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  1. If you ask me and I would hopefully know. I'm almost 99% sure that's a jardini. But that's my opinion I had 128 of them in my hands this week and ps. I'm all fished out. Think I will be dreaming about jardini for a long time to come
  2. Mate if I was to leave that would make them believe they have won or that I have something to hide. This is infact untrue and I will be here for a long time to come. BUT this dose make me think twice about selling stuff on here. Or even better yet this will make me more picky as to who I sell them to. 99% of the buyers are happy. I told one that at least there is a few good people left on this site. Especially a certin few. He replied. "Quote" Only a few, but the good ones are worth knowing. "unquote"" He then sent this: On a side note one of the togas actually ate pellets today, so stocked "Unquote" and this is why I do it
  3. Dude I'm the seller that brought them from the "Saratoga jardini farm" if you all like we can harvest later on when there bigger as I can make more money but if this is the reaction I'm getting then you can all jump. I tried to do a good deed and put these on here for everyone to save a bit and get a great bargain aswell as a great fishy friend. But I feel by the time these guys grow up in a couple of months no person on here will have the guts the apologise. Hence this is why people are leaving this site at a frequent pace. Because the people who go the extra to help fellow fish enthusiast get shafted by disbelievers. Shame on you all. This will def be my last post on this forum I bid you farewell
  4. Hay bro think les got some a month or two ago will talk to him this week and see if he can help
  5. Wow shouldn't of deleted that MSG was just trying to make space. Didn't know it would look as if I was trying to hide something lol.

  6. Guys these are great quality bought some a month back and going great guns. Top seller and top fish. Buyer won't be disappointed. For people who have bought fish from me personally you know my standards. Top fish. Keep up the good work jonas.

  7. Hi mate how many are you after? And what type I think I might have one peron pulling out. Ps what size.

  8. Site bro let me know when. Next week good for me. Jack 0412325875

  9. hey mate. thanks for replying to my thread. im after about 4 yellows. 5 - 7 cm in length. doesnt matter if male or female. actually probably better if they were females. ive got enough males in there. im thinking they'll be trying to show each whos boss soon. cheers,

  10. The problem I see is that city farmers use white crane if you ask them they will tell you so.
  11. If life is too short? Make it last longer.

  12. Whoops my number is 0412325875 (jack) or pm me

  13. Hi supercobwe if still available I'll take them

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