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    My girlfriend and i love our african cichlids, guppies, plecos,corydoras and assorted ancistris we breed buy and sell fish and small but growing all the time
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    fish of course,
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    small engine mechanic

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  1. Hey guys

    Nice to meet you today!!

  2. Hey there mate, was wanting to know if you had three L066 available and what would u like for them can pick up anytime u like!! Thank you we look forward to your response Shaun and tash :)

  3. haha we got some of those black Venezuelans the other day very nice corys
  4. albino gold stripe and gold strips are sweet! all the lasers are a nice bunch. sterbai and adolfi cant beat em
  5. hey mick do you have any 300w stainless heaters?

  6. hey mate really love the l numbers you sell would it be possible to let us know when you have any ready for sale :) we love collecting them

  7. unfortunately not, I am trying to get mine breeding tho, so hopefully in a few months I will have some fry

  8. hey mate you would have or know anyone selling green lasers or gold stripe lasers?

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