been an extremely noticeable difference. We were so impressed with the results we used Styrofoam as well as the required Australian standard insulation in the house we’re building.
  7. A pond that size will need a filter of some type or you’ll be kept busy cleaning the crap out of it. If the cost of power is a concern, you could use an aquaponic vegie garden as a filtration system.
  8. In the aquaponic system I built, I originally removed one third of the top of each IBC and painted them with grey paint. The gold fish grew all right, but I got fed up with not seeing them and they were hard to catch so I cut the entire top out of the IBCs and gurnied the paint off them. The growth in those fish was unbelievable. I ended up putting part shade over the IBCs when summer got hot. I’m no expert on sun or fish, but after my experience, gold fish need sunlight. I now have Jade Perch in one and Murray Cod in the other and both are doing well.
  9. It’s hard not to stress about filters. Are they big enough? Is there enough Silastic to stop it from leaking? Is the pump big enough? And my worst one, is it symmetrical or pleasing to the eye? Of course I can’t forget the old, ahh crap I could have done that better if had just done… So now that you’ve got your filter sorted out, how are you going to cycle the lake?
  10. Aquatic Paradise- instead of a greenhouse type tent, you might find a poly tunnel easier to build. I’ve found mine to be good in all types of weather, including the gusts of cyclonic type winds we regularly have. Both of mine have been up for about three years now and I haven’t had to adjust them. The next one I build I’ll do a step-by-step instruction for it, but for now if you need a lot more details, you can pm your phone number and I’ll try and help you with your questions. I just found an old post with photos. This one is ten x four metres and I’ve used two lengths of four metre wide shade cloth.
  11. I bought a 20 kg bag of lucky star barramundi sinking pellets from Big Nutrition. It costs $82 delivered and I packaged it up in 5kg airtight drums to store it in the fridge. (I don’t drink any more so there’s plenty of room in there.) I feed it to the cod, perch and the goldies.
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  13. It's only about one twentieth of the size of your pool, but today I decided to taper the bottom of the kiddie pool. http://www.qldaf.com/forums/australian-png-natives-44/cod-104221/
  14. Today I tapered the bottom of the kiddie pool for the platys and was happy with the results. While filling it with the garden hose a lot of crap was funnelled to the centre. So with two outlets on the pump, one for the filter and one for directional flow, cleaning it should be a quick siphon from the centre. I've also thought about the option of a pump in the lowest point to dump the crap into the 20 litre swirl filter (as Grover65k suggested) that I've added to the system. I'll probably end up trying out both methods to see which one works best. You can see where all the crap gathered in the centre.
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