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  1. Yep just the link JB so as no breach to admin rules, hence the move FB. Enjoy it
  2. After a lot of editing time, the vid is now viewable @goldenswimmers @JB @Tang3 Quite a murky dive that one with lots of floaties The Lamprologine cichlids of Lake Tanganyika, Africa are some of the top predatory cichlids in the lake. Other cichlid species take advantage of this by hanging out amongst the predators and their brood to seek protection, since the predatory Lamprologine does not hunt during this period. A clever cichlid adaptation. (Ref. Konings (2015), Wantanabe (2000), Ochi & Yanagasawa (1996)). https://youtu.be/KhEyG00zxgg
  3. Hey GS - great to see they are still around. Yes pairs do hang together (most likely bond for life in the lake) but I have also seen small groups and solos hanging around. Movie upload soon .. in progress
  4. Lekker [MENTION=17895]Bitis[/MENTION]. Relatively the same when I went in 2013 with a few more plants and taller trees. Larry has a few spots left on his annual dive safari later this year if keen to revisit?
  5. Yep had the same problem the other day; must coincide with the lower case thang ?? [MENTION=6066]webmaster[/MENTION] [MENTION=231]gingerbeer[/MENTION] ???
  6. You can always scope vids off u-tube for ideas to get a feel for the real thing. Here's a quicky from Ikola dive. Add a single Tropheus for some endless motion to the display. Click the hyperlink, the inserted video does not play here for some reason?? Okay - neither links works??? Must be the problem with the lower case thing atm @webmaster https://youtu.be/jcXPTMtsDvU back to stills
  7. A good time to buy some Seachem Alert dots - Breeder Registry End of Financial Year status check lol
  8. Anyone with connections to media? Just like Tilapia, there are always those either not aware or don't really care about the laws..... including the fishing section columnist ... so no help to the cause... From Saturday's Courier Mail: Debbie Roath of Boonah doesn't sound like she just got off the boat, and qualifies for a visit by fisheries lol
  9. More on the 'colourful little t*rdz' (quote from another member). Sounds like they are repopulating slowly
  10. I hope they got it right for the virus not affecting any other species be it in or out of the water, or the possibility of cross contamination / mutation. Research tests only done from Europe, so conditions aren't exactly the same here. Imagine a kangaroo or wombat herpes or koala chlamydia coming in contact with the proposed koi one lol and I don't mean via 'koi-pulation'.
  11. Masses of dead beefy carp will to pollute super quick choking the rest of the wildlife or super nutrient blooms. I wonder who they will employ to do the clean up job? will they call for volunteers or maybe one of the new subs lol
  12. After digging up old pics on Malawis with the saulosi thread (http://www.qldaf.com/forums/showthread.php?t=100585&page=2&p=856963#post856963); it's a good comparison to wild fish (Litho video) how tank raised fish fed on commercial feed can change the size, shape and appearance. We can grow fish in aquariums larger than their wild counterpart. The pics from around 20 years ago: The Litho male was a good size and even has a Protomelas spilonotus Mara Rocks look about it (which could be said about some fish today, not helping when 'assorted hybrids' get imported) electric yellow, young fish, shows the black barring; Lemon jake pretty mamas Eureka jacobs, one of my all time favourites
  13. Should this quality become available - will certainly send some both to @none and [MENTION=57]DFishkeeper[/MENTION] Doug to work with
  14. Well talk about 6 degrees of separation! I just saw that Larry, who runs Lake Malawi Dive Safari's had posted receiving Ad's latest Malawi Cichlids book 5th edition (available from May 1st; wonder what paper he chose to print it on lol?). Perhaps John down Victoria has some privvy out here for release?? @sponsors' heard anything?? Look what's front up and centre on the cover ! No doubt Ad has a special section regarding the conservation programme and efforts to repopulate this little gem. Have to wait and see if some of my pics made it in there? (slim chance, hopefully a mention lol). Unlike fb, the forums like this one make access to such thread like this one a breeze to locate; just over 3K views & growing over 2.5 years 'thumbs up' More specific is that I was extremely privvy to be there @ right place right time to see it first person. Massively gives an entirely different viewpoint to the whole process from lake to tank. We'll probably dig up somewhere that someone has bred in demasoni and vice versa ..... http://www.cichlidpress.com
