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  1. Sorry mate, all gone. I’ll advertise again once I have more to sell.
  2. 8 different species, I’ve no idea how many individual plants.
  3. Closing down this tank. All plants as seen in photo to be sold as one pack. Asking $40 for the lot, shipping extra if required. Meet for pick up Morayfield or Wamuran Sold
  4. Depends on how much you want to spend. Cheapest would be gravel, 2 to 3mm. I’ve only ever used “Coffs Harbour” gravel, looks good and plants do very well. But if you want to spend money - there’s a big selection of fancy substrates to choose from.
  5. With the battens you can use either ordinary t8‘s flouros or if you prefer, the replacement LED ones, just change the starters. One other option when using battens are the Aqua One “tropical or sunlight” t8,s, available in normal or LED in some Petshops or online. Cost a bit more.
  6. In the 23+ years I’ve been keeping planted tanks I’ve only ever used battens with t8 tubes. When they came along I switched to the Osram daylight ones, 6500K, never looked back. Plants are doing just fine without co2, even in my 2‘ deep tank. Looked at LED for planted tanks - too expensive. Lately I tried the LED tubes, found them useless, switched back to the Osram.. Unless you want to grow fancy plants and have the spare cash, I would go with the simple battens. The fish won’t mind either way.
  7. This might sound silly, but did you test the water you’re using for the changes?
  8. Early days, wait and see. If you ever need some plants, get in touch.
  9. Ok, that probably solves the brown algae issue, light that does penetrate is not enough. So if you ever want to grow plants, you might have to upgrade your lights. As to the catfish, if I was you I would buy 2 or 3 bronze Cory and see how they go. They are in my opinion the hardiest of the catfish. And another thing: don’t obsess testing the water. You’ll get all sorts of alarming results and start to worry trying to fix things. Just observe your fish, they will tell you if something is wrong.(this from one who’s been there, done that )
  10. Very puzzling indeed. What other catfish besides Bristlenoses have you tried? Since the problem seems to affect only bottom feeders, my first thought was the substrate, but you’ve changed that. Next is the food, what have you been feeding them? Bristlenoses are mainly herbivores. PH changes need to be done very slowly to let the fish adapt. As I found out, some fish can be ultra sensitive. As you live in Nambour, you should have no problem using tank water. I’ve never used anything else, as it doesn’t need additives. As for the brown algae, it could be a sign of insufficient light?
  11. Too bad you’re so far away now. I still got some discus I bought as tiny juvies from you when you lived in Caboolture.How long ago was that?
  12. Why shouldn’t it work? Just put it somewhere in light shade. Full sun would grow algae. Don’t forget to change the water occasionally.
  13. Thank you for the suggestion. I had tried that one already without success. Ended up using brute force, worked ok. Filter been retired for time being.
  14. Hi all, does anyone know how to open a stuck lid on the EHEIM Ecco pro filter? I never had any problems before. I’ve tried some things offered by Google, but no go. The handle comes down easily, but the lid will not come off. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  15. Will the little blue card still work for in store purchases? I don’t have Facebook and don’t intend getting it.
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