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  1. Fresh foods

    hi Theodore I just picked up some seafood marinara mix from wollies, it has white fish, salmon, prawns, squid and mussels. was on sale for $12 a kilo but its normally only $13. I had to chop it up small for a small jack and catfish but now I have a few months worth of fresh feed to go with the everyday pellets. cheers mick
  2. if you cant catch some in a landing net a cast net will definitely work. trade for food or something.
  3. you think your lfs would want some of those goldfish? they are decent size.
  4. Grover your not gonna change your profile pic to a goldfish?
  5. yabbies will eat and uproot plants
  6. I beg to differ.. its cold in Warwick and warm in Brisbane. I am looking forward to that underwater video tho.
  7. theres something wrong if your nitrate is 0
  8. wtb mirrorball

    well I sent you a pm but heres my 15cm approx. male if anyone's interested.
  9. just wondering if I can add a baby Saratoga to my 6x2x2 with a 7cm jack, eel tail and salmon tail catfish?
  10. have 1 x ob eyebiter approx. 15cm 1 x moba frontosa with crocked bars 5-6cm both free pick up warwick only
  11. what are your ammonia and nitrite levels?
  12. Brisbane aquarium shops.

    I think exotic fish connections is closed on Mondays, but great shop. I also like pet city, never been to smiths. cheers mick
  13. ob eyebiter display male

    pickup now from warwick, buy this and get a $80 5cm f1 moba frontosa that has an odd bar for free, I would of culled it but I don't think the breeder wanted to cull a $80 fish and sold it to me.
  14. 4ft tank build

    nice i re did an old 6x2x2 stand i got for free, it looked heaps better but not as good as yours.