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  1. When I did work experience with SEQ Fish, we caught hundreds of blue eyes, only problem is I'm not sure were we caught them, only it was salt (brackish).
  2. Found some wicked wood for this pond. Its longer than the pond itself so I plan on having the trunk on the bottom of one corner and the branches sticking out top of the diagonal corner. I will age it for a bit and cut to size if necessary, I'll see how it fits.
  3. I brought a "Pinkie" Fantail today, not super colorful or anything but still another color variation to keep, and besides I would prefer to have 3 Fantails and 3 Comets rather than 2 Fantails and 3 comets (when I get the yellow one). Anyway besides that I been checking out Pinkie Goldfish online and managed to come across these, the 30th japan viewing fish fair - various eds - | sleep with goldfish on the back of a baku. (ameblo.jp)
  4. Here's the plants I have in there, Conqueror Chromatella Nardoo Purple Water Iris White Water Iris Red Stem Milfoil
  5. All good john, the tank will be lightly stocked and I'm avoiding the more fancy goldfish as their not pond hardy, and it gets petty cold here.
  6. The amount of rainbows on here is pretty cool + plenty of great other great natives. ANGFA Aquatic Survey Database
  7. Slight change of plans. I saw a calico goldfish that I liked, it just happened to be a Fantail not a Shubunkin, so this guy has come home with me, and I also decided I could get a black more and have an additional color in the tank. So new plan is, 1 x solid orange comet 1 x white, with red head comet 1 x calico fantail 1 x black more 1 x long fined yellow comet (yet to buy) 1 x golden eel tailed catfish (yet to buy) Here's todays additions,
  8. Decided to turn this tank of mine into a goldfish pond, plants arrived this week and have been potted up, tank was filled yesterday and 2 goldies went in today. This will be for singled tailed goldfish only, but they must have long undeformed fins (why is it that all the shubunkins I've seen lately have deformed fins?) I have a orange goldie and a white with red head one as well, as seen in the pics. Looking for 2 nice shubunkins to add as well as a longfined yellow goldfish (I can only find short finned ones in LFS). If I can get my hands on 1 x yellow-fined eel tail cattie I will add that as well. Just waiting for the plants to fill out as they came through the post bare-rooted.
  9. Found this from Aquarium Industries, Crab Freshwater Brown Back.pub (aquariumindustries.com.au) Perhaps you could see if you LFS could order in some from them for you.
  10. First thing I would do is buy some frozen adult brine shrimp and try to get him on that. Live brine shrimp are almost always used freshly hatched as food for picky fry or alongside prepared foods for extra nutrition not for feeding adult fish. I you do get some adult brine shrimp you can use the frozen stuff you already brought to convert them to that. Oh what is the fish by the way?
  11. Hello Rob, Yes I'm excited about all the new people joining lately, this used to be quite a busy forum. The more help the better.
  12. Hi and welcome. We have all made mistakes, you make less the more experience you get. What size tank have you upgraded from your sons 2lt bottle?
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