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  1. QldMick

    Electric Yellow Legal Import?

    wild caught of f1's do sound good. im not sure how the non yellow types would sell though.
  2. the funny thing is my little blow up kids pool had writing stating that all local pool fencing rules apply to it.
  3. QldMick


    hello and welcome! how long ago did you purchase the mary river cod? as I haven't seen them around for a few years.
  4. hey noticed this growth of something that looks like fungus on my anubias and wood. ive seen it before but don't know how to completely get rid of it. heres a photo of it and a second photo of after I scraped most of it off with an old tooth brush.cheers mick
  5. QldMick

    G'day All

    hello and welcome. have bigger tanks too but I also have a 42cmx15cmx30cm fighter tank, with 1 fighter 3 cardinal tetras and a khuli loach. what size tanks do you have?
  6. QldMick

    Electric Yellow Legal Import?

    wasn't guessing on them adding more fish but who knows. I don't like us getting in assorted peacocks so im not that excited about imported yellows.
  7. more than I thought! I would grab some if I had a big enough pond for them. they wouldn't be cheap at your lfs, heres someone charging $30 each for 18cm comets. https://www.windsorfishhatchery.com.au/goldfish-comet-red-longtails-18cm-red2-price-is-one-fish/ .
  8. some good sized ones there, how many you think you have in the pool?
  9. I have to over feed my angels to get enough for clown loaches to feed. its a bit of a guessing game.
  10. QldMick

    G'day, what's this fish?

    whilst its fun to catch these fish, these are the ones which are heading towards noxious fish status.
  11. you'll need a license for keeping turtle, just in case you don't know.
  12. QldMick

    new additions

    im loving the archer fish, first time ive had one. should I have brought the two they had instead of one?
  13. took an average pic of my albino longfin bristlenose spawn. been in a community tank with my angelfish eating the newly free swimming fry, lately my clown loaches have been eating their eggs soon after their laid. gave them my spare 2ft tank and they spawned a few days later.
  14. QldMick

    G'day, what's this fish?

    that's no good, they can survive the temps down here too. ive read of africans and even discus in ross river but I only caught spangled perch and banded grunter, and of course tilapia.
  15. QldMick

    G'day, what's this fish?

    hope its just the one, some quotes from a blue gourami profile page. "Blue Gouramis are among the hardiest aquarium fish on the market" "Outside of its native range, it has been introduced in Sulawesi, Philippines, Taiwan, Papua New Guinea, the islands of Reunion, Seychelles, Namibia, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Colombia." "It is not unusual for the number of eggs produced to reach into the thousands."