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  1. Cant help with the african side of things but definitely recommend a sumped system mate. Plenty of info on this forum about plumbing and media etc and will keep the system alot healthier than sponges with less water changes.
  2. Always the best service. IMO the best online store you could wish for. Never had an issue and made orders at least 20-30 times. Delivery always within a couple of days and never had anything go on back order, which is quite common with other retailers. No need to say keep up the good work, its a given.
  3. Yeah that because most Syns here aren't really Syns mate. Not enough people who care about the future of Americans here, too much hybridization and careless breeding over the years IMO.
  4. Cheers [MENTION=4081]hamishh34[/MENTION] The little freddies are doing good mate will try to get some pics for you soon. And yeah these are all phone pics so dont come close to doing the fish justice. The syn is by far my favourite. Followed closely by my other syns! Then the Bocourti. In the flesh the syn is a complete stunner. And im am very thankful to the great bloke who let me take it off his hands, along with a couple more!
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  9. Nice work. Glad it made a very speedy recovery.
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  13. Really like that idea [MENTION=2649]goldenswimmers[/MENTION] Definitely a good direction to head in.
  14. Its hard to compete with social media these days. But in saying that the quality of people, experience, and everything else is so much better on this forum... I wish i had more time to get more involved with it and post more. Never will but! I definitely think the photo posting issues are quite a common problem and hopefully can be addressed. It will never be as easy as facebook or the like obviously. But would be nice.. Valuable input from highly experienced members has definitely slowed down and more pissing contests between other members are taking place. How you fix that i dont know. Just a sign of the times i guess. Seems like a large number of the keyboard warriors from the likes of facebook have made it here! Hard to change for the better when it seems like the experienced guys are sick of repeating themselves to others that either dont research for themselves or just ask everywhere until they find the answer they want to hear. Its also very noticeable that this has become just another for sale site for some people that want another outlet to offload stuff because gumtree or facebooks groups aren't working for them. All in all we need to fix this as a forum community. Without valuable input, exciting topics, competitions, in depth discussions about current issues etc etc. Its destined to fall to the Wayside.
  15. That rivo has a very strange shape. Great colours, but doesn't seem right to me.
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