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  1. Gingerbeer said... I have 6 tanks and really happy with 3 of the tanks. 1 of the others has a wife’s favourite so..... Common problem!! I've got three big tanks (and a couple of small ones). Two tanks I'm really happy with, the third - not allowed to remove certain fish... Do *I* tell *her* what to do in the garden, I ask??
  2. Cheers Pete, I did find those. Eventually... Searching gumtree for "Rainbow" produces a long list of things I don't want...
  3. As above, I'm chasing a small group of these fish. Preferably sub-adult rather than (small) fry. Google image for reference:
  4. Six months ago there wasn't any problem with these two, but this time, same pair, three attempts with eggs resulted in nothing. Eggs gone mouldy or eaten after 3-4 days. Now, batch #4, finally have free swimmers this morning! VID_20200630_085918.mp4
  5. Gnathonemus petersii, elephant nose fish, about 12-13 cms. This specimen has been in my discus tank for over a year, but has recently started nipping the fins on the discus and angelfish. He's very active, out and about every day, in the afternoon and early evening at least, often in the mornings as well. Very unusual fish and quite the character, but he's upsetting the other fish now. Asking $50, pickup in Parkinson. SOLD, no longer available
  6. Nice fish. I picked up 4 fry at an auction about 18 months ago - but then they started picking off my Tropheus at night, even though the Tropheus were much bigger than the Horei. Had to get rid of them, sadly. Lost 13 out of 22 Tropheus in 8 days (or nights, rather) before I figured out who the culprit was. Not happy!! They're super aggressive little bastards - very pretty, but seriously aggro. The bloke that got them off me lost them later during a power outage. Haven't seen any others since.
  7. If it's from chloramines, then it should disappear (literally) overnight. Otherwise your beneficial bacteria are not doing what they need to be doing. I've found ammonia in a bucket of tapwater with dechlorinator added, i.e. before it goes into the tank. It's always a good idea to measure your tapwater as well as aquarium water, once a year or so.
  8. Can't help with the questions, but love the tank! You're right, Brisbane city does have chloramines. I think one way to test it, is to measure the ammonia in the tap water (after adding the dechlorinator) - if you get a decent reading, then there's chloramines. With only chlorine, there shouldn't be a reading on the ammonia test. Now - I'm not 100% on this, but perhaps someone else can confirm?
  9. I'm not on FB and will not join, so the FB group is totally irrelevant to me. For the forum - I agree it must NOT be primarily about buying & selling fish. The information sharing and community is where I get value from the forum. Being able to ask any (stupid) question and get reasonable answers without offensive remarks. Asking for suggestions on various things (e.g. tankmates for a fish, or how one could do a certain type of tank). Where to obtain hard to find species, whether certain species even occur in Australia. The knowledge here is fantastic. The sales section is nevertheless a key part. I've purchased numerous fish from people I've found on the forum, and also sold a few. Passing on some fish you've lost interest in, or fish that will no longer work in a re-designed tank, should remain a part of the forum. I'd much prefer to sell a fish to someone I've met on the forum rather than some random on Gumtree. Where to draw the line between such legitimate "hobby-based trading" and "selling for profit without contributing to the hobby" is difficult. For me personally, the message board format works better than any fixed-schedule face-time session. In general, in other forums, positive initiatives seem to work better than negative ones. I.e. things like "tank of the month" work better than "banning the mention of non-sponsors". Just my 2c.
  10. Nice progress! That nitrate test seems off. Even in heavily planted tanks, you always measure something - as you are clearly aware. My discus tank - which is only moderately heavy planted - still reads 10-15 typically, much lower than the other tanks (around 30-40) but not zero.
  11. Well done Grover! Always a pleasure when a plan comes together.
  12. That is correct. Another new user has just spammed one thread with 5 separate messages. Don't know if this has worked for him or not!!
  13. Proper Amano shrimp seem to be prohibited in Australia. Caridina Typus seems to be a marine species. Then again, names change all the time. There are NQ Algae Shrimp that you can find - I've been looking for some of these myself, and there are a few people listing these on Gumtree at the moment. Perhaps those are the ones you're after?
  14. OK cool, sorry I should have looked back. Too quick to press buttons...
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