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  1. A little set back, somethings been eating the roots. They still have roots inside the pots and I'm hoping they'll grow more than be eaten.
  2. I've read that after a while the sweet potatoes start to rot, but once you have the plants growing you can just take cuttings from them and they'll root.
  3. I've always liked the look of Aulonocara jacobfreibergi otter point since I've seen it in malawi cichlids in their natural habitat 4th edition 10 years ago. My favorite natural peacock has to be Lwandas though.
  4. Another grower was just using room light, I asked as I wouldn't try them if they needed additional lighting. I'll see how it goes.
  5. Hi I got a bit worried after I read your post about pH, I measured mine and it was 7, a little low for Africans so I decided to do water change/filter clean. So I measured using a new api masters test kit before the water change pH - 7, Nitrate - 160. I did a 70% water change and tested again, pH - 7.2, Nitrate 35, I checked yesterday after the water change and again today and got the same test results. Was expecting the nitrate to be slightly higher but maybe changed a bit more of water or the before water change level was slightly lower than it appeared. On a good note my filter, this clean and last, since using NLS Probiotix, my filter has been noticeably cleaner, one of the claims of the NLS probiotic diet.
  6. Purple spotted gudgeons are a decent size.
  7. If I knew they were there I would of popped in last time I was up. Could you tell males and females? or they look color fed of what?
  8. hey mate. take a look at, https://www.aquagreen.com.au/catalog.html
  9. It might be hard to see in photos but the roots have started to form. That's 5 days in water.
  10. hey mate what kind of placidochromis and aulonocara do you like? i have mirrorballs and some of the red and ob man made peacocks.
  11. Ok seen a few of these on the net I'm going to track progress of my sweet potato aquarium grow. Never done this so its a bit of an experiment for me. The purpose of doing this is to reduce nitrates. I'm on water restriction out west here with our dam level on 12%, I try and limit the water changes that I make. I'm currently cleaning my canisters and do a 50-60% water change every 2-3 months. I tested my water today and had 160pmm. The sweet potato went in this Friday the 22/05/20, lets see how they go.
  12. looking for finest grade, enough for 90-100cm tank. cheers mick
  13. WTB 90-100cm all in one tank as an upgrade for my crayfish that have started attacking each other during molts. stand/no stand doesn't matter, built in filter or external canister doesn't matter, built in lights needed, I had to pack some foam matting in mine to prevent escapes so I would have to do the same for any gaps at the back of the tank. Warwick or Toowoomba would be best but might be able to travel for the right tank. Cheers Mick
  14. Your not worried about feeding Basa to your fish? watch some docos and you may think twice. I feed yellow belly that we catch, I almost ran out so was eyeing off $10kg mullet fillets at Wollies, the other day they had whole mullet for $8kg instead. We got some more yellow belly but thinking mullet might be nice and healthy during the winter months while we don't get much fishing in. I sold my biggest piggy anyway (43cm fork tailed catty I grew from 12cm) so that's half the amount of fresh seafood I need to feed, they get it twice a week.
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