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  1. g'day mate what Ts do you have for sale atm ?? cheers 

    1. mcfry40


      Sorry none atm sold out.thanx jas

    2. James4128


      to easy keep me in mind plz buddy 

  2. G'day people so setting up my tank its all white i have always use white sand and loved it but now with the all white stand the sand looks pretty average.. so got some black moon thinking of going the black to try break it up ??anyone got any pics of white tank with black sand ?? cheers
  3. X2 did my first order from them and got my good really fast and my fish loving the food
  4. Power has been out since 12 and just got told not coming back till Tomo night!! Question is how long will 25 med aged African cichlids In 4x2 be ok with out filter ? And what can I Do to help any info would be wicked cheers
  5. yeah hit up coomera river with no luck just a few brem , gonna try some livie next week for sure ,and its funny how every one try to keep there jack spots to them self's i use to get them all day at cabbage tree put this year no luck at all dont no if water not warm enough yet ?? cheers for the help!!
  6. Bump?? Come on gotta be someone willing to give some info??
  7. looking to drop a line in this weekend just wanna know if any one knows of some good spots brissy/goldy?? wouldnt mine pulling a nice jack any tips wanted CHERRRRS:)
  8. Psycho are you talking about the huge ones out the front of the hall where you eat b4 the show? What did you think of fantasea? We loved it!
  9. Just want to know if any one know of any good tropheus breeders around Logan/Brissy/goldy looking to get a few Bemba black,red,yellow what ever any help would be great cheers
  10. Yeh sweet thanks heaps every 1 for the info! Will go sus it out on the weekend
  11. Yeh just looked around here and found about Grey imports and what they doing to Lfs.. Will be buying from Lfs 4 sure!! Thanks heaps
  12. Just want to no where is the best place to get a fx5 at a good price ? Went USA eBay and can get them bnib for $220usd was thinking about doing that and using a power adapter.. Any 1 ever tryed this ? Cheers
  13. Hey buddy just checking how high the Stan is ? Trying to

    Work out what car to bring might just bring me 4x4 and put the seats Down

  14. Or is there any around brissy/ goldy ?
  15. What lfs was it mate? Looking for female...will be keen for some fry too buddy bit random but how long dose it take for email to activate my account been almost week now ?? Cheers
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