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  1. 2 medium male blue pearl crays for sale $10ea. Same as above, Pickup Warwick.
  2. I found it quite weird coming up with this malawi eybiter skeleton for sale doing some reading on the eyebiters.
  3. Yer had to get rid of my 6x2x2 when I moved and the shrimp tank and crayfish tanks also when I got my salt tank. I do have 2 x 1000L tanks but no room for them inside so their running outside now, will be used a a grow out over the warmer months.
  4. 20 tanks is awesome, I'm down to 4.
  5. Top one $850 at 5.5-6" Bottom one $625 at 4-4.5" But these guys were in the US I don't think their really that expensive for what they are, you just have to have the spare cash.
  6. The Goldspot I had last was still keeping the glass free of algae at 15cm, I have had 30cm ones but they were too far back to remember how they went with algae. They definetly don't eat waste, just algae and food, some people say uneaten food but the will need to be purposely feed as well. Found some pics, first 2 are the one I had recently and 1 huge one from years ago.
  7. And these super cool Trachys that I'll never have, which one would you pic?
  8. Goldspot might be a bit better, depending where you look they max out 30-35cm while sailfins hit 45-50cm.
  9. And the new coral, picked up from pet city on the weekend. This guy was fluro blue and green at the shop, this doesn't show up with both the white and blue light on which I have for the majority of the day, looks super cool between 7-9 at night with only the blue light on. Didn't glue these guys to the liverock, might see how they go first, or maybe it would be handy to be able to move them around.
  10. Also a males nose from the tip to between the eyes will be soft and squishy, while a females will be hard.
  11. Nice I forgot about the Oscars. In relation to pics, mine are usually to big to load, I make a copy of the pic, right click to edit, then crop the pic then save and the pic will be a smaller file. Then I just drag to where it says and all good. I'm always checking out the oscars and goldies at the pet shop but I know I don't have space for them. I'm not into endlers but I like the big ear guppies, they look cool from above too. I was at exotic fish connections the other day and liked the albino koi guppies they had in.
  12. Hey mate all good at the moment, I picked up a hammer and torch coral the other day, their looking kinda neat. I've been mentioning to ask you to show us some of your tanks. All I remember is Endlers and Bristlenose would love to see what you got.
  13. Thank good the white spot has disappeared with out loosing anymore fish, One Mirrorball female was heavily affected too, but they are all good now. Loaches ended up buried in the back yard, didn't feel right chucking them in the bin.
  14. Despite the bad news today, I am so glad my anemone is doing well. Has settled in and found his spot.
  15. DEVISTATED They were hitting the 12cm mark.
  16. I don't think the clown loaches will make it through the night I've had those guys for 4 or so years.
  17. UPDATE The albino dragon bloods aren't taking the white spot seriously, they spawned yesterday and seem unaffected, The Eyebiters that were acting off and hiding are behaving normal again, the elec yellows seem to be better too. The bad news is the Mirrorballs and clown loaches are visibly still affected in appearance and actions. I have brought some more white spot treatment but I'm not sure if their the same as the one I already had and used didn't have an active ingredient list but the new one does. And the new one doesn't say anything about using a half dose for scale less fish (clown loaches), it also Is full strength day 1, half strength day 2 and 3, the first product doesn't mention anything beyond the initial dose.
  18. Sorry Hareysfish, that probably is decent advise, I've just managed to get away with it in the past. I have been worried about cold water changes in my marine tank. I wont be using salt due to the clown loaches and bristlenose in the tank.
  19. Woke up to white spot today. Just treated, only ever had once and I did lose a fish so here's hoping they all make it through. I've done water changes in winter for many years without a single problem, otherwise I wouldn't do them. I do have reef salts but am a bit cautious using them. I should of tested pH before the last water change to see if the rain water had dropped it.
  20. Had a unhealthy looking mirrorballl female yesterday, so checked today and there is a bit of shimmying, movement that's not quite right and some hiding that don't usually hide. I did a recent 60% or so water change and was worried I may have still had the rainwater connected and town water off, as I did for my salt tank. Anyway onto another 60% water change today, already setup for town water this time, lets hope they come good again.
  21. Here we go, Lets hope the Anemone pics a good spot to take up residence.
  22. That's not good john, my clown loaches are always in the bristlenose breeding logs, I've had like 1 batch make it in years. I've heard adding more males for competition can kick them into breeding again.
  23. Well I already new about these guys but its pretty cool seeing some available through a retailor. Platinum Barramundi 60-80cm "Delivered to your door in Australia'' (livefish.com.au)
  24. Thanks john, I'm getting there with this tank. Just managed to find some yellow coral/clown gobies today so have 2 ordered, also found a nice anemone that I'm looking at buying. Have a few things going on with my other tanks too, so that's cool as well. Hope things are alright your way John.
  25. OK so I wasn't using my brain the other day and after siphoning out a fair amount of water out the bottom of the sump and pulling apart the return pump to clean, I topped up the tank with freshwater, then added the salt to the right level after. My hammer that was going so well didn't like it. I will always make up the salt water before adding to the tank from now on. I did a round of tests tonight and I'm so glad I did, the temp was only 20 and checked to find out the heater plug had come away from the socket. I have no idea how long it had been unplugged. So other than the temp the test showed the same problem as last time, high phosphates. I have replaced the phosphate removing material. I've noticed the previous owner had phosphate troubles as well, with 0.4 for his last two readings. The test results are of follows, Temp - 20oC Carbonate hardness - 7 pH - 8 Ammonium - 0.05 Nitrite - <0.1 Copper - <0.2 Nitrate - 5 Phosphate - 0.6 Calcium - 540 Magnesium - 1260 Salinity - 1.025
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