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  1. Hi mate. How big are the peacock bass and how much

  2. Thanks mate for the quality hillsteam loaches. Greate patterns and a great price. If you like hillsteam loaches than I recommend you get in contact with mattyd. Thanks again mate.
  3. The ones we have don't have any prominent black markings on their bellies at all. They are smaller than yours though. If I could get a pic I would but it would be very hard. And then I can't upload it from my phone either.
  4. We have 3 ebjd's that are about 4cms big at the moment. Looking at the patterning they have it's not the same as the ones that we aren't sure about! So I was going off the colours and patterning they have. I thought they would've had similar black markings.
  5. Na they aren't golden's. Just had another closer look at them with a torch. They have a bit of a greeny sheen around the gills when the light hits them. But they don't have the black on them like the others. I don't think they are ebjds. But would be cool. We no longer have the mum and weren't sure if she was sg or not and not sure if dad is a sg. Too bloody confusing lol!!!
  6. Hi everyne, I didn't even know that you could get Golden JD's until i googled tonight. We have some fry that are about 1cm. Some of the fry are mostly white, not all of them though. There bellys are white but appear to still have black through their fins. It is a little hard to get a really good look at them cause of their size and where tank is positioned.
  7. Was a great read. Thanks for the info. I have a question. In your article it states that EB fry will be white/cream with thin black stripes and that SG will be brown with thick brown stripe. Just curious do normal JD fry look different again?? Thanks
  8. Was just reading the article that steve posted. A good read. Judging by the info i'd say that we don't have any EB fry so we don't have 2 split genes. At a guess i would say the dad is not a split gene. As i said i'm just guessing though. If we had a definite split gene male to pair up with her then I guess we'd have our answer!! Wish we hadn't of sold the male that we had that was supposed to be split gene. Oh well, we weren't entirely sure at that point of time which were the males and females at the time and nobody had paired up. Thanks Scott and goldenswimmers.
  9. Thanks steve. Will have a read now. Time will tell when the fry get bigger i suppose, then we will know for sure if anyone of they are split gene. But i got 2 pics so will upload them anyway.
  10. Thanks steveandjules. So do you know how to tell the difference between normal and SG's?? But if you have an EB male and a SG female it's a higher chance of more EB's? Is that right? Sorry for all the questions, it's just a bit confusing lol!!! Trying to upload pics of both mum and dad i just have to transfer the pics to the comp
  11. Hi guys, Just have a few questions regarding normal JD's and SGJD's. How is it that you can tell the difference between a normal and a SG? We bought 3 JD's and were told that one of the males was a SG. We sold him as he wasn't fitting in in any of the tanks that we put him in. We currently have 2 females and a male. The male and the biggest of the females have bred and the fry have just turned into free swimmers (last yesterday arvo/this morning). We have separated the mum and the fry as the dad was getting way too protective and they were all in a community tank so didn't want any unnecessary injuries. Now that we have separated the mum the male appears to have paired up with the other female and she looks like she may lay soon too. Ok, so back to my question lol!! What combinations will produce EBJD fry if any with SG's?? Does the male have to be the split gene or can the female possibly produce EBJD if SG? Thanks in advance for your help.
  12. Hi mate. Is the 5x2x2 still available.

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