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  1. Sadly our pet freshwater black shark passed away yesterday morning, She was such a beautiful fish and Dan has owned her for about 8 years since she was 2cm big, she was almost 2 foot before she passed! We are going to miss her so much and Im trying to find Dan a taxidermy place in the Brisbane area that would actually do a good job with fish (seen a few bad ones) and Im also trying to find one that will have a bit of respect for our pet as a lot of them are for sport fishing and hunting if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated! also am looking for someone to do a life like replica of her that would be weighted accurately for educational purposes thanks, jess and dan.
  2. Hey all, my move was unsuccessful as my mates i had lined up have stitched me and are not going to help, looking for a few people with the tools needed to help me get a 6x2x3 from brendale to brighton (roughly 15min drive), the access to both houses are easy just one step at each end, i am going to have the tank dry and ready to move so will only take an hour roughly for the whole move, is any one here able to help me or suggest a cheap reliable company that can help me, im willing to pay i had a budget of 150 for my mates so a price around there would be good, also more than happy to put on a bbq at the final destination for all to enjoy! thanks Dan.
  3. awesome thanks again the ideas keep adding up to one easy stress free move so glad the community is willing to give advice , thanks again everyone
  4. Thanks sooo much for the advice everyone some awesome ideas i never would have thought of, planks of wood under the tank is just a genius idea! definately using that approach ive just got to find some berley men now haha, and i have a regular five foot with gold fish in it i can make that a temporary home for her thanks heaps
  5. Hey everybody just wanting some advice and hints on this move, i have a black shark that is roughly 20+ inches, i am moving house from Brendale to Brighton about 20 mins travel, i moved her 6 months ago but i had a fresh tank already set up for her to go right into so all i did is put her in a 100L tub and trailer-ed her there as it was 2 mins travel down the road, but this time i am keeping her in the same tank which is a 6x2x3 and its a lot longer of a trip and am unsure of the right way to go about the whole move, the options i have thought of for transporting the fish are: 1, getting a giant fish bag to put her in and place that in the 100L tub with some padding but not sure how long she will survive in a fish bag? 2, possibly using silicone to attach kids floaties to the inside of the 100L tub to limit the amount of bruising she gets from trying to jump? that way i can use a portable air pump for travel? the other issue is moving the tank, it is a 1000L tank so it has a hell of a lot of bracing and very thick glass so it weighs far too much was wondering if anyone had any suggestions to make the move easier? we had four people last time one on every corner but 2 of them were lacking arm strength and it almost didnt make it inside the house, any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks dan.
  6. hey mate very interested in the6 footer you have for sale have sent a pm, thanks dan.

  7. haha thanks mate shes my pride and joy, and hell yeah yours is well on the way wish i had pics of mine when it was small haha there so cute at 4cm
  8. take in mind she does not stay still lol so the photos arent the best but ill keep this updated. dont forget to show me your favourite fishy cheers, dan.
  9. checked again this morning, one dot back on her tail, none of my other fish have it not even my clown loaches. i dont think it was debris, becase last night when i was taking the photos, i had a torch shining on her tail and in the larger spots it almost looked like the light could shine straight through like it was goin see through.
  10. ummm literally just looked at my shark and its all gone wtf
  11. its white but under light goes that colour coz of her scales, there are even some parts that are more cloud looking than spots like its almost like someone has drawn on her with chalk, its really hard to get a good pic ill keep trying tho
  12. Hey everyone i have a problem i have noticed on my black sharks finns, she is my pride and joy so i keep a very close eye on her and i went out today to do some photoshoots and when i got home i noticed this, it has come up within the last 12 hours, her tank is a uv filtered 5 foot and her tank mates are about 200 baby bn's, two baby electric yellows, 2 clown loaches and an adult longfin albino bn. i am pretty sure its white spot but have never seen it this hectic so any help would be very appreciated. thanks dan.
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  14. hey mate grab a black shark they ussually grow to 60cm which is 2 foot and they have awesome personalities, if k)ept well they have been known to get up to 3 foot :
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