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  1. New tank cycling away nicely, 1800x700x700 play sand substrate few bits of drift wood I have gathered along the way. 4ft wet dry sump running 4000lph. Looking to stock it with a Mangrove Jack and 2 Salmon tail catfish and possibly a bullrout? looking forward to enjoying the outcome.
  2. White PVC from my bulkheads, I suppose I can give it a crack.... worst thing can happen is I have to scrape it off. Thanks guys.
  3. The scratches are on the inside of the back wall(drilled so can't turn around) was hoping to paint a dark colour? More so to hide the pipe work.
  4. Guys, I've been contemplating painting the background of my 6ft tank but am worried that some of the scratches will be emphasised and ruin the look of my tank. Has anyone struck this problem?
  5. Thanks for that, I had a sneaking suspicion that would be the case.... Bugger looks like its a new stand.
  6. Hi guys, not sure what to do I have a 1500x600x600 tank on an 1800x600 50mm box steel stand. I have just purchased a 1800x700x700,and my question is will it be ok to have the 100mm overhang? should I use some ply under it to distribute the weight?
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