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  1. Have some laying around?WTB Dry Liverock around 10-15 kgsTo be used in freshwater so no live rockI'm in Warwick, can travel to Toowoomba for a decent amount
  2. Just an update,So sold a few of these guys, making room for females and more smaller ones to grow more.There is a massive size difference between the smallest and the largest.Here is my biggest boy raised from my breeding, cool fella,
  3. Pity your like 3 1/2 hours away, otherwise I would grab a decent amount off you. Setting up another cray tank.
  4. Hey looking for something like this, Looking to use for crayfish. Was thinking in stacks of 6 hides and 2 of them overall. Happy to pay for someone to build these for me (I swear I remember someone was making slate caves on here), If not can someone tell me what is needed to cut the slate? I have access to a grinder and maybe some other cutting stuff. And where do you buy your slate? Thanks Mick
  5. I just found these Goldcoast guys that do high end guppies too and ship, Rare pure strain guppies | Guppy King | Queensland moscow guppies
  6. I have no idea why I didn't do an outdoor pond when I was up there years ago, maybe a bit harder for renters. Now I have some portable aquaculture tanks they would do the job but it's just crayfish outdoors over winter where I live at the moment. I have kept and breed guppies outdoors here during the warmer months though. There were two good LFS in Townsville when I was there, not sure about now though. Here's the portable aquaculture tanks I was talking about, would do a wicked indoor planted pond but has mainly been used for breeding, they are 1000L full, but usually keep it a bit lower. Also checkout these guys, The Guppy Palace | Nano Tanks Aquarium (nanotanksaustralia.com.au)
  7. Try, Guppies - Nat's Fish (natsfish.com) Have you checked what your LFS's have? Being up there you would be able to keep guppies outside year round if you wanted.
  8. I'm also thinking of adding an auto top off system. Here are the ones I've been looking at, Aqua Excel Auto Top Up Unit - Gravity Float Switch - The Tech Den Aquarium Auto Refill Filler Top Off System Valve Water Level Controller U | eBay Auto Water Filler Off System Water Level Controller Aquarium ATO System Set | eBay Neither of them are very expensive, I do like to buy from TheTechDen but he's currently out of stock. Just thinking of hooking this up to a 20L water bottle that I can top up every week or two with a bucket and a funnel.
  9. thanks john he sold it overnight on me.
  10. Will I really need a chiller once summer hits? There's a $700 chiller available for $400, so wondering if I should grab it now. Thanks Mick
  11. Medium size males only selling 3 or 4, $10ea Small unsexed $6ea, 5 for $25 SOLD Tank photo, Pic from today (hard to show color with the lighting but their all the same bright blue), Largest male in pic not for sale.
  12. Nat's are $200ea but out of stock. I would buy a few if I could can't pay around the $1000 mark for a bunch of small fish to get a decent mix.
  13. You should check out this Grover, FISH TANKHEATING | Fish | Gumtree Australia Caboolture Area - Caboolture | 1276142338 Solar heating for a large pond/breeding setup or huge take,the water pumps through the black tubing and back to the tanks,fully adjustable and has two 600w titanium heaters also as backup.very good quality system,will save you thousands in electricity.may consider swaps
  14. Ok day one of 1m 6f separated from the other fish in half a 5ft. Will see if they start to breed now. Moved on one male and keeping 2 extra spare for now. The dominant and most marbled male is on the right (he is not lighter than the other 2 as it looks in the pic), he's easy to spot as he has a spot on his right eye.
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