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  1. What kind of wafers are they. I don't feed mine wafers anymore and the have been happy and breeding for 2 years
  2. Sadly bluebelle you are spot on, I have currently stripped down my 8ft tank because of if.
  3. Thanks to the organisers , got some gorgeous fish, great to meet some people.
  4. Yeah offfer $450. I would donate just to see the fish in a bigger pond.
  5. Hi Emma welcome nice to see another female here. I breed tiger endlers and cat fish.
  6. Lots of bargains there, I got some lovely veil tail angles, and some black ones and some adult Bristlenose. There was all sorts of lovely Americans and Africans last night,, lots of plants and driftwood as well. It was a fun night.
  7. Thank you to the organisers it was an excellent evening, and I sold a few fish for the first time.
  8. Where is the form I have to download to put fish into the auction
  9. I have a young female if you are interested in keeping up the above breeding tradition.
  10. Hi electric blue I think pandapete has some .
  11. Check your ingredients on the algae wafers. Cheap ones are poor quality. I only feed mine hikari wafers occasionally.
  12. Ok, that's all I feed mine , just didn't think there was much nutrients in lettuce at all. What else are they getting ? What do the parents eat. What else is in the tank
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