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  1. I lost him today, he stopped eating for two months and finally passed away. I don't understand I put a smaller Oscar in with him which he ruffed up a bit but since then he refused to eat and has been scared of me and he wasn't before. I measured him after I fished him out he was 23cm.
  2. mines about 7.8 and I've always kept albino bristlenose with them. I also have clown loaches and a red tailed black shark.
  3. every year several people sell small ones in south east Queensland on gumtree. its the wrong time of the year now for small ones.
  4. hi I have the aquaone nautilus 2700 non UV (think the UV is only useful if you have algae in the water Colum, should work in a pond) find it definitely does the job on my 6ft which has never been over stocked although I do have 2 40cm catfish that eat a lot. I find it very good value for money only $291.30 at our sponsor aquaholics. just contact them via info@aquaholicsonline.com.au with your username and get a further 10% off for being an active qldaf member. the only thing bad I would say is its a bit heavy full of water to pick up off the ground to take outside to clean and the tops hard to get off mine I have to lever it off.
  5. livebearers with lots of plants would be the easiest
  6. hello and welcome. pics are always good.
  7. hello and welcome. there's some S. Repens in the aquatic plant trader you'll get access to after a few posts.
  8. Great! I came across a guy that was blaming brine shrimp for bloat in his peacocks, put me off a bit. I'm gonna try anyway as I like giving them treats and they seem to love it. My Frontosa never feed very well on pellets, they preferred them soaked or even better frozen treats. Currently feeding new life spectrum probiotix, seems to be great food and they claim aids digestion creating less waste.
  9. just wondering who feeds their Malawi haps or peacocks frozen brine shrimp? I have ob peacocks and phenochilus Tanzania coming and already have frozen brine shrimp. have read mixed reports online, and am already aware that blood worms aren't good for malawis but was thinking the ob peacocks and Tanzania are mostly carnivorous and would relish brine shrimp as a treat. I don't buy the reports online that brine shrimp has no nutritional value, their comparing dried products such as pellets or flake that are 30-50% protein and 10% water to a fresh product that is 5-10% protein and 85-90% water. was thinking feeding it twice a week but thinking I'll just trial it once a week instead.
  10. its either a longfin eel or a southern short finned eel. either way it will eat anything it can fit in its mouth.
  11. a new fish to me, thought I'd share "
  12. hi, do you still have your fish business? if so can you give me the link.

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