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  1. I've had a aqua one nautilus 2700 for more than 5 years, it has a broken clip and is hard to open to clean but I couldn't justify the $500-$700 for a fx4 or fx6 on a tank I got for free.
  2. Buying females 10cm plus.Trade 1 or 2 of my males 10cm plus for 1 or 2 females 10cm plus.Must be good quality, no deformities etc. First pic is my biggest male that I'll keep along with next largest male. Last pic has all, 4M and 1F, you will receive 2M, still 10cm+ for trade for 2F 10cm+.
  3. Its 63L, I wish I could upgrade but we could be moving and I already have 2 big tanks.
  4. Update, one females shell never hardened and accidently got crushed handling it still soft a week after molt. I now have 1m (who has 1 half size claw growing back after an attack during molt) and two females, 1 molted in the first week and has a reasonably hard shell now. I decided that coral sand would be a better option for their shells and 5.5kg coral sand arrived yesterday. Due to attacks by each other during molts I've added as many hides as I possibly can, 4 clay caves/logs, 4 natural wood logs and 8 fake plants(the crays will eat live plants). Looking pretty chokers so here's some pics.
  5. Try here. https://crayfishtraders.com.au/
  6. Sugar white sand 4.5kg $10. Purple gravel $8. Bell ornament $5. Shrimp sand 2kg, $10. Clay pot, used for large golden perch and Australian bass, also frontosa, $8. Natural wood logs, have used for crayfish and plecos etc. $40 for the 8 pieces.
  7. What gobies are you after? Mandarin fish are saltwater. All I know is dessert goby, or maybe a gudgeon instead?
  8. Hello and welcome. Is that some kind of ram cichlid? its a bit hard to see.
  9. I noticed that aquaone tank comes with a canister which is great because built in filters don't really do the job on a tank that size. I have a 5ft aqua nova that originaly had built in filters but have now been replaced with a canister.
  10. I had a spangled perch a few months ago but the new jungle perch was chasing it constantly so I tried using it for murray cod bait, I caught nothing that day but was worth a try, I think those kind of fish make good bait as they stay alive for a long time on the hook and do plenty of swimming, attracting the predators.
  11. People used to sell different strains of rhads and rainbow fish on here. A quick search on here came up with this, Not sure how active these guys are now.
  12. Yes I have caught all these but haven't kept them much, more into the larger natives. I currently have a heap of firetail gudgeons as I caught them as feeders for my jungle perch but he isn't interested. Another local around here are purple spotted gudgeons, I remember keeping these as a kid and feeding them the half grown guppies I was breeding.
  13. Well I only really used the banded grunter once up at kinchant dam and caught a nice barra at the boat ramp at night, I more used to using mullet, herring or gar as I did most of my fishing in the salt water when I lived up north.
  14. Yer they will all gang up on things like shrimp that are way to big to fit in their mouths and just tare them up. I have kept both those but their not my favorite although the banded do make great barra bait. If you want some banded grunter they are apparently all over SEQ now, I caught half a dozen of them from forest lake, until someone complained about me fishing there.
  15. Hey, I've had a pair of angels spawning in my tank before and they were quite good defending their eggs from everything including my hand but the problem was that through the night my bristlenose or clown loaches would eat them every time. I'm not a angel fish breeder but you could try removing the eggs to another tank with an air stone near the eggs. I got some angels of ssdiscus on here, maybe him or someone else will be able to help you better.
  16. Hi Ian, On small tanks I really like the ease and look of all in one tanks, I have a ~25L and 63L all in ones that I love but have both my 5ft and 6ft are on large canister filters, they can handle bigger bio-loads and can be cleaned less often.
  17. Hello and welcome. How big, old is your Tandanus? Mine is over 2 years. Here's a pic when he got measured at 2 years old. He's named Arnie.
  18. Yer haven't heard from Kev in a while, I did try contacting him but no luck.
  19. Thought I had to post this for others, to far for me to drive. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-view-details.html?adId=1252964736
  20. Didn't know but I've always found the freshwater grunters interesting and intelligent. I was actually looking for a coal grunter but the cheapest I can find is $80. I got 4 of them from livefish years ago when they were on sale for $9.95ea. Maybe their not being bred every year these days.
  21. 20 NOV Grunters can be flippers Grunters are a widespread group of fishes in freshwater, estuarine and marine habitats mostly found in tropical Australia, Papua New Guinea and the tropical Pacific islands. Last year coal grunters (attire: black body, gold flecks) were observed moving and flipping objects in search of prey. Obviously sequels rarely live up to the hype of the original, so in this case scientists have enlisted two fresh heroes for the full bill. Coal grunters cruising loosely in a shoal (Photo: B. C. Ebner) Hot off the press, juveniles of the silver grunter (dressed in horizontal stripes) and the barred grunter (sporting vertical bands) display dexterity rarely seen in freshwater fishes. Several individuals of these species were observed in north Queensland rolling, shifting and lifting stones, leaves and wood to get at prey that hides on the underside of these objects during the day. A juvenile silver grunter. (Photos: B. C. Ebner) A group of barred grunter juveniles. Scientist Stuart Welsh, whilst visiting TropWATER recently from the West Virginia Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, declared that ‘These recent findings of grunters flipping stuff bares similarity to the feeding biology of logperches in streams of the USA’. Dr Welsh was out here teaching Ebner some snorkel based fish observation skills. To access the GIF files of this behaviour go check out the links in the respective
  22. Nice , I've used Selleys Glass Silicone Forms a durable, waterproof seal UV and weather resistant Excellent adhesion to glass 25 year guarantee against cracking, crumbling or drying out Selleys Glass Silicone is an acetic, acid-curing 100% silicone, which has excellent adhesion to glass and has been especially formulated for glazing and aquarium construction. This aquarium safe formula locks out water and forms a durable seal that does not shrink when drying.
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