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  2. Any chance you still get these #Trevor4551
  3. Thanks for the offers guys, I searched the shed and found 3 300w cheapies that i used way back when, they should get me through the night at least.
  4. The first thing I did was ring them, the phone went straight to a pre recording giving there shop hours but did not mention pub holiday hours (if any). Just need to get this heater replaced as it is only 2 months old and my tanks dropped to 17.5 last night. If I have to wait I guess I will have to wait, AoA are worth waiting for!
  5. Heater crapped out on me last night, anyone know if AoA will be open, I know its a public holiday here but hoping they might still open
  6. Anyone got any idea on how to do this?
  7. Hi all, I have a water level switch that I am trying to use for my auto top up system, the plan is to wire it to a 12v bilge pump which will be sitting in an aged water tank which will come on when the water level in the sump drops to a pre set level. I am not an electrician but do like to attempt to do DIY with 12v stuff, can anyone here draw up a simple diagram and a list of addtional parts (if required). Thanks
  8. My pandas and peppered spawned last night but the little buggers ate the eggs by this morning. Back to the drawing board!
  9. There is a place in Slacks Creek that sells acrylic glue, they also sell acrylic sheets and tube as well as building anything you give them the plans for. There are two business's at this address but they both help each other out, just go to the door on the right hand side of the building as that is the showroom/office. Modular Plastics 49 - 51 Parramatta Rd, Underwood, QLD, Australia 4119 Contact Phone:07 3290 3978 Hope this helps
  10. There is a guy on Gumtree flogging this stuff at the moment as well as Ebay and I recall on this forum as well
  11. Maybe a question for our new DPI member to clarify? As far as I know it is illegal to own/sell
  12. It wasn't me but I would be keen! What size are they and how much? Cheers
  13. The only ones that I know that are illegal are the Marimo moss and Marimo balls
  14. Could be a very expensive exercise considering some of the fish that are kept in some of those tanks, I have seen these marimo balls and moss advertised on Ebay AU a couple of weeks ago.
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