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  1. bump. be up Brisbane this weekend
  2. WTB albino LF bristlnose male can pick up south brissy when I'm on holidays.
  3. murray cod 30-40cm $30 eating pellets, pickup Warwick. cheers mick
  4. thanks for the lovely angels cheers mick
  5. gday and welcome back
  6. thinking of grabbing 5 or so mixed on my next trip to brissy. can visit pet city at the same time! cheers mick
  7. thanks for the vid, stunning fish I was just trying to share with everyone else. cheers mick
  8. thanks for the link to your website. cheers mick
  9. 70l is fine for bristlenose
  10. stop feeding feeders, put pellets inside your chopped fish and prawns. I have an uncle with a barra that will only eat prawns but a tank full of murray cod myself that eat their pellets. cheers mick
  11. I would like to know ment to be one of the breeders. just looks like good quality to me. cheers mick
  12. they are all peaceful fish they will get on fine. cheers mick