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  1. Sorry to here. There is a jungle perch on gumtree if your after another great native.
  2. Hey mate I feel for you as I lost my jack. Does he have cloudy eyes at all? mine stopped eating and developed cloud eyes. I read online that low pH can cause that and I tested mine and it was 6!, must have been all the plants and driftwood. I raised the pH with dead coral pieces and he recovered and started eating again. Sadly he stopped eating again even with higher pH, I didn't have much to treat him with so tried salt baths but it didn't work. Unfortunately after about 2 months of not eating he passed away, lost his sense of buoyancy a few days before than died. cheers mick
  3. Moving so I can't grow these guys out, Small albino dragon blood peacock babies 25 - $15 for all (see father NFS)
  5. $100 bucks NOW $50 for the 2, pickup Warwick. MOVING, WHAT A BARGAIN!
  6. YER grew him from 10cm was thinking someone with a large native like a Barra or bass or something might want him. He went well with my jungle perch.
  7. Take the eel tail for free, last fish in tank want shut down. Pickup ASAP
  8. Price drop $180 Trio. Moving, can keep in a tank I'm keeping but prefer not to. To answer some questions I've had, I don't know if they've breed or are breeding size, I have a larger albino bristlenose trio and 5 clown loaches that all use to breeding logs, the pep male doesn't get in there.
  9. Thin and thick Val with or without pots both FREE! shutting down tank. SOLD
  10. Need sold Eel tailed catty $20 (getting rid of tank) Goldspot pleco $20 SOLD Blue pearl cray bubs added
  11. Unfortunately shutting down this tank for a move.
  12. Bubs growing up, keeping one male for display for myself and will move the others on. Here's the biggest of the bubs I pulled out to have his own display tank to grow up in. Another molt or two and he should be around full color as the juvies start off dull. Here's the big boy, obviously likes his food.
  13. SOLD 2 x Female Electric Yellows.Have a few more than I want.$15 for the two.Photos of actual fish.Bigger female is currently holding.
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