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  2. Insulate the fish room/area. Mine is constant 27 degrees only 2 heaters, in the sumps, tanks are insulated external sides & back
  3. I do not believe I have ever seen a thread after an auction night go on so long. For the record I assisted all night & do so at most. I sold for the first time at this auction, approx 15 bags of Africans (2 Boxes), had realistic reverses, kept to the rules & all fish larger than minimum in the name of fairness to buyers, so I did make a few dollars, encouraged my daughter who helped me prep the fish. Taught her more about the hobby & a lesson on return on investment. Then we spent our money on some Angels, Rainbows & Cat Fish all at fair & reasonable prices. (Better than shops or driving around Brisbane to collect) To me this is what the hobby & auction nights are about (Another has stated similar in this thread). It is not about individuals taking the most dollars out of the room, but varied varieties from many hobbyists, allowing others to keep the lines & varieties going. To me it is not a business return (Get out now if you think like this from a hobby view) but a supportive opportunity to assist others, keep new fish & sell existing. Getting a large variety on offer across the species. IMHO - A couple of big points were the let down for the sellers this night. 1. Not enough buyers with cash in the room. (This is the single biggest fact of why it took so long to move through lots - No buyers) 2. Sellers who not in the name of fairness have used multiple family members to lodge additional fish maxing out the number of bags for that family group. (slowed up auctioneers, similar fish offered) 3. Box numbers being moved to assist a seller's situation of needing to leave, Auctioneers offering own fish (But they did offer every ones) (Reiterate guidelines & talk time on each lot) (Say no to moving lots under rules) 3. Specialty & Multiple similar types of fish not attracting interest due to point 1. (Long talks & explanations leading to repeat offerings after pass is) I would have loved some new lines but just poor timing & no space (Prices were awesome) 4. Winter - a lot of hobbyists scale back at this time of year and are not looking to add fish let alone specialty fish needing a separate tank. (Heaters etc) Plus countless other points already mentioned above but these are the main contributors I feel. This Auction was not so different to other nights except for point 1. If there was more buyers in the room with money this thread would not have continued, it would have read quite like past ones. Good night, got some fish, good prices. I am a QCG member for 3 years but not new to hobby, 20 plus years. I was a licensed & paid Auctioneer in past life for Real Estate & Motor Vehicles. Currently it costs $1200 a year to remain licensed so I let it go quite a while a go. I could give it a go like Steve & FJ have but I know my fish names of what I keep but not the huge varieties that get offered so like them not wanting to get bagged for having a go, but next time I will. A Professional auctioneer will not know the names either it will be called Lot 45 Has 3 fish, Blue @ 5 cm. (He may be a fish guy?) I am not a member to just get an Auction discount (Sold Once, Helped at countless, see above), I attend meetings when I can, contribute & participate in events. I like others in the Clubs contribute to see the hobby succeed & help others learn & share. This night rolled the way it did (My points & observations noted) Let the Clubs, Committee & Members talk about all the feed back, rules + enforcing/stick to them, new ways & ideas. In closing it is not about the Money it is about the Hobby, oh you can never keep every one happy 100% of the time. Thanks for reading.
  4. I like that it all happens in one location, no need to travel out of your way to collect a fish, think of all the time & fuel you are saving? OR have you tried to line up several pick ups on same day or getting stuffed around by a buyer. I have always seen quality fish on offer plus loads more than what appears on here. Deformed or under sized fish are not accepted at booking in your fish. Sellers should know & read the rules. This is a service to all Sellers & Buyers & 20 % is nothing to support the running the Clubs & these events. Hall hire etc. Fish prices are very similar to here with quality fish getting the best results, by the way QLDAF is not retail pricing. I love the social catch up too! See you all there!
  5. Some high quality fish at auction tonight, fair prices on most offered up, you can not expect them for nothing can you? Fish cost money to breed & care for. Good to see some lines not been around of late offered up, best way to stock New display or get a new breeding stock, thanks to all helpers & buyers.
  6. Cold Ones Mmmm John will never get me out of the store!
  7. Hi John, great location will get the coastal runners in to you, motorway can be a parking lot most weekdays so to get to you would take till after 6 pm some days,LOL. My parents live on Bribie so also in a great spot for me on BBQ days! Good luck with store front look forward to seeing you next QCG meeting, Cheers Craig
  8. [MENTION=1584]Fish Junkie[/MENTION] Words from a man with great fish wisdom
  9. z240

    New sponsors !!

    Welcome to the new club sponsors & thank you. Look forward to seeing you at next meeting ? Craig
  10. My Tropheus Duboisi got a change of veggie last night, carrot strips put in with their free floating zucchini they absolutely smashed the carrot to bits not a single orange bit left in sight. A new treat for them. Cheers Craig
  11. [MENTION=6066]webmaster[/MENTION] agree safety switches save us all big time, I also plan to install hanging leads from the roof, had water find power boards,plugs & leads a couple of times!
  12. Just noticed your signature of Burundi. Have you any fry for sale. Cheers

  13. Dam iPad not quick enough lol

  14. I never cook any veggies, sink with a fork. Remove after a few hours & when you can see it going soft. All Good.
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