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  1. Absolutely agree - discus are not a reasonable choice for 40L, and angel fish also get much too big for 40L. Your previous experience with betta might have coloured your perception on how much water a fish needs. Betta can survive in very tiny amounts of water - but they will also do much better in a larger tank. For 40 L, I'd suggest only look at fish that stay small. Perhaps another betta, and then some tetras or rasboras are nice. The biggest fish I kept long term in my 80L tank (my smallest) was a dwarf gourami.
  2. Agree with both the previous comments. In terms of other fish to add - I like the Rainbow Cichlids (Herotilapia multispinosa) I have with my severums. They stay small, nice colour, and they sort of school. Otherwise perhaps one of the larger tetras, like Colombian?
  3. The larger water volume will definitely be more stable in terms of parameters. If you used to do 25% weekly change on the 15 gallon tank, and you're now putting the same fish in a 50 gallon, you would not need to do the same water changes. Of course, if you give in to the temptation to add more fish.... Another option to consider would be 12.5% weekly - that's 24 liters, or 3 buckets, each week. That's what I used to do years ago when I had a tank that size.
  4. I've never had a tank without fish - but I imagine in a plant only tank (or tub), water changes would not be necessary. There is no waste created that needs removing. Even circulation I think might not be strictly necessary for the plants, although they might do better with it. I would think some surface agitation would be useful to avoid mosquito breeding in the tub, that would be a more important reason. So if you're going to put a pump in there, I'd be sure to agitate the surface enough to disrupt the mozzies.
  5. Do you need to feed the turtle entire plants, or could you just trim the ends? I have some vallis growing in my 6 ft planted rainbow tank, and every week I need to trim it because it just grows and grows. I get a (small) handful every week that I chuck in the other tank with the silver dollars. Don't know how many individual plants I've got, but it's approx 30 cms by 30 cms that is in vallis, quite sparsely planted too - the rest of the tank has other plants. In my tank, I find if the vallis is too densely planted, I have more problems with hair algae than if there is room for the water to flow between the plants. I've also grown vallis very well in a tank with no filter before, so I don't think a filter would be required. But I do give it fertilizer with every water change. The one I'm using at the moment, and seems to work for me, is Easy-Life Profito. If you get a native vallis species, I imagine it would do well in an opaque tub, in full sun - but I've never done this, just thinking about where native val grows.
  6. Thanks for the update Mick. Good to hear the result, even if it wasn't a successful experiment. Shame though, would be a nice way to reduce water changes.
  7. Nope. I've only been looking at them (seriously) for a few months, although I've been aware of them for years. I did email Dave there about something else, and he was very prompt with a reply, so if you're after something specific, you might try an email.
  8. Try Aquagreen. They're based in Darwin and have a wide range of native plants. Only problem is, not everything is available all the time. Check their catalogue first, and maybe get in touch with them directly if you're after something specific.
  9. I've seen several ready made (small) tanks recently with built-in lights that are ferociously bright. Fish don't like this!! Most fish will be quite happy in a tank with no light at all - unlike plants. My tanks all have lights, including one planted tank with healthy plants. Just make sure the light is not too bright. If you can control it, use the dimmer settings at least until the fish get used to it. If your light doesn't have dimmer settings, put a shade of some sort between the light and the tank (preferably non-flammable material!!) again, at least until the fish get used to it.
  10. Inspirational. I have enough trouble with my canister filters.
  11. I have 4 peppermint bristlenose catfish available. I've had these for just over 2 years, got them as 3 cm juvies. Now they are around 9 cms. Two are slightly larger and fatter, two are slightly smaller, one of which has bristles on the nose. Sex is not known for sure. They've been in my discus tank, along with lots of other fish and I have not provided any caves or similar for breeding, so (not surprising) they have not bred, to my knowledge. Asking $200 for the group of 4, pickup in Parkinson. SOLD - thanks to buyer.
  12. Good to get a visual on them again, after winter!
  13. True, I also have a few of them in my planted tank. They still are cichlids, after all - even if the biffo is nothing like my Malawi tank.
  14. Elegant, simple, peaceful. I like it.
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