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  1. thanks guys talking to kev
  2. hmm any breeders out their? preferably south side, I'm after 5 juvies or something like a trio of larger fish. cheers mick
  3. this is what I was looking for, had to take the pic myself. all labidochromis caeruleus. cheers mick
  4. WTB placidochromis phenochilus tanzania, young or old pick up warwick or Toowoomba, or south brissie when I get there. cheers mick
  5. nice fish, I should go out and catch some to go in my redclaw tank.
  6. I like these two types plus the blue pic already posted
  7. do you have a pic of your swordtails bluebelle?
  8. I like the albino koi swordtails, couldn't find the albino ones last time I tried only normal eyes
  9. sorry fish gone today
  10. murray cod 40cm eating pellets $20 pickup warwick
  11. gday and welcome back