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  1. QldMick

    G'day All

    hello and welcome. have bigger tanks too but I also have a 42cmx15cmx30cm fighter tank, with 1 fighter 3 cardinal tetras and a khuli loach. what size tanks do you have?
  2. QldMick

    Electric Yellow Legal Import?

    wasn't guessing on them adding more fish but who knows. I don't like us getting in assorted peacocks so im not that excited about imported yellows.
  3. more than I thought! I would grab some if I had a big enough pond for them. they wouldn't be cheap at your lfs, heres someone charging $30 each for 18cm comets. https://www.windsorfishhatchery.com.au/goldfish-comet-red-longtails-18cm-red2-price-is-one-fish/ .
  4. some good sized ones there, how many you think you have in the pool?
  5. I have to over feed my angels to get enough for clown loaches to feed. its a bit of a guessing game.
  6. QldMick

    G'day, what's this fish?

    whilst its fun to catch these fish, these are the ones which are heading towards noxious fish status.
  7. you'll need a license for keeping turtle, just in case you don't know.
  8. QldMick

    new additions

    im loving the archer fish, first time ive had one. should I have brought the two they had instead of one?
  9. QldMick

    new additions

    went to Toowoomba last weekend and couldn't help doing some fish shopping.
  10. took an average pic of my albino longfin bristlenose spawn. been in a community tank with my angelfish eating the newly free swimming fry, lately my clown loaches have been eating their eggs soon after their laid. gave them my spare 2ft tank and they spawned a few days later.
  11. QldMick

    G'day, what's this fish?

    that's no good, they can survive the temps down here too. ive read of africans and even discus in ross river but I only caught spangled perch and banded grunter, and of course tilapia.
  12. QldMick

    G'day, what's this fish?

    hope its just the one, some quotes from a blue gourami profile page. "Blue Gouramis are among the hardiest aquarium fish on the market" "Outside of its native range, it has been introduced in Sulawesi, Philippines, Taiwan, Papua New Guinea, the islands of Reunion, Seychelles, Namibia, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Colombia." "It is not unusual for the number of eggs produced to reach into the thousands."
  13. QldMick

    Native recommendations?

    if I was stocking a 4ft(or future 4ft) today I would go with 3 spanged perch, 2 archer fish and a golden eel-tailed catfish. you'll have to see what you can order in at your lfs. why doesn't everybody add what they'll stock a 4ft native tank with.
  14. QldMick


    hello rumchaser, it sounds like your wanting to keep separate tanks but if you do want to keep africans and plants together tie anubias or java fern to wood or rough rocks, the fish wont harm them. even thin or giant val with rocks around the base to stop the cichlids digging them up can work. whats your first tank in 10 years gonna be?
  15. as above have a few extra plantlets, in an unlit tank instead of throwing them out will keep for a week if someone want to pick them up from warwick for free. thanks mick
  16. you could check out this thread. I got some of dougs that he breed and selected for years crossed with some new blood. their were some plain fish but I was allowed to select those I wanted. I ended up with some great fish, some light lemon yellow and some more bright sunshine yellow. I think overall their genetics can vary a bit, but unless you have a white or blue morph you should select towards the bright yellow/black fins type.
  17. QldMick

    Show us your ferals

    https://www.daf.qld.gov.au/contact maybe letting fisheries know their catch locations and details would be a good way to go.
  18. QldMick

    My Calico S/f fry ( 1st batch)

    im thinking more than one female has bread with your male for that many fry.
  19. QldMick

    Native recommendations?

    if you plan to upgrade go with what you like, I would avoid the biggest like barra and cod but its your choice. I caught a bullrout (along with a flathead and eel) in my shrimp trap today but a poisonous fish that doesn't do much isn't for me. I have a 6x2x2 native tank that is my favorite tank. keep us updated with what you stock. cheers mick
  20. QldMick

    Native recommendations?

    Was also gonna recommend spangled perch but you'll also need a 4ft for a few adults. I caught some at 1.5cm but they jumped out of their 2ft tank.
  21. QldMick

    Native recommendations?

    If you go for something like a bass you'll probably have to upgrade to a 4ft in 12 months or less
  22. QldMick

    Native recommendations?

    i used to feed my southern purple spotted gudgeon half grown guppies from my pond
  23. QldMick

    Gonna do some collecting...

    yer got a few in the condamine but not many
  24. QldMick

    Gonna do some collecting...

    nice rhads! the prettiest we have here (west of the divide, in the murray darling basin) are probably purple spotted gudgeons, I have caught many of these at times.
  25. I cant tell/don't know, I hope that its a physical injury that can heal, but maybe someone else can help you better.