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  1. Thank you for the suggestion. I had tried that one already without success. Ended up using brute force, worked ok. Filter been retired for time being.
  2. Hi all, does anyone know how to open a stuck lid on the EHEIM Ecco pro filter? I never had any problems before. I’ve tried some things offered by Google, but no go. The handle comes down easily, but the lid will not come off. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  3. Will the little blue card still work for in store purchases? I don’t have Facebook and don’t intend getting it.
  4. Haven’t seen discus advertised for a loooong time. Nowadays it’s all about African/ American Cichlids. You might have more luck on Gumtree!
  5. Get some plants that will grow tied to driftwood, like Anubia, Java fern or mosses.
  6. Yes, Discus and Angels get on well together, at least they did in my tanks. I even had a breeding pair of Angels in with Discus, without any problems. Good Luck!
  7. You only need to google “planted tanks” images and you’ll find more than you can handle. Any questions, post them here and someone will answer.
  8. Looking forward to see it fully planted, should look a treat. I love that Amazon jungle look, got it in all my tanks.
  9. You could leave things as they are and see what happens. If it’s wood fungus (which is usually white to light grey and sort of foamy looking), it should die out within a couple of weeks. I would not add fish at this time.
  10. Looks like BBA, it’s not Staghorn. If it’s BBA, I wonder how that got introduced into a new tank setup, and it looks like it’s all over. No fish will touch it, peroxide will kill it, as will bleach. You’ll have to treat the whole tank and there’s no guarantee it will stay away, as spores are ever present. If anyone as any better idea, I’d love to hear about it.
  11. Hi all, has anyone had experience with automatic outdoor insect control systems, the ones that puff out bits of insecticide every so often? I am wondering if they would be safe to use near covered tanks. Did try the net, nothing much there. Your opinion is welcome, thanks in advance.
  12. Get yourself some Chemiclean. Will treat the whole tank without fuss.
  13. In my tanks they grow to about 15mm, after that they die as rainwater doesn't have any calcium to support their shells. Breeding can be prolific, but I found only in temps around 20 to 24 degrees. In my display tanks I rarely see any snails, the discus love to snack on them.
  14. How big are they? I started out with red Ramshorns, but over time they turned dark brown. Now all the young ones are brown too
  15. I haven't forgotten, all the packed up plants had to fit inside the saddle-bags on the motorbike! You must have looked after those plants very well, seeing they're doing great. Depending on how often you do WC, try cutting back on the fertiliser. It's all trial and error.
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