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  1. well i just have to say that re-regardless of my "newbie" title, everyone is always there to help. I haven't bought anything from any of the members only because i dont really travel often, however the welcoming i received and info is outstanding. I haven't found 1 person that has put a downer on me because i have a small post count IMHO if your honest and reliable then your attitude will show when speaking to a seller/member and thats what counts.
  2. +1 for what otto said. eggs hatch quicker in warmer water (i think) but 4 hours isnt possible.. i have had eggs hatch in 12 hrs but no less than that..
  3. Its actually funny.. most of my "virgin" pairs, the male had absolutely no clue what to do.. the female picked up the eggs for the 1st couple of wraps until the male worked out it was his job too lol. you can also expect to see "dry" wraps (they wrap all good but no eggs get sqeezed out) and i have even seen the female slip out of an embrace because he was new and didnt quite wrap her properly its sometimes amusing to watch
  4. As pk333 has pretty much covered your second half of the question so i will just answer the 1st the idea of the low water level is for the parents as well, the spawning process takes alot out of both fish. the higher the water level the more work it makes for the male and female to swim up and down to collect the eggs. Also through out the time before they hatch they fall from the nest and the male catches them/ picks them off the bottom and spits them back into the nest.. again alot of work if water level is high and will end up wearing him out.. keep in mind he does'nt get fed while he's in the spawn tank, this is so he doesn't confuse his fry with food mostly.. and when the fry start to free swim they wriggle around a little at first falling to the bottom, if the water level is too high this is when they will drown as they try to swim to the surface for air (the male does sometimes help... the 1st week of the fry's life is the most important concerning water and water level. the water you add has to be around the same temp and ph. only add a small amount of water each day so the fry get used to the rise in water level. also the fry will feed on infusoria that has built up in tank (if you have done it this way) so removing water is also removing food for the fry (they will feed on the infusoria after their egg sacks have been depleted). So imho i dont think it would work..
  5. lol you beat me.. was just about to post it.. lol
  6. Congrats to all who won a pair of Bettas last night! We sold just enough tickets to go through with the raffle. Thanks for the support guys and hope that they all spawn for you I won this pair.. Male- Female-
  7. Next meet will be on Tuesday August 21st. August lucky member draw prize is: HM Betta keyring. Kindly donated by Fishchick Aquatics. This spawn tank will be raffled off at the next meeting. It was made and kindly donated by Jay Cottrell Also, a big thankyou to Jodi and Todd for donating 2 4ft display stands to the club to help raise money
  8. It seemed like everyone enjoyed themselves, not sure who got what in the raffle for the HMPK pairs. I won an awesome looking pair and am quite stoked Jarrod Neilsen won the Breeding chimney (lucky member draw Prize) so congrats mate Congrats to Jodi, who won 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the grooming comp, as well as Best Male, Best Female and Most developed. Special mention to Paul, who won Most Unusual for his ventraless, wonky pectoraled boy. Not only did he win, but he also got a ribbon, which he was eyeing off all night
  9. The President of the club Awesome crowd starting to gather for the meet, always good to see
  10. pictures from the night (thanks for everyone taking photo's by the way.. not sure exactly who take them all but thanks lol) Grooming comp fish More grooming comp fish.. The raffle The snacks (Kindly brought in by other members) more coming..
  11. Ok, the showing of fish from the grooming competition was last night, I only popped in for 10 mins and left but from what i saw looked pretty cool. Thanks to all who participated Results were: Best Male - Jodi Lea Matheson Best Female - Jodi Lea Matheson Most Developed - Jodi Lea Matheson Most Unusual - Paul Duffey 1st Place - Jodi Lea Matheson 2nd Place - Jodi Lea Matheson 3rd Place - Jodi Lea Matheson Fish were Judged by "Peoples Choice" 1, 2 and 3rd place were the fish that had the most votes in the other categories. Apparently the secret from jodi was simply BLACKWORMS! lol Jarrod (secetary of Betta Australis as well as the donator of the fish) has said Photo's were taken but all were blurry except 1... winners received a ribbon.. Big thanks to Jarrod for not only donating the fish but also being a big part of organizing the competition and awards!
  12. really? theres controversy over this? If you have low post count or not if you havent bought anything through the person before, wouldnt you expect not to meet at their house the 1st time or even the second? I havent bought anything from anyone on this site but when and if i do i would never expect to meet at their house (i'd point blank refuse to meet at the servo tho lol) but as long as the buyer and seller agree on the location should be cool... however if i were to buy off 1 person several times with no hassle i would appreciate to get an invite to see the fish room and mabe be able to pick my own.. If after buying alot of fish on many different occasions, the seller still is reluctant to show his/her fishroom then respect their privacy and find someone that you may get along better with and mabe get that special privilege to pick your own.. Remember they are fellow hobbyists usually not in it for the money but for the love of the hobby and still have their family's to think about... just my 2 cents..
  13. yer it was pretty good both fish remain unscathed. the males bubblenest was a little small for what i normally like but hey it was his 1st time unfortunately in my haste, i added too much aged java moss and kick started the infusorians too quick.. i cant remember the proper term for infursorian worms (start with p lol) but i aborted the spawn before the eggs could hatch while the crowntails were back in re-conditioning I spawned a Salamnder butterfly halfmoon pair, their fry are free swimming and onto micro-worms doing great, the black orchid crowntails will be put back into the spawn tank this weekend if all looks good.. Still a good spawn video for the new betta section all the same i will add videos and pictures of the salamander's spawn soon, fry are a bit small to catch on my camera lol
  14. Just a reminder to our members who live too far away/can't make it to the meet - raffle will be drawn next Tuesday, so register your interest via email: enquiries(at)bettaaustralis.com
  15. Don't forget : the meeting is next week... Judging for grooming comp fish will be taking place Fish raffle will be drawn if we have enough interest. If not, fish will be sold to public via the Brisbane Bettas website.
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