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    currently have a african display and a colony of bicolour peacocks
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  1. Any tank builders on here chasing a 6/2/28 and a sump. thanks
  2. Yeah I think so might msg them thanks
  3. Hey is Pete still on here it won't let me msg him?
  4. Thanks for the input picked up some second hand Radions yesterday! Pretty excited how everything is coming together might even do a build thread on this one.
  5. Thanks for the replies yeah the Mars ones look ok.
  6. Hey I've been out of fish for a while but I pick up my next project on Saturday it's a 6/2/2.2 tank which I will setup for a reef tank which I'm hoping to have a range of soft and sps coral. Last saltwater tank I had was about 8-10 years ago so I'm trying to catch up with all the new stuff out there. My question is after getting quoted around 4K for LEDs today I'm just wondering is there any cheaper options which are worth looking into for lighting? Any other general reef keeping advice is also welcome. Thanks
  7. Man awesome build! Your sparkie will hate you when he has to get to that switchboard but lol.
  8. Wow I have been out of the hobby for a while stop by here occasionally and this was not what I expected to see. Bill has always helped me over the years (17 of them) from his great advice to his hilarious jokes! Here's to a speedy recovery mate. Have to share one of my favourite visits to smiths when I was having trouble getting one of my colonies to breed Bill says with a very serious tone and a straight face. "Is there a TV in the room... If so go get your self some dirty movies dim the lights and the fish will learn" lol absolute champion.
  9. Yes but you also have to think if you leave that kettle full of water it will stay hot for longer if you pour some of that water into a s,aller container it will cool down quicker Sumps are the way to go IMHO
  10. Too easy mate ill be out most of sun but just text me and will work something out
  11. Hey mate I know a few have offered but if you like you can stop by and check out my systems even closer to you lol Shoot me a text if you like mate 0415144178
  12. Hi Clint I am ininterested in your L333 just wondering how many you have and how much you want fir them? I'm sorry if you have a price on them already I'm just unable to see it cause I don't have the full version of qldaf. Cheers Jake

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