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  1. Very nice, Should be able to fit a fair few tanks in there In regards to the heating would it not be cheaper to run a copper coil under each rack of the tanks? Might work out a little cheaper long term. Just an idea.
  2. I started using sikaflex over gold label, its not labeled fish safe but its been a few years now and 0 issues! 16$ a tube vs 50$ for gold label, I love gold label just not the price and if you ever have to remove it once cured its a real pita, sikaflex is just very easy to use & cheap + it sticks to almost everything just like gold label also. The only downside I have found is sikaflex needs a good week to fully cure but once cured its fine. I actually fixed my 8x4x3 with gold label the first time and it leaked (very fun removing the seam...) , sikaflex has been going strong for 2 years now. I think it maybe due to gold label being very hard when cured though as sikaflex actually has a lot of flex in it. Just my 2c. As for the second glue, I believe super glue probably the easiest way its fish safe. I just dont know how good it would look being super glue.
  3. This is coming along very nice everything looks done to perfection:beer:
  4. Throw the craps out and get a aquaclear hob. Best choice I ever made and uses less power. I don't know how people like Ottos biggest waste of money I have ever spent on anything aquarium related and that's saying something lol
  5. If your using a good tv mount in the cinder blocks & done correctly the TV will very unlikely fall off, I tested mine only way it was moving was if the wall came down. I dont think a gold sev would compare to a flowerhorn very different fish imo & quite boring if only one. Pearsi are great one of my favs just pains in the butt to breed.
  6. That is one clean weld Very nice stands indeed. ETA on tanks?
  7. Hang the tv on the wall put the fish tank under it, had the same issue in bedroom but I cant fall asleep without 30mins or so of tv time. Best of both worlds. I would go with a flowerhorn also good playful fish & can get some great colors at the moment.
  8. Best fish here... Mangrove jacks Not here... Platynematichthys notatus & Brachyplatystoma juruense. The day I get these two my life shall be complete... for a few hours So cute
  9. Mate I smashed 6 x 6x2x2 as could not given away for fun, was lifting them into the skip bin and just dropping it... even a 7ft x 1m x 85cm couldnt give away for free... did not try gumtree or so with that one but as I dont like showing people my fish room in person & the large tanks are not that easy to get out before someone comes! I dont even consider selling tanks anymore or fish, straight to the LFS or bin xD!
  10. & to think I cant even give 4x2x2s away for free =(
  11. Thanks Aqua, I like your ideas If I put a window in will defiantly be a large one. I like the slab method have seen this used for buildings, sadly I dont think it would be achievable without a lot of demo work in order to get the slabs into the room, this is why besser blocks where ideal as I can cart them threw the tight spaces with ease, I have seen the plywood methods also but I feel besser blocks with rio into the existing slab then cement filled is going to give a much stronger structure. I think the trick with the window is making the shelf created from the blocks look a bit more appealing wood cladding or so imo. I need something pond sized for my fish, they are currently in a 8x4x3 aquarium & whilst having space currently I can already see with the growth rates showing it wont last 2 years. sadly I cant cut the slab as we have 3phase and a mains gas line (1") under the fishroom slabbing feeding into the room... I had this idea long ago & have a sheet of glass thick enough to support the weight of people with a welded frame so one could simply walk on top of the pond lol. Already have a 5.2m outdoor pond so hardly any space left outside as it is, heating costs would also kill me. I have had a bit of a play & decided I have 2 real options, 1) original tank size or 2) 2.4m x 2.4m x 90cm. If i was to go with option 2 I would go with a fiberglass shell & tile it so ends up more like a swimming pool, or just go all glass its possible to get the sheets in without too much work just one wall would have to be knocked down for the base. I got a quote a few months back for a 6x6x80cm & it came out at 2600$ 15mm, so hopefully the extra 2x2 would not skyrocket the price too much... My only concern with all glass is the fish breaking a panel one day or tearing a seam. The second tank has the length I want but then I cant achieve the width & vice versa for option 2. but I think a 8x8 would be more ideal for my fish.
  12. Thats false advertising..... TuffWoman seems more fitting =P Bit odd but I used to use Styrofoam boxes to house baby fish or sick fish, I found they can be filled to the top without leaking & hold heat well, had no need for overflows though worked out much cheaper as most LFS give them away for free.... If you really wanted to I dont see a bulkhead could not be fitted to one. As for cutting glass its a walk in the park after a 2-4 holes for most, just get a scrap sheet of 6-8mm plate glass and test out a few methods, I have only ever broken 2 sheets of 4mm cover glass & I have the worst hand control so there is a lot of hope for others lol.
  13. Thanks guys, I feel the same about the cage effect but was hoping she may learn to come to the surface more often not only when foods hitting the water lol. I can see the window having a good effect on the room also & would make other fish apart for catties viewable, I just feel if I put a window in I should go 4-5ft wide not 6 as that will give enough room to actually be able to stand in front of the thing and view it nicely! I want this to be the last tank though so it has to fit everything in it & worry that 5ft width wont work long term. Have hardly got any sleep xD Looks good also Eddie, whats the sizes on that tub?
  14. Good afternoon all, Having a lazy day & thinking about my future plans for a big tank, to make it all quite short I have narrowed down the area & am considering a 3.6m x 1.5-1.8m x 80-90cm LxWxH, I would be using cinder blocks most likely filling with cement & clad the inside with plywood then pond amour or a liner. I want to keep it as low as possible to avoid blocking out my other tanks. The main concern I am having is to opt to install a viewing window or keep it as a pond, I am quite confident in installing a window but the room will become quite tight when this is installed & was thinking could make some what or a bar around the front of the unit so when seating your looking directly into the pond this would increase floor space but I have concerns seeing my fish from above, I don't know if it will be the same but a window half blocked off is also not that appealing. In saying this I do love watching my goldfish in the pond outside so its mixed, I know when I get on top of the tanks for water changes I do really enjoy seeing the fish too they look different but again I do love watching my RTC jet around the glass panel begging for food...maybe over time she would come to the surface of a pond and do the same? :noidea: Guess ultimately I just want a bit of fellow fish keepers advice to decide!!
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