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  1. Thanks mate, I think I'm going to start with them being small. Hey how long do these fish live for if kept well, also are these two together. Do they get along ok? Thanks
  2. Hi all, I'm kinda new to keeping Americans. Had Africans for ages. Now want a change and just want maybe 2 big fish. My tank is 500 lts and pretty roomy. I'm thinking of getting a red dragon ( flower horn I think) with a big kok and a red devil or marble fenny. These should mix ok right? Next thing, I'm at ferny hills north Brisbane. Any one close with any of the above. Thank you. I want to buy today. Just don't want pay 3 times as much at a shop, but may have to. Tried getting onto flowerhornfun.com but you have to wait
  3. hey mate. thanks for replying to my thread. im after about 4 yellows. 5 - 7 cm in length. doesnt matter if male or female. actually probably better if they were females. ive got enough males in there. im thinking they'll be trying to show each whos boss soon. cheers,

  4. hey mate im chasing some dragon bloods /strawberries/erueka reds/sunshine peacocks. really anything with bright colors. thanks dave hope to talk soon....

  5. ronny do have any dragon bloods left like what you sold terry. ive been trying to find some of these for a while. i can come monday arve if all is good.

  6. hey mate do you have ny peacocks up for grabs????

  7. hey mate got any dragon bloods or sushine peacocks. im after peacocks. cheers.

  8. hey how ya goin, im after some

    - sunshine peacocks

    - dragon bloods or strawberries

    - eurekas

    - jacob freibergis.

    Could you help out at all or point the finger in the right direction.

    Thanks cheers,

  9. Brissy, you got any fish for sale mate. seems we live in the same area. if you do i might pop round and grab some. im chasing only a few for the display tank. africans. cheers

  10. ha ha what ever i got it. as you were.
  11. where is the auction at?????????????????????????????????/
  12. Hey mate a tank drama ATM. Will talk in about 2-3 weeks righto. Enjoy

  13. Yes mate still chasing what do you have???

  14. hey mate got refered to you by someone on the forum. im after tangerine peacocks can ya help at all???

  15. nice, good to hear guys. see the thread i accidently started. woops. bloody hell.

  16. wel well well. i spose ill shut up about this product then ay. enjoy
  17. useing an internal otto 2000, with an external atman cf-2400. theres volcanic rocks in there ill try put a photo up. im a rooki at this. im not even on face book haha. hang on bear with me this might take a little ha
  18. well most of them are all around the 4cm to 7cm mark. all juvies just about. although there are 2 sharks in there at around 10cm. the other fish in there are 4 red empris 4 elec yellows 5 elec blues 1 mangaino 4 commets 4 red top zebs 4 tangerine peacocks 2 ob peacocks 3 eruka red peacocks 2 sharks 4 clown loaches 1 pakastarni loach 1 eel tail cat fish 1 pleco plus i think there would be about 4 more that i cant remember what they are. its a 500lt tank with vol rocks and hidy holes, obviously not enough does any reckon theres to many in there. theres about 40 maybe all cichlids are around 3cm to 7cm mark.
  19. Hey, what does everyone think about feeding their fish white crane in moderation to get their colour up?? im getting a large comunity of cichlids for my display tank and want them to look good. but im hearing this stuff turns females into males and they will fight alot. im not looking to breed them at all. i have yellows and the same person told me that if i used white crrane it would turn my yellows black. is this true???
  20. :mad:SPEWIN!! just got a bargain with a fronni plus other cichlids. put them in my tank with the rest of my display fish. come home 5 hrs later. its gone. can't find one bit of him anywhere. lesson learnt. no more slow moveing fish to be put in there. this happened to any one else or any advice?? ps im a beginner at this sport.
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