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  1. bump now $5ea. perfect for African tanks or even bare bottom tanks.
  2. up aqua shrimp sand brand new bag 2kg, plus 2kg used 3 months. both for $15. https://www.thetechden.com.au/Up_Aqua_Shrimp_Sand_2kg_p/ua-ss-2kg.htm pick up warwick cheers mick
  3. its either a longfin eel or a southern short finned eel. either way it will eat anything it can fit in its mouth.
  4. Bugger I just ordered 4 juvies of these in hope of getting a pair and I'm actually not that far away in forest lake for the weekend. Good luck with sale.
  5. a new fish to me, thought I'd share "
  6. $10 for both need gone by next week. pickup warwick
  7. 3 F1 moba frontosa 11cm, 12cm and 16cm, all purchased at the same time at 4cm. sold unsexed but hopefully both sexes (the males grow faster). $150 for the 3 no offers. pick up Warwick or I will be going to forest lake next Friday so can take them for definite pickup fri arvo/night from forest lake but you must show up if I bring them up for you. cheers mick
  8. hi, do you still have your fish business? if so can you give me the link.

  9. maybe a croaking gourami
  10. orange and white mangrove jack wont let him out of hiding
  11. hello and welcome. reefhunter had the same question an hour ago, you just need a couple posts and you can access the classifieds.
  12. their still here you just need a few posts to access the trader section.
  13. attached with fishing line $5ea. pick up Warwick.
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