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  1. Some photos on gumtree Plenty available over the weekend ph 0430216343 for appointment Cheers Butch
  2. Newbie

    Hi Blacey and welcome to the forum mate Cheers Butch
  3. More of these up for sale on sunday ph 0430216343 for address and appointment Thanks Butch
  4. For sale 14 - 15 cm Males $20 each ph 0430216343 Cheers Butch
  5. For sale 14 - 15 cm Males $20 each ph 0430216343 Cheers Butch
  6. More of these ready to go Ph 0430216343 for appointment and my address Thanks Butch
  7. Thanks Brett Good to see you and hope the Yellows breed for you Cheers Butch
  8. Still have some more of these ph 0430216343 Cheers Butch
  9. Red Cherry Shrimp For Sale

    Thanks Lycan Good to meet you Glen and hope you get them breeding ok Cheers Butch
  10. Red Cherry Shrimp For Sale

    Hi Lycan Sunday after 9.30 is okay mate ph 0430216343 for pickup time Thanks Butch
  11. Where did we all go?

    Hi Craigo and welcome back mate Cheers Butch
  12. Hi Brett Just got back mate .Give me a ring when your ready ph 0430216343 Cheers Butch