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  1. ill do all drilling, $35 the lot. quick and easy. done in 15 mins.
  2. good find, i actually bought one of these for around $495. good bargain imo, well worth it
  3. yeah, i put it on my chicken last night. the family loves it. bit salty, but good overall
  4. would u rather them have no salt, i talked to my uncle whos a marine biologist and he said it's fine. he has like 6 royal gramma's, he uses the black and gold brand salt from woolworths. his fish have been swimming for a few hours fine. u think i'd throw them in there without knowing what i'm doing
  5. i recently bought a lion fish from aquarama. he's about 16cm. i didn't have enough money on me to buy some aquarium salt, so i ducked into coles and got some picnic salt. he was going quite alright so i put in my clownfish and my eel. my question is, have u guys tried this? this is a really good idea, saves u a lot of money and gud for the fish.
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