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    Yup im 24 i love fishing and obviously fish keeping. I keep native and exotic monster predator fish fresh and salt :D
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    chef.. fish yummm
  1. Quality on the Sunshine Coasr

    Rene st marine noosaville
  2. Pseudomugil luminatus

    Nice wanna sell some ?
  3. planting a native aquarium

    Vallisneria, cambola, elodea, hydrilla, bladderwort, hornwort, lillies, water milfoil, heaps of other natives and pests are readilly found in our creeks and look great in an aquarium.
  4. Filter ideas for IBC

    I have 2x ibc plumbed with 2x 32mm drains skimming the top being gravity fed into the bottom of a 60lt bin full of media that sits on bricks then spills into another 60lt bin with more media and a return pump 7000lph 25mm pipe spliced at a T intersection with one pipe going back into each ibc, the return pipe is angled just under the water level with a T piece on the end with the open end facing into the air to suck in air and work like a venturi return which agetates the surface and adds lots of oxygen bubbles. Seems to work pretty well except build of gunk on the bottom of the tanks, if i was to replumb i would use a syphon with a syphon break below the desired level spilling into gravity fed overflow.
  5. Large growing gudgeons?

    Ive got a spangled gudgeon i will trade for north australian rainbows or local rhads
  6. Jungle perch

    There are still wild jp in some of the upper reaches of the major river systems on the sunshine coast so if you really wanted a nice specimen you could always go for a fish, i wont tell you were tho.cause.there rare as f@rk and that ruins the fun
  7. Large growing gudgeons?

    Snakeheads are for sale now and then, it helps if you have some contacts.. spangled gudgeon can be collected around maryborough tho! And as far south as noosa i collected one in the river in the last lot of heavy rains, very random but its in my tank now lol
  8. Native snails

    I brought some plants back from picnic creek in the sunny coast, my tank is now infested with the buggers, about to drain the tank and bleach it
  9. Collecting on Northside brisbane

    Ok , i had a collect around little yabba creek The other day, got a great haul of rainbows, pbe, empires, striped gudgeon, shrimp, glass perchlet, psg and unfortunatley amoungnst the 100+ beautiful natives, 1 single lone swordtail. Very dissapointing day for the mary river. Also seen heaps of fw mullet and juvey spangs swimmin around.
  10. Blue eyes and rhads will get eaten by gudgeons
  11. Hi, just enquiring to see if you have any jacks or know of anywhere to buy them, thanks Ryan

  12. Native selection, sooty vs mangrove jack

    Ive had 2 sootys before, both were viscous beasts, both killed numerous larger fish like my 2'+ leichardtii :/ would definatley recomend them, grew to 45cm and fat as
  13. I recently collected some ultra rare rhads, colours like ive never seen before on any internet pics, and want to show em off but my 5mp phone camera just doesnt cut it . Looking to spend $100> any links for online shopping? Btw the rhads pectoral / anal fin is likecan african violet colour, more purple, with black edging, and the dorsal is light blue, with the electric blue strip down the back, slightly transperic pink cheeks
  14. I spend every rdo collecting or fishing / looking for fish, im in noosa but mainly spend.my.time.in the tributories of the mary river, theres just so many spots!