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  1. New(old member)

    Hello and welcome. What fish are you thinking of this time around?
  2. Hey Peeps

    Hello great to she some more new members
  3. Show us your ferals

    good work Novice. there was one caught in warwick, part of the murray darling basin, glade they haven't found any tilapia here yet.
  4. 2x anubias $5ea warwick

    no worries
  5. Native Combo

    I never had a problem with coal grunters but they were kept with africans. I have seen a video of a coal grunter and cod fighting but I think jade perch are less aggressive than coalies. I almost got some coal grunter to go with my jack and catfish but they weren't available.
  6. $5each, 30cm ruler for reference, pick u warwick.
  7. Native Combo

    just saw your add on gumtree, there is also a snakeheaded gudgeon on gumtree https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/upper-coomera/fish/snakehead-gudgeon/1200575930
  8. Native Combo

    well I would say cod are more aggressive. the tandanus can handle some aggression, one large African attacks mine when breeding but it doesn't bother him to much. you can pick up jade perch/barcoo grunter on gumtree usually from aquaponics setups, I see there's some 15cm ones in brissie or some bigger ones as well, they would do. picking up some larger archers or bullrout might be a bit harder.
  9. Native Combo

    hey I have a 6x2x2ft tank. I got the jack at 5cm, the tandanus at 10cm ant forktailed at 12cm. the jack is now 10cm and catfish 15cm to 20cm, they all work and I have some temporary African cichlids in there but it will eventually just be a native tank. ive kept a heap of cod together I got from a hatchery and they were always attacking each other, I lost a few and ended up releasing them. I can see why he'd attack the tandanus. cod grow to fast anyway, I prefer my jack which stays smaller for longer. how big is your tank? I would suggest a bass, silver perch or barcoo grunter, big enough not to be eaten buy the catfish as they do eat fish.
  10. Native Combo

    well I have a mangrove jack, tandanas and forktailed catfish living together.
  11. Aussie community tank

    how about replacing the purple spotted gudgeons with peacock gudgeons?
  12. Goldfish are underrated.

    nice one. I saw a pure white oranda which looked great in the lfs but that was before I decided to turn my tank into a fancy goldfish display. heres my latest.
  13. Aussie community tank

    I used to feed my purple spotted gudgeon half grown guppies from the pond, so if the can fit in the mouth they'll probably be eaten. cheers mick
  14. External tank heater problems.

    hello I cant help you with your heater but you shouldn't need a heater now my redclaw have just breed in an unheated tank in warwick. cheers mick
  15. well he was put in his own tank but died overnight. I think he got stuck betwwen the Anubis on the rock and the tank wall and something found his head tasty. heres some pics of him from when I brought him. cheers mick