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  1. Shame you didn't know about the Brisbane Betta Breeders meeting earlier. Our talk on Sunday focussed specifically on the IBC Plakat Show Standards. Having said that, happy to answer any questions you may have....
  2. [MENTION=3878]pk333[/MENTION], Red layer is always under the blue layer. Genetically it is impossible to have red overlaying blue in Bettas.
  3. The auction on show day is shaping up to be a big one - over 60 bettas up for grabs! Score yourself a potential show winner!
  4. Entry forms are now online. I have included Class Lists, Show Info and MAP info for your convenience. Don't forget - District 3 (QLD) Entries open Tomorrow (7th September), Entries for other Districts open 14th September. *ALL ENTRIES DUE BY MONDAY 21st SEPTEMBER* Space for this show is limited to 100 fish, so the early betta gets the worm... Entry Pack (includes Entry Form, Class List, Show Info, MAP Info) Here: https://db.tt/7CkVPvYD ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Show Info Only: Info Class List Only: Class List RSVP For Seminars: Seminar RSVP
  5. What are your water parameters? How long have you had him? Any waterchanges so far? What temp is the tank?
  6. Hi guys, Brisbane Betta Breeders will be holding an IBC District Betta Show and live auction on Sunday September 27th. We'll have raffles, competition/displays, international and interstate guests. More details once entry forms, class lists and schedule is released!
  7. Best thing is you have access of all their back issues right back as far as 2007. Plenty of reading ahead.
  8. Come along and join us for our March meeting Sunday March 15th Carindale Library 12:30.|
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. I use the $30 tanks from Kmart to spawn my bettas in. I then move them to a 2.5 ft tank to grow them out until jarring size. A couple of things to remember before attempting to breed your bettas - 1. Make sure you have all the live foods you need to feed the fry once they are free swimming. Better to be ready than running around in a panic looking for microworm cultures after your fry hatch. Bare minimum, I would suggest getting your hands on some microworms for the first week, then switching to freshly hatched BBS (Baby Brine Shrimp.) 2. Make sure your breeding pair are well conditioned (fed plenty of live/frozen foods twice a day for a couple of weeks at least) before introducing them into a spawn tank. The fry produced will be stronger and you will have larger spawns.
  11. I won't name and shame. I will let this play out through official channels. Have sent email to QFAS.
  12. The 4 deformed bettas I ended up with are all birth defects and as such, should have been culled at a young age. Seriously bent spines, heads that look like ladles and odd fin growth. I may have picked these up cheaply, and I surely didn't expect show specimens, but I expect healthy, non deformed fish. I am not after refunds, I want the breeders concerned to take responsibility for their actions and lift their game! As a local Betta breeder and member of Betta Australis, I'd like to say that this is not the kind of breeding practices that I, nor the club promote and am worried about the reputation of the responsible Betta breeders out there doing the right thing and not throwing culls into auctions to make a quick dollar. This needs to be nipped in the bud, before we are all tarred with the same brush. There have been complaints about bettas at the last few auctions. This is NOT ON. Come on fellow betta breeders (and, yes - I know who you dodgy ones are...), lift your game, before those of us doing the right thing are unable to sell bettas at auction because people are unwilling to bid on them to avoid ending up with culls! Sent from my C6903 using Tapatalk
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