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  1. these guys came today. just getting used to artificial plants as these would eat the real ones i had in there.
  2. just going through camera and found these (been using phone instead now for years). my electric yellows i was breeding from Dfishkeepers line on the goldcoast.
  3. jungle perch going well, he especially likes the little skinks my cat brings in and moths too.
  4. my clown loaches cleared these out but i had some of your type that they didn't take care of and i had to take out whenever i saw them, i may still have some in my filter.
  5. keeping the plastic plants as will come in handy with some crayfish i have coming. clay pot, bell ornament and purple gravel all available, $5 each.
  6. ive used one of these on my 60l tank, it looks great.
  7. heres some 200 to 300 micron https://www.thetechden.com.au/New_Life_Spectrum_Grow_Fry_Starter_Powder_60g_20_p/102353.htm im also wondering if this will work https://www.thetechden.com.au/New_Life_Spectrum_Reef_Cell_15g_Small_Microcapsule_p/102344.htm
  8. let him go. just saw smaller spangled perch at aquabird toowoomba for $28 each.
  9. no chance the hardier species would survive outdoors here in warwick over winter, just gave my ibc away as it wasnt getting used/untidy.
  10. yes i lost a pair of 30cm gold spot plecos in an outside ibc because the heater kicked it in.
  11. https://www.fishchick.com.au/product-page/lavender-dumbo-hmpk-betta-female-0201-24
  12. 15cm caught a few weeks ago haven't seen it eat but is interested in food. being chased around by my jungle perch. gone.
  13. https://www.livefish.com.au/tropicals/natives/gudgeon-peacock-n-g-tateurndina-ocellicauda-3cm.html
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