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  1. new baby

    just picked a mangrove jack yesterday and am really happy with the little bugger. got a fork tailed catfish and eel tailed catfish as tank mates. cheers mick
  2. Bony bream

    could never get them to eat plus kept crashing into the sides of the tank.
  3. Not so native guppy population

    good lil feeders
  4. Need someone to look after my fish MAYBE

    yer if it wasn't for people suggesting brackish tanks for adults i'd get one.
  5. Ridding snails from shrimp tank

    completely got rid of these with clown loaches but not sure if they will eat your shrimp. cheers mick
  6. Need someone to look after my fish MAYBE

    good to hear, he could probably do fine for 2 weeks by himself but I wouldn't risk it longer. almost got a jack myself.
  7. I cant see why someone wont pick up one of your lovely angels for you. cheers mick
  8. Need someone to look after my fish MAYBE

    your jack will be right by itself for a week mate.
  9. given the crayfish away to a friend, fish still available. cheers mick
  10. 5 x ob eyebiters breeding size 3m, 1f, 1? $50 all 5. 1 x mirrorball hap male $15. 1 large pair Aussie opal crayfish, male has 1 claw $10 the pair. 9 Aussie opal medium crayfish $10 the lot. pickup Warwick cheers mick
  11. Hi

    since you already have fish I would wait till your cycle is finished to add more. what are you wanting to add and how big is your tank? cheers mick
  12. Hi

    hello and welcome, good place for questions, what fish do you currently keep?
  13. mate try $20, dfishkeeper has them for $20 each all the time.
  14. Silly question

    they can all live outdoors in the Brisbane/sunny coast area without heaters but its up to you.
  15. theres always a chance I lost a toenail last year and its slowly growing back, I didn't break my toe though just lost the toenail.