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  1. just a quick picture of my phenochilus tanzania about 6-9 months before he will colour.
  2. have a generator, so i was find
  3. my 2 colonies of wild caught never came with papers documents etc, but if there not wild caught i got some exceptional quality fish. reeco.
  4. i do have some shells in with them but they dont seem to use them there big enough but just dont do in them. and one female is in the same pot as the male is that weird for them to share a cave as such? thanks reece
  5. just them selfs, what is good to keep with them? i've just moved them on the 4th row of my next rack so i don't disturb them, male keeps getting frighten but no more action, the one of the females is getting nice and fat so i hope something happens soon reece
  6. i would do a water change and they should be fine, it the water quality can quite remember what it is right now. cheers reeece
  7. thats for the info peter and stacey. but she has left her shell that she was guarding like crazy so better luck next time.
  8. hi my gold comps have started to breed, she is in her pot atm but i want to take them out before they get eaten so what do i do with them once i take them out do i tumble them or leave them in the pot or take the female out with them. any help will be apprecated thankyou reece
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  10. good work stacey. what size tank do u have them in. cheers reece.
  11. i would deffinatly go with the 7x2.5x2.5
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