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  1. Just imagine how overgrown the tank was before!! I still kept about 30-40 java fern, plus all the other plants. Chucked a bucket full of trimmings and dead bits. I'm glad somebody can use them, rather than chucking them in the bin.
  2. Nope, sorry mate. Went very quickly.
  3. Got 50+ plants available after re-scaping my planted tank. Sizes range from 10cm up to 30+cms, most around 15-20 cms Photo shows them all sitting in a 50 L tub that measures 50 by 40 cms. $20 for the lot - only available this weekend before they get dumped. Pickup in Parkinson. NOTE: the tank they came from contains snails and algae, so I can not guarantee these plants are free of either.
  4. For my larger tanks (600L) I just run the hose from the tap, don't open the tap fully because of the pressure, point the hose at the glass. Works fine. Add dechlorinator about half way through filling. For the smaller tank (80 L) I just use an 8 L bucket and a kitchen step to help me get up to the necessary height. This tank sits on top of my (3-door) filing cabinet, so it's a bit higher than normal. I use a 1L jug to scoop water OUT of this tank, and also to scoop water back IN to the tank from the bucket (resting on the tank walls) for the first half of the bucket, then pour the last half of the bucket into the (submerged) 1L Jug that I hold just below water level. This avoids disturbing the gravel and plants too much.
  5. I've had success with 2 nets - one large net that I hold steady, and a smaller net that I use to chase the desired fish into the large net. Catching fish in a planted tank is always a hassle though.
  6. Agree with other comments here, why get rid of the driftwood?? I'd also just take a look at what's available in your LFS. I'm not familiar with the Sunshine Coast, but I'm sure there are some decent outlets up there. Have a look, see what you like. In a larger tank like that I'd lean more towards the larger tetras - Buenos Aires, Serpae and similar - rather than cardinals/rummynose. My preference only of course, but in a 6 ft tank you'd need a LOT of the smaller tetras to make a statement. I've had 40 rummynose in a planted 6 ft tank, and I rarely saw them en masse. Personally I like gouramis also.
  7. Most of it is even true!!
  8. Nice looking tank! There's a few fish in there that are very much community fish - the clown loaches, the sucker fish and I think I see a few tetras as well. Don't see any blue rams but they are also community fish. There is something there that might be a Neon Blue Acara (rather than a ram) and that is also a good community fish, they're very placid. The only one you mention that are a bit aggro are the Jack Dempsey. If you want to move them on, you can advertise them on here (after making a few posts to get access to the trader sections), or take them to your LFS as a trade. As far as what you could put in there - that's up to your personal taste, the tank is big enough for pretty much any community fish you like.
  9. Thanks for the update JB. I'm optimistic I'll get this right next time.
  10. Ouch! My tanks (not water changes) are only about 2000 liters total. I can still blame the water bill on her ladyship's garden!! My tub of Fraction-D should last me 5 years or more. Once I get the process sorted of how to mix and dose it. Hopefully next water change we'll be right.
  11. On a positive note - the severums which I've had for nearly 2 years and are FINALLY getting to a decent size have all come out to eat this morning. So I'm optimistic they'll pull through. I won't count my chickens for another couple of days though.
  12. Well, I talked this over with a mate who is not a fishkeeper, but is a research chemist working in a lab. Most likely hypothesis we ended on was perhaps "clumping" of the powder so that it did not dissolve correctly, initially. I thought it had dissolved, but in the absence of a better theory, I'm going with this. Warning to self: Shake vigorously before use!!
  13. Yes, it's about 15% of the cost. That was the motivation for trying the dry form. Well - it would be 15% of the cost if it didn't kill my fish!!! Just done my third and final tank, with double my calculated dose. That tank all looks fine, but they're Africans - possibly less sensitive? Don't know, but it is very frustrating.
  14. Has anyone had an issue using the dry form of Fraction-D dechlorinator? I've just changed the water in two tanks, and I've lost nearly 20 rainbowfish in one tank, and several severums in the second tank are looking very unwell. It's almost as if the dechlorinator doesn't work at all. This is the first time I've used the dry form - had the liquid form for a couple of years. I've checked and double checked the dosage I'm using, and chucked in a double dose for good measure (in the second tank). Nothing else is different in the way I do the water changes, unless Brisbane water is particularly iffy at the moment???
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