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  1. You could make a adaptor with a small piece of hose not ideal but would work. Get a piece of hose that will slip over the spout use a hose clamp to secure it & use a barb fitting on the other end the type that is barb one end & thread the other & just attach your standard hose fitting to the thread. (Sorry if that is a bit confusing I can visualise it but find it hard to explain)
  2. I have 4 in a 6 footer all around 40cm+ there was 2 others in there as well that were 50cm with no probs
  3. The stands look great & a great write up as well
  4. Thanks gingerbeer the whole thing is a bit confusing to the novice I have read about adding a small amount of aquarium salt to the tanks when doing water changes helps with controlling white spot & other water related bacteria. We are looking at Africans for our display tank because of the colours mainly electric yellows, blues, & maybe some red zebra's or cobalt blues. Anither tank we have at the moment has guppies in it. Great idea about using the water on the garden!
  5. Thanks relle I was just wondering about the whole process I just noticed when I do water changes & vacuum the gravel if the water sits for a while the **** settles to the bottom of the bucket. I was just curios to know what else is in the water Ammonia etc
  6. Only new to the aquarium scene just wondering with water changes what am I trying to achieve. By changing water I am adding fresh water to the tank, if I filtered the water I removed from the tank somehow could I just re add it? If I use tap water & have it sit in another container for a week before adding to the tank do I need to add water ager or prime? Should I add salt to a fresh water tank? Sorry if this all seems basic I am just trying to understand the whole chemistry of water changes
  7. Sounds like it really depends on age then
  8. Quick question when a guppy give birth what amount of fry would you expect?
  9. So if I was getting 12 females & 2 males it wouldn't really matter
  10. What is a good male to female ratio for guppies in a community tank
  11. You can also use fine wet & dry sandpaper. 1200 grit or something similar fine enough that it doesn't scratch the glass use with plenty of water or vinegar. Worked for me still need some elbow grease & patience though.
  12. Thanks Daydream all of this is very new to me we have had a few small tanks over the years but never really thought about breeding, just thought we give it ago. Any tips really appreciated
  13. Thanks the sponge filter I have in the tank has been there for 2 weeks now without any fish while I was cycling the water. How do I make sure there is not too much water movement so bubble nests will survive. Sorry if this seems very basic info but most posts I have read don't state the basics
  14. Thanks I figured a sponge filter might be the way to go. What do you mean by "cycled sponge filter"
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