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  1. Anyone selling guppies on the Sunshine Coast?
  2. Thank you Mattd, i might have to try that if i cant source any. Its the orange bottom part thats broken on 2 of them.
  3. Anyone know who sells Fluval FX5 Lid Fasteners on the coast or north brisbane? In desperate need before the weekend so i can't order online!!
  4. Revamped my tank that has my pair of apistogramma trifasciata's in there. Had them for ages. Put in a new boat for them to play in and they went in and got stuck and died before i notived. Last time i do anything nice for my fish..... RIP my fishers
  5. Regy, did you find somewhere? Also chasing Geos at the moment so any hints to some good stock would be appreciated
  6. Convicts are great parents. Are there any other fish in the tank with them?
  7. I picked up some geophagus surinamensis, pindare and steindachneri. I missed out on heckelii.
  8. Just looking to find out who was the seller of the Geophagus fish that came up at the auction on Saturday? You don't see them at many auctions. You made me night - Thank you !!! :cool:
  9. Thanks Techden, ill have a look now. By the way you need to get in some moon sand and shrimp sand. I need some and love your super fast post
  10. Hi guys im after a vacuum for my tanks. They range from a 6ft down to a 70litre. I have coral sand and sand in the bottom of it. I looked at the EHEIM brand but it says its not good for fine sand or gravel. Can anyone recommend a good brand?
  11. I read this thread earlier on and i felt bad for you Yoshi but didnt think much more about it. Over the weekend I lost 2 colonys of bristlenose and totally understand how u are/were feeling ! Sometimes fish just suck....
  12. Thanks Tech Den. I have some brocolli boxes lined up at my door ready
  13. Hi guys, looking forward to the upcoming auction. Just wondering how the fish go with the cold?
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