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  1. I believe the Blue Rams also suffer from serious in-breeding problems - i.e. bad genetics. If you can find some nice apistos, that would be the go. Plenty of plants. What size is the tank?
  2. I'd ditch the oscar to start with - different diet, and can be aggro. I also would not put both blue and neon blue acara together. Don't know about the chocolate, but the rest should work well. I've got rotkeil severums, neon blue acara and ellioti (similar to firemouth) in my 6 ft. The plants may not survive though - even java fern and anubias get destroyed in my tank. (I also have some other fish in there, but I'm pretty sure they're all at the plants.)
  3. Sounds like a nice plan! Killifish are very small and most are from still ponds and such. So with only filling the tank 1/3, you'll need to be careful with the flow from the filter. Avoid having a large "waterfall" that would disturb the water too much. Depending on your filter, this will be simple or hard. Several stores around Brisbane have killifish from time to time. On the Southside of Brisbane, Annerley Aquarium, Exotic Fish Connections, MAD Aquarium and Pet City (in alphabetical order) are good ones to check out. There is a store in Ipswich which I've not personally visited, but I've heard good things about, called H2O Babies. There are others on the northside and on the Gold Coast. You're more likely to get killifish at a specialist aquarium shop rather than a more general pet shop. I gave killifish a go, a while back, but didn't have much success. They really are delicate little things and need a tank to themselves. Pretty much ANY other fish will upset them. At least, that's my experience. It's something I may have another go at, when I have tank space. Post some pictures when you get set up!
  4. Thanks John. The shops only have little ones at the moment - I need larger ones so they don't become snook food!
  5. I'm chasing a few (4-6) Bala sharks to go with my red bay snook. The snook are currently 17 cms and growing fast, so I'm looking for some silver sharks that are a decent size, at least 12-15 cms or so. This is quite a bit bigger than any available in stores at the moment. Yes, I'm also keeping an eye on Gumtree. Anyone looking to move a few of these on, let me know.
  6. Sorry to hear that Mick. Clown loaches are great fish, but they are white spot magnets. Always the worst affected, by far, in my tanks. But I have had some that were absolutely covered in spots, still pull through. Fingers crossed for you.
  7. Did you wash the gravel first, before putting it in the tank? That is always a good idea. In any case, depending on how dirty the water was when you first put the gravel in, probably clean your filter now, and let it run a few more days. The filtration a fishtank needs is primarily biological, which won't do anything for mucky water. And in your case won't be active yet anyway. But filters do have sponges also, and that will help clear the water. But there's only so much muck a sponge can hold...
  8. Hi Kat, Sounds like you've done all the right things, so I'm out of ideas then! Sometimes fish can be tricky. When I got my first tank, many years ago, I couldn't keep guppies alive even though everyone told me they were very hardy. On the other hand, I had no trouble with cardinal tetras that people told me were very delicate and sensitive. Go figure. I agree with johnbetta also - the more info you post, the more likely you'll get a useful answer.
  9. Hi Kat, sounds tricky. The tank is quite small, and certainly full with those fish you've mentioned. But a (single) bristlenose should still be OK. They do scrape wood and other surfaces in addition to any food you give them. So my guess would be they are eating something toxic off a surface in the tank. Where did you get the wood (in particular)? Is there anything else in there that might not be 100% fish safe? Did you clean anything with chemicals before putting it in the tank? Cheers
  10. Don't know if it's a sword plant, but I do have several plants that do exactly that. Started with just one, now I have at least a dozen in the tank. It's one of the things that grow very well in my tank, along with Java Fern and Wisteria.
  11. My American tank is growing well, everything is getting bigger!! So I need to make some room, it's overstocked at the moment. There is a group of 9 Rainbow Cichlids in there, including at least 3 pairs. I'm going to keep 1 pair, the other 7 are available. I've had them about 15 months, got them as juveniles. Presently they're 8-10 cms in size, and constantly breeding. At one point, I had 3 groups of free swimming fry in the tank, so I know there are 3 pairs at least. Lovely colours, with a bright red eye that stands out. Very under rated fish. $25 each, or take all 7 for $100. Pickup in Parkinson.
  12. Peppermints definitely lose their white spots/stripes after about a year. I used to have these, sold them last year. The little ones are adorable, but the adults are almost indistinguishable from common bristle nose. Unless you're breeding them and getting a constant stream of babies, your wife will be disappointed.
  13. Impressive! Is that the same dog? He looks a bit grizzly now.
  14. What other fish have you got in there with the betta? While they are called "fighting fish" - they only fight with each other and are very small and timid in the presence of other species.
  15. For my larger tanks (600L) I just run the hose from the tap, don't open the tap fully because of the pressure, point the hose at the glass. Works fine. Add dechlorinator about half way through filling. For the smaller tank (80 L) I just use an 8 L bucket and a kitchen step to help me get up to the necessary height. This tank sits on top of my (3-door) filing cabinet, so it's a bit higher than normal. I use a 1L jug to scoop water OUT of this tank, and also to scoop water back IN to the tank from the bucket (resting on the tank walls) for the first half of the bucket, then pour the last half of the bucket into the (submerged) 1L Jug that I hold just below water level. This avoids disturbing the gravel and plants too much.
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