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  1. I'm told it's common in old fish- and these guys are a couple of years easily.
  2. Picked up a 3" gj maher tank for a price too good to pass up. But it was a cherry red stain... which wouldn't work in the house. And I needed it a bit taller. Got some cut to size pine and added some skirting boards from the big green shed. A few coats of paint, a lot of sanding to remove my crappy paint job then a few more coats of paint. Remived the old old background and replaced with a really thin fibreglass one. 3 foot led lights I bought from this forum. 300 w jäger heater runs a bit hot, So is set at 20 degrees. Eheim 2218 doing the job. I ran it for a few weeks on another tank to get the bacteria going. New substrate was a mix of Amazonia and aquasoil I think. Planted with crypts from my old tank, some lilaeopsis and a bunch of val. the goldvine wouldn't sink- so I screwed acrylic sheet to the bottom and buried it under the substrate.
  3. Hard scaly growth in neon tetras. Other fish not affected. Mostly on tails or fins. Was on head/ eye of one. I culled the worst few. Some fish have no signs. Most swim normally unless growth on tail is too big. Any ideas??
  4. My albino cories just used to spawn on the glass of the tank. Most went fungal. After a fee goes I removed all the fish and put some methylene blue in. There was gravel in the bottom of the tank- and the fry ate fry powder. Probably half survived.
  5. That's same price as the bunnings water tank. But the base is includes on the Aldi one.
  6. Thanks. How much should I charge for 5cm (48mm-60mm) albino and common bristlenose?
  7. Thanks Brenton. What size are commons 100 for 100? At the 3cm mark?
  8. Hi all. I have a heap of common and albino bn to move on soon. So that I don't offend anyone, or rip myself off- what is a reasonable price to ask? I have mature males, mature females, and lots of 5 cm subadults. Im im looking for a pricing guide: is 80c/cm reasonable for commons? $1.20 for albinos- unsexed. I reckon known females are "worth" more. Any advice appreciated.
  9. Great video. Thanks for sharing. Can you let me know whereabouts in the north pine river that was? I need some more rainbows for school tanks.
  10. Hi,

    We have just received approval to use fish in our aquaponics system at our school. Do you growout your fish for selling and if so did you require a permit form QLD fisheries and if so how did you go about it. If you don't growout your fish for selling do you need a permit otherwise?

    kind regards


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