  15. These pics are actually closer to 20 years ago ... He's a bit chubby (ate like pigs) plus a faint 6 bars under the dorsal. You could argue that he's a young male yet to get his fixed bars and may even be showing 'stress' pattern bars, but pretty clear differences to my previous pics #49 which are some of the wild colony that David bred from @ Red Zebra Lodge to repopulate wild stocks @ Taiwanee Reef. The male in post #19 was taken 'on the reef' itself when we scouted around to survey count the existing population before Ad did the first release. So fair evidence that our sources have been tainted along the way. But no doubt I think there may be 'real' pure fish that have been bred from around MacDyver These are phone pics of prints. Gotta luv the Fuji-film ! More Malawi pics: http://www.qldaf.com/forums/general-aquarium-discussion-19/happy-new-years-eve-folks-heads-up-2016-tours-126971/
  16. Couple of stills from above. Taking the surface ripple into consideration, bars look pretty uniform on both sides to me
  17. See above at Post #19 for a wild specimen - 5 bars under the dorsal. NB the head shape is small in relation to the body. Most of what we have presently has a different head shape i.e. have lost the Pseudotropheus characteristics and have maybe Lab or other mbuna mixed in. I'll dig up a pic from 10 years+ ago. @ DFishkeeper Doug has done a great job in keeping at least consistency and may not have started with true specimens. Only he can comment on this... Regards McDiver - that helped to repopulate saulosi in 2013 at Tawainee Reef
  18. Well 4 months in to 2016 has seen a great visit / talks by Dr Anton Lamboj and a top talk by Tony on Amazon and Uruguay adventures at QCG last meeting. Larry is calling for peeps to join his Lake Malawi Dive Safari scheduled for October. He is finalising the itinerary and will call for deposits. There are 3 or 4 spots left. So to give Malawi Cichlids a plug.... here's some of what you can expect ..... see it first hand with your own eyes, without the waffle you read on the net or viral info from so so 'breeders' lol
  19. Informative post - could even be a massive 'Shed' type of post ..... as *Mens' Shed100 has posted elsewhere, the use of a video camera could suffice. Just dig as big a badass whole in the ground, line it and plonk a lot of video cameras around wired to an array of flat screen monitors in your patio / living room. No worries with glass breakage! * Ok, so it does turn out to be Shed100 just re-named. Only saw your earlier post on Page 2....
  20. Guess it comes down to a case by case status but helps if you know exactly what treatment the glass had done during manufacture as to the outcome if it blows.. Some pics off the net, not all resulted as i'd expected: esp. #1 Learn sumpf'n everyday lol looks like laminate glass in a 1000s pieces still intact - small tank though what a classic - poor silicone build !! tough glass though nasty shards car windscreen - read they use both laminate (front and rear) and tempered (sides) glass
  21. Great sounding venture [MENTION=17413]Shed100[/MENTION]. Breeding co-op sounds great. I would be interested to utilise your facilities when you sort out structure etc. Do I have to be over 55 yo, on a disability pension, or be a forgotten war hero to be part of your group? Will you have a secure area for participants to carry out their stuff? Do you have contacts that can galvanise at good rates or have access to stainless? Just a comment on using auto glass or safety glass - lock in your public liability insurance. When that type of glass goes, it shatters, add a huge tank filled with water and you'll have a 'Deuce Bigalow' incident !! *one of my tanks let go the other night with a crack followed by a flooded lounge ! Cheers, aqcShed247
  22. Happy NY Mark - mechanical is as you picture it ie. physical removal. Big poo = big pieces to trap, so how bout just plain simple filter wool over a coarse sponge before hitting your fine mesh sponge?
  23. WISHING ALL A HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE INTO 2016 !! Just a heads up for 2016 tours: since I last heard.... March 2016: Anton Lamboj coming out to present. Lake Tanganyika: Anton had plans to visit again later in the year (Oct 2016 onwards) Need to confirm. Ad Konings usually visits the rift lakes each year, best to contact him direct via email. Lake Malawi: Larry Johnson has returned to run dive trips to Lake Malawi for the past 15 years. Look out for his 2016 trip. Amazon: there are a couple of local contacts on the Peruvian side for expeditions. Happy fishing aqc247
  24. Haven't seen these in PC for over 15 years !!
  25. Thanks @smicko gotta live the dream mate, to out-way the sacrifices ..... all roads lead back to the fish lol I like to see it with my own eyes to form my opinion, which in reality can be totally different to many theories and stories that go around. But then my experiences will be different to someone else's first hand experiences.
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