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  1. Indeed they are. And they are my fallback option if I don't find anything else, that is larger. Ideally 20cm or more. I've got a few rainbowfish in there at the moment, and a pair of angelfish (that I can move if necessary). My thoughts were to get something large that is plant safe as a centrepiece, but not the usual angels or discus. If not - purple spots it is - which is actually a nice fish I've been considering for a while anyway.
  2. I'm very interested in this experiment also. In particular the impact on nitrogen removal, so I hope you find some results there Mick! The climbing ivy is also interesting - and something Her Ladyship will appreciate more, seeing as the tanks are in the living room! Anything that can reduce the water changes is a good thing in my book.
  3. Thanks Ancalimon. Yes the truttaceus was the one in particular I was looking at. I have 6 ft tanks, and thinking a small group would look nice in my planted tank. I came across these looking for larger fish that will go well in planted tanks. Yes I'm in SEQ - just on the edge of Brisbane. I paid attention to the conservation status (and didn't suggest the barred galaxias fuscus for that reason), but couldn't find any information on water parameters. I did see they occur naturally along the southern edge of the continent and Tasmania - but was hopeful they could tolerate our weather! My tanks sit at 27 in summer without the heaters on. I suppose they're difficult or impossible to breed in an aquarium also, as it involves a marine stage. Anyway - thanks for the reply. Any other suggestions for larger fish (native or non-native) that are safe in planted tanks? Something at least the size of Discus or Angelfish, not necessarily round in shape? Cheers
  4. Looking around at native fish suitable for an aquarium, www.nativefish.asn.au go through a wide range of local fish, many of which are described as being "attractive and easy to keep aquarium fish". Among these are various galaxias species, including the spotted galaxias. I've never seen any of these in QLD - does anyone keep them?
  5. G'day Hassn - welcome to the site. What fish do you keep?
  6. Looks like a female peacock to me - but I'm no expert.
  7. I have 9 malawi dolphins available, around 3.5-4 cms size. Starting to show colour. These are leftover from a brood of 30, of which I'm keeping 6 to add to my group, and 15 which have gone to friends/family/acquaintances. $20 for the lot, I'd prefer to sell in one lot.
  8. I'm trying to imagine the aquarium this thing is attached to. Must be some big monster tank!!
  9. Later this week I'll be washing 60 kgs of regular gravel. Any time I get tired and/or fedup with it, I'll just come read this thread for a few minutes!! Good job Grover - keep it up.
  10. Nice tank. Disagree about the driftwood being too big, but it's your tank, do as you please! Anything that will eat snails, will also eat shrimp. Snails can be a real pest. I end up pulling out a couple hundred (manually) every week from my 6 ft discus tank. I wouldn't trust gourami - any kind - with shrimp either. Apisto would be OK.
  11. Guppies are supposed to be easy, hardy fish. However, I gave up on them because I couldn't keep them alive. Same with black ghost knife fish - never had one that lasted more than a month. Don't know why this is, but now I stick to fish that "work" for me!
  12. 1. No idea. I have 3 tanks, all identical with identical filters. Two are always crystal clear, the third is intermittently cloudy. I can't solve the problem after nearly 2 years trying. 2. No idea. 3. Most certainly !! No matter how much you feed them, they'll still go for a tasty snack, like a dead tank mate. Especially the cories. Other suggestions - get yourself some test kits and do it yourself rather than at Petbarn. You haven't said how long the tank is established, only that is "is cycled". There's a bit more to cycling than just getting it up - after 6 months to a year, it "matures" you could say. Your tank is not overstocked, but the filter intake going white is very odd indeed. Suggests there may be some chemical in there.
  13. Cold this morning in Brisbane too!! My discus tank stays at around 29 all year round - even without heating in summer. The others I set at 24. In summer, the others usual get up to 27 (no heaters).
  14. Enjoy! Sounds like a nice little tank, very pretty with the plants. In your previous tank, the shrimp would have been breeding - they can breed quickly and keep ahead of a single betta picking off the odd one. I even had several generations of shrimp survive in a discus tank with a couple of angels - thanks to the plants. But they did disappear in the end. Cheers
  15. Lovely tank! I have a lot of trouble getting plants to grow (especially without getting covered in algae). Yours look great. To your questions - 1) Yes, would seem fine to me. Although you may not see them much. I have about 15 cories in a 180cms tank, and I rarely see them. Used to have Kuhli loaches years ago, and they would always bury themselves in the sand, so again, almost an invisible fish. 2) Only trouble spot I can see is the Betta may go after the shrimp, the little ones in particular. Note that in general Betta is a VERY peaceful fish, and a total wimp compared to most tropicals. Your selection of fish is good though, they will leave the Betta alone (although I'm not 100% certain about the tetras - but see #3). In general, if there's an argument, the Betta will lose. With the shrimp - once you get a colony breeding in there, and only a single (male) Betta, there should be sufficient breeding to withstand the occasional predation by the Betta. I have had this setup in the past, and it's not ideal if your aim is to maximise the shrimp, but if you're just looking to have both co-exist in the tank, then I'd say it would be OK. Every fish is different though, and if you pick a Betta with a particular appetite for shrimp and a mean streak - you may have a different experience, but I'd say 80% probability this will work out. 3) For me - the rasboras will likely school better, and they have better colour, so for me this is an easy decision. Given the red in the rasboras, I would then choose a Betta with a different colour (NOT red). On the other hand, if you go with the tetras, which might hassle the betta (I've never had them, so don't really know), then I'd pick a red betta. With the schooling fish, it's wonderful to see them actually schooling. I have about 40 rummynose in my discus tank at the moment, and they do this very nicely. On the other hand, the great majority of tetras I've had over the years just tend to scatter about the tank. Rasboras in my experience tend to stick together much better than tetras. Cheers Michael
  16. I second the suggestion to just leave the pH alone. All the fish will adapt, as long as it's STABLE. The (rapid) fluctuations are more dangerous than the absolute level. 8.0 seems slightly high for Brisbane, but depending on where you are I suppose it's possible. Also depends on what rocks/sand you have in there - anything with carbonate will increase pH. On the other hand, (live) plants and driftwood will - eventually - lower the pH a bit, but this is very slow. So I wouldn't worry about adding peat, just leave it alone and monitor pH. Over time - and I'm talking a couple months - you might see the pH drop to around 7.5 or so. No promises, just a guess!! Just check it every now and then, see where it ends up.
  17. That number looks much more reasonable, and will come down further with the next couple of water changes. I think you answered the question
  18. 25% water change a week should not give you 80ppm - that's more than what I do, and I have heavily stocked tanks. I never see more than about 40ppm. Might you be over-feeding?
  19. OK. I can see a lot of Borleyi, and one or two others I recognise, but a fair few I don't.
  20. Lovely tank - have you got a stock list for it? Even approximately.
  21. Website is not really up - the home page is showing "maintenance". While you can still find the detail pages, it won't go to checkout any more. The phone number also seems to have been disconnected. So I'm guessing NO is the answer to your question.
  22. 3 more Clown Loaches to start with. Then for the schooling fish in the mid to top level - Harlequin Rasboras or Colombian tetras.
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