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  1. Fertile developing eggs from the male in the last 2 pics above.
  2. Back from bris and all good, counted 20 bubs that I could see, hoping there's another 20 or more in hiding. Female also molted and is visibly larger (see below), successfully re-introduced to the original cray tank with the male. Still have 1 female left holding eggs in the baby tank so more bubs to come.
  3. Yer kev used to buy my icebergs in my user pic.
  4. Just a heads up Exotic Fish Connections has reopened, nice shop and looking good. Just near the Rocklea markets, Great to visit them again, know plenty about fish.
  5. Babies have been released, it just so happened to be the morning I'm going away for five days, I'll ask for them to be to feed them a tiny amount each day.
  6. I'm keen on a big male but am heading to bris tomorrow, I'll see what happens next week.
  7. Have these still for sale. Will be in forest lake from thurs to mon. Also have this 4ft light, only one side works, hard to change bulbs, no cover, free if you buy something else. Wont bring anything up unless someone organizes something with me before I head up tomorrow morning.
  8. Not sure if this is the same person I talked to on gumtree that said the large breeders weren't for sale.
  9. Big thanks to aquaholics for this 150cm Dymax REX Planted LED, its super bright and with a little help perfect size for the tank. Now everything's ready for the babies, kinda wish I wasn't going away tomorrow but there enough hides, elodea weighed down on the bottom to chew on and the adults will be getting a bit of feed while I'm away too.
  10. Nice. I had to chase off a big Bearded Dragon off the middle of the road that was sun bathing the other day, he tried to attack too, in the end I flipped him up a bit with my hat (he was trying to bite me) and he took off over the other side of the road, all this between traffic.
  11. My fish have gone of breeding ever since I got down to a trio. Have a 15cm male, looking for another male same size. Will be in Brisbane from thurs to mon, let me know if you have 1. cheers Mick
  12. Current pic of the second female to lay, a bit behind the first. Couldn't help myself, had fold up aquaculture tanks packed away in the garage from when I used to breed. Just goota sell my gym to make up for the space I'm taking. Here's the two females just released into the big tank, And the tank its self,
  13. Besides fantails I've never kept short bodied fish. I've avoided balloon mollies on purpose, and really dislike the short bodied clown loaches and arowana that I've seen online. I'm all for the color and fin(within reason) mutations that come up with selective breeding. The fact that they allow genetically modified fish is even worse, genetically modified pets, who would of thought, genetically modified escapees making their way to the wild an even worse scenario. So much for staying on topic, sorry.
  14. We can have them just over the border in NSW, Western Australia too.
  15. This is new to me, still prefer the normal bodied koi though.
  16. Nice! I cant wait to see what predator's go in.
  17. Ok experiment lasted 4 1/2 months, one sweet potato was dying off, other had a few dead leaves too. Got tired of the untidy look it gave to the tank and all has been removed. Not sure how well it did with nitrates as mine are always high. Pothos didn't do much after it shot a new leaf a few days after planting, pulled it out and it did have roots just didn't grow new leaves in that time. I'm sure the overall failure was mostly due to the lack of light these plants received, I wouldn't try this again unless I had a light for the emersed plants.
  18. Yer I'm devastated that I lost my jack and didn't get to grow him up, but I actually prefer the JP. I think the more active swimmers make better pets than say a sleepy cod or golden perch or something. The JP and Tandanus are both very active, love their pellets and should just about be able to spend most of their life in a 6x2x2.
  19. Looking like both my girls have eggs now
  20. I've always wanted a coral cod, a barramundi cod also.
  21. There's this but I'm afraid their out of silver perch and jade perch (barcoo grunter), https://livefish.com.au/freshwater/natives Or you could try these buys but I know little about them, https://abington.com.au/ And these guys have been around for a while, http://www.ausyfish.com
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