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  1. no not apple snails, they are too small and the wrong colour
  2. I collected some glass shrimp from Canungra Creek about a month ago and i picked up a couple of these snails at the same time , They have now increased in numbers and are doing a great job in cleaning my tank. To me they look a bit different from the common pond snail that has plagued me previously. Thanks for your help.
  3. I have just rejoined this site after many years absent, i have always had a great interest in australian native rainbow fish (I ONCE HAD 3 6FT DISPLAY TANKS WITH REPRESENTATIVE OF EVERY SPECIES i was also an avid shrimp breeder particulary in different cherry morphs )unfortunately i had to give them up due to a health issue. I am now in the position to start another collection ,of Rainbows and have started up a 3 footer, stocked with about 20 local caught Pacific blue eyes and one juvi striped gudgeon. I intend to buy/ or catch some more different species to add to my tank. I am planning a trip to Cunnungra Creek and Currumbin Creek in the near future to test my luck. If anyone has some fish for sale at a resonable price please let me know Regards Wayne s
  4. Mate can you paste some pictures of your green and gold cherries, also some of your set up ,it's hard to make assumptions if you can't see how things are.
  5. Hey Loach, fully aware at where we are at on SKF, still a little way to go yet mate!
  6. Mate! at this time there is no grading system for cherry shrimp in Australia, Only the overseas one's This is very frustrating for us here as our gene pool is very restrictive. There are a few people working on trying to get a grading system for Australia at the moment, but it will take some time, as different people have different Ideas, a concensus of opinions will have to be reached before we can standardize something that will reflect what qualities we have here in Australia.
  7. Thanks Tech Den & David, I have at last been able to get some pictures of these fish today and comparing to the exelent picture that TechDen posted I have indeed identified this fish as "Gambusia" colours are a little more yellowish but the scale pattern is the same. Looks like bag, freeze and bin time. regards
  8. No i don't think that they are gambusia, I have a hatred for those little blighters,as i was a very avid australian /NG breeder and I can reconise them mils away. Regards
  9. Guys over period of time I have accidently picked up some guppies, possibly come in with some plants or something. They are breeding like mad at the moment. I always thought that guppies were collourful little fish, however the ones i have only have black on them . The big female is a greenish colour with a black spotted tail,a couple of smaller males have only black tails but they are too small for me to see the tail shape. Can someone tell me what type of guppies they could be. Regards
  10. Mate The little white things in your tank could be a tiny crustacean of the copepod family commonly called seed shrimp. These little guys are completely harmless and eat algea and other junk form the walls of your tank and in the substrate. They are usually a sign that your water conditions are in tip top condition.I have just had a bloom of these little critters and got rid of them by introducing my trusty shrimp friendly ( my one) clown loach. He cleared them up within 48 hours and is now back with his mates.
  11. I have red and black ramshorn snails, has anyone any blue ramshorns they want to get rid of?Regards
  12. HI All, Question!! If I were to put a first cross male yellow /red cherry shrimp back to yellow females would I get all yellow offspring or a mixture red/yellow? regards
  13. Rili shrimp are just a varient of the red cherry shrimp and are still very expensive $ 180.00 To $150.00 a pair. They are as easy as the normal red cherries to look after, but don't mix them with the normal cherries because they will interbreed regards
  14. Word of warning, Don't go into CRS/CBS shrimp unless you are prepared to spend a lot of money on shrimp equipment etc they are not easy shrimp for beginners. Stick to Cherry Shrimp until you master the art of shrimp keeping, lot easier on the pocket .There is no easy quick $$$$$ to be made with CBS/CRS those who make it deserve their rewards. Regards
  15. I have found a couple of cherries with black strips in my collection, These shrimp are an intense cherry colour one has painted red and white legs and the one has solid red legs. I like them very much . middle picture shows both together and a possible third one on the left hand side. I will be trolling the tank tonight again tonight, I hope I can find more,meanwhile I have these two in a holding tank by themselves. Enjoy
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