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  1. Semi circular pond

    Sold and picked up. Thanks Peter
  2. EOI- anubius covered mangrove root

    Not picked up- so I guess it's unsold. $70 ono
  3. All in one tank aquarworld 100 litre

    Price drop to $150.
  4. Semi circular pond

    Sorry. I hadn't noticed the reply. 20cm or so. Not more than 30 that's for sure.
  5. Semi circular pond

    Black polypropylene semi circle pond. Approx 1m diameter bought for project that hasn't eventuated... $30 pickup Deagon
  6. EOI- anubius covered mangrove root

    I've been offered $70... sold pending pickup.
  7. EOI- anubius covered mangrove root

    With those big hairy spiders. Ewww
  8. All in one tank aquarworld 100 litre

    Any interest? Easy low maintenance setup. Has been my display tank for years. Could be a good hospital tank. Doesn't leak. Has a bunch of matrix in the back too...
  9. EOI- anubius covered mangrove root

    Can't I just drop it off at Renaes?
  10. Wanted rainbows

    Here's one of the salmon red rainbows from tutters187
  11. Wanted rainbows

    I saw your post. Thanks i now have enough rainbows (until the pond goes in...) good luck wuth with your sale!
  12. EOI- anubius covered mangrove root

    Really? I could probably hang on to it for you.
  13. I have an approx 40cm high/long mangrove root. Buttress style base. Has a branch with a hollow that my bristlenose used to spawn in. Has a heap of small leaved anubius attached to it. Looks just as good lying down as it does standing up! Not required in new tank. Will make an ideal centrepiece for a smaller tank. Please make me an offer, as I'm not sure what it's worth.
  14. Hi all. I'm selling off my aquarworld ex marine 100 l tank. About 8 years old. Once was a nano marine tank with a dodgy protein skimmer. Since then has been home to discus, African cichlids and rainbows. Fluoros recently replaced. Comes with black gravel- which I think has fluorite mixed in, heater and internal weir style filtration materials (mostly matrix) currently running tank is approx 52x 53 cm and stands 140 cm on stand. Does not leak. A few scratches etc as expected with age. $200 Ono pick up Deagon.
  15. I'm told it's common in old fish- and these guys are a couple of years easily.