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  1. $100 lol hence why I'm not worried I've had it for almost 6 months lol
  2. That means I've got to take it apart lol *sigh*
  3. Yeah I thought it was a air pocket
  4. No intake is on side of tank air stone is in the middle reckon I should take the pipes off and test them for cracks?
  5. I can hear water running in my fx5 it's pretty loud, any suggestions?
  6. Gave it a complete clean about 4 hours ago now and no sign of micro bubbles yet, polishing pads where filth, well only some anyway
  7. Now I've got another issue with my filth rainbow sharks picking on my blood parrot! Grrr never ends
  8. All I did was turn off the outtake to let fill a bit more then boom all good
  9. Yeah IDE say ill be getting rid of them once I setup the 6ft I want
  10. From everything I've read on the net the polishing pads seem to be the culprit, cause there a fine sponge they clog easily as I have 6 in the canister, apparently there the main problem in the micro bubbles
  11. Won't be certain till morning as its fixed ATM, all you need to do is turn off intake for a bit to co pletely fill canister and it stops straight away, IDE never swap mine for a eheim, just about all eheim products are over priced rubbish IMO
  12. im hoping the hoses arent split the canister is only about 8 months old ive had it for 3 or so of those months
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