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  1. QldMick

    new baby

    just picked a mangrove jack yesterday and am really happy with the little bugger. got a fork tailed catfish and eel tailed catfish as tank mates. cheers mick
  2. QldMick

    new baby

    1 year on. <
  3. assorted dead live rock/coral pieces 30cm ruler for reference $50. pick up warwick
  4. QldMick

    Joanjohnsonae @ 5cm unsexed

    check the QLDAFv2 theme, under that theme is your first post dark text on a dark background? all your other posts on this topic are visible except your first.
  5. QldMick

    Joanjohnsonae @ 5cm unsexed

    and your last post is visible while your first still isn't for me so I don't know.
  6. QldMick

    Joanjohnsonae @ 5cm unsexed

    hey doug there's a button at the bottom of the screen that's says theme. I don't know but maybe if you get it visible on the darker theme it will show up properly on all the themes. the white themes to bright for me.
  7. QldMick

    Joanjohnsonae @ 5cm unsexed

    doug your other posts are the same, check QLDAFv2 theme and you'll see what I can see.
  8. https://www.livefish.com.au/tropicals/shrimp-and-crays/lamington-spiny-crayfish-euastacus-sulcatus.html lamington spiny cray, well I'm glad to see them but I cant afford them. a few years ago I talked to the dpi about breeding a spiny cray from NSW, euastacus valentulus, where I could legally collect them but there was to much involved for me to bother going along with it. all spiny crayfish are protected in qld but I would happily pay $50 each for these guys aquacultured and I would buy a few.
  9. QldMick

    Mountain Minnows 80L

    I don't know about ghost shrimp but you can keep glass shrimp https://www.livefish.com.au/tropicals/shrimp-and-crays/glass-shrimp.html or you could catch your own river shrimp. they also have crimson spot rainbows and murray river rainbows which you could keep without a heater, or ofcourse you could catch your own local ones.
  10. hey ive gotten anchor worms from introducing wild caught fish to my tanks/ponds. I got rid of them completely by physically removing any I found, may be harder in a big pond tho.
  11. QldMick

    large clay pot cave

    large clay pot turned into cave used for frontosa 30cm ruler for reference $5. pick up warwick
  12. assorted limestone display rocks perfect for an African tank 30cm ruler for reference $25. pick up warwick
  13. QldMick

    Cichlid identification

    heres a pick I found of Protomelas Spilonotus Tanzania from cichlids Australia, so stock we have here.
  14. QldMick

    Cichlid identification

    doubt it is ahli, not sure even if we have them in aus. I was thinking more along the lines of protomelas spilonotus or similar.
  15. QldMick

    Cichlid identification

    first of all I wouldn't call it a female, it looks to be male. im not sure if its a peacock or not but maybe another similar hap.
  16. QldMick

    Outdoor fish pond

    I think a pond liner from ebay or Bunnings would be the cheapest for something new. you can also post an add in the dry goods trader for a pond and grab one second hand.
  17. I didn't feel it, I scrubbed it with a tooth brush I wouldnt say it was rubbery tho, it was very easy to remove.
  18. hey noticed this growth of something that looks like fungus on my anubias and wood. ive seen it before but don't know how to completely get rid of it. heres a photo of it and a second photo of after I scraped most of it off with an old tooth brush.cheers mick
  19. QldMick

    WTB Mangrove jack

    what size are you after? I ordered one in at my lfs, it was $120 at 5cm but they told me retail was $180. theres some on gumtree at the moment noosa and Maroochydore depending on the size you want, $125 to $200.
  20. QldMick

    Electric Yellow Legal Import?

    wild caught of f1's do sound good. im not sure how the non yellow types would sell though.
  21. the funny thing is my little blow up kids pool had writing stating that all local pool fencing rules apply to it.
  22. QldMick


    hello and welcome! how long ago did you purchase the mary river cod? as I haven't seen them around for a few years.
  23. QldMick

    G'day All

    hello and welcome. have bigger tanks too but I also have a 42cmx15cmx30cm fighter tank, with 1 fighter 3 cardinal tetras and a khuli loach. what size tanks do you have?