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  1. QldMick

    WTB: Longfin Bristlenose

  2. QldMick

    FS Albino Sailfin Plecos

    I would love one but I cant get their, I'm in Warwick. good luck with sale.
  3. QldMick

    why not to release aquarium fish

    there's plenty of wild goldfish in the condamine and leslie dam, mostly wild coloration but I have caught a colored one below leslie dam and another colored one in a creek in Toowoomba, bigger than any goldfish from a tank.
  4. QldMick

    New Member_Planted Nano Tank

    hello and welcome, cardinals are my favorite tetras but rummynose are cool too.
  5. I went the other way and just ordered a sailfin pleco and a goldspot pleco from aquaholics online. I think they'll handle my mangrove jack.
  6. QldMick

    F1 moba frontosa 15cm

    on hold for pickup Friday arvo.
  7. what type of large plecos do you have that are eating algae off the glass for you. common, sailfin, goldspot? a large one would do ok in my tank just didn't know they could do the job.
  8. well for me I heard the larger plecos are lazy and I have native catfish over 30cm and a 20cm or so mangrove jack. to be honest I still have some large bristlenose in there but they'll eventually become food, and besides I tried not feeding them for a week and my anubias is still covered in algae.
  9. I'm interested in a decent magnet glass cleaner for a 6x2x2 tank, I'm sick of cleaning it buy hand with a scratch proof scourer.
  10. QldMick

    Freshwater Moray Eel

    I know this is an old post but for those interested livefish.com.au has 20cm freshwater moray eels for $250 at the moment.
  11. java fern, needle leaf java fern and crested java fern. I've used fishing line or zip ties to attach them to drift wood.
  12. QldMick

    F1 moba frontosa 15cm

    $40. let me know by thursday if you want me to bring to Brisbane for pickup from forest lake next Friday arvo/night.
  13. QldMick

    dry live rock

    bump. let me know by Thursday if you want me to bring to Brisbane for pickup from forest lake next fri, sat, sun.
  14. QldMick

    Angel Food.

    I'm feeding mine this from the techden New Life Spectrum Probiotix 300g Regular Pellet 1-1.5mm NLS
  15. oh I forgot about panda orandas, they had some at pets galore in Toowoomba once